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  1. Ok everybody I sincerely apologize for acting really stupid earlier, it was fun at first, then got out of control. I swear that it will not happen again, But I would also like to say that I've been trying to make sure that I write like I'm in school on these forums, but I guess I had my mind on myspace and wrote like I was on that website. It will never happen again, I really wish someone would close this thread though so we can forget about this. Also, on a serious note, why did everyone make such a big deal about me spelling sentence incorrectly 1 time? Everyone makes mistakes, we are all human. I do not mean to cause so much drama and stuff like that so please just except my apology and please no more ganging up on poor little SFAfan#1 lol Again, I apologize for everything.
  2. o and someone can close this thread or whatever but i give up on trying to change people's opinion's on SFA so do whatever you like, just don't insult me or you'll get a pm like my new bestfriend jedimaster for now on, I'M going to just comment on other people's threads and try not to make everyone so angry once again I apologize. even to you bestfriend jedimaster
  3. i'd probably just read and understand that post, but you insulted me by saying that i cannot spell. I messed up on one post and now I can't spell? O yeah and check your inbox jedimaster
  4. ^^^ i coulda sworn i spelled it right but i didnt really pay attention, unlike u ^^aint nobody yelling, im just simply stating what is the truth, not my opinion, i can back my arguments up. It may look like im yelling, but im not even talking lol
  5. ^^So you had nothing else to say from that huge paragraph but that one little sintence. Can someone say, you do too much? ^And you are one of the people I was talking about that talk out of there azz without proof or anything backing up what you say. now THAT is sad. And I just said something about that. Plus you cant just say that the announcement is not going to be huge just because people think the park is getting a speed slide. They still havent announced it yet and when they do it WILL be huge, like they said it would be.
  6. Thank you for stating that airtime! Now I hope that they would understand that I'm not backing the park up cause "I'm a SFA fanboy" (ignore the name lls) But also because the park has potential to be very popular. Everything they said about SFA is going to close, SFA sucks, yada yada yada, but they had NO PROOF!!! They were just talking out of their azzes, or basically saying what they want to happen, which is dumb. Why would you want to close a theme park just because you thought it was bad? Not everyone thinks its a bad park, obviously, thats why people still go there. Just because SFA hasn't gotten a new coaster since Batwing doesnt mean the park is going to fail. They have been getting new slides, upgrades, and everything else airtime mentioned. Plus if SFI were to close SFA, they would have closed it by now, instead of letting the park get ready to make a HUGE announcement for new attractions next year. I know that what you guys stated earlier are just your opinions and I cannot control them, but whats the point of stating the same thing over and over and over again? And without any proof, or facts, or anything.
  7. Im just saying that I bumped the thread back up to get everyone's opinion on what they think the Big announcement would be, not to say "the park is going to fail" or some other type spit like that. Im not dictating what you say on the forums, I could care less, I would just like it if the conversation was about ideas on what the park should get, or ideas on what you think the park will get in 09. And if you think im just some die heart SFA park fan, your wrong, I like KD 1000x better than SFA, I just back SFA up cause its down the street from my house and I work there. Yeah if they closed it down I'd be sad but I will just move on wit my life and go to KD more. But whatever feel free 2 say whatever you want, im done
  8. Wow we seemed to change the subject from "I wonder whats coming into the park for 09", to "SFI is going to shut the park down in a few years"! Wow lets go back to the original subject of guessing/waiting for the Big announcement. You had your time to trash the park 50 pages ago, its getting old.
  9. ^I'd love to boycott as well but I work there lol I have no idea how that would work out.
  10. Grizzly used to be my favorite ride at KD (when I was too short for Volcano, Hyper Sonic (RIP), and all of the other big coasters back in 2004) I like Hurler because its so rough and throws you all over the place. That first turn after the drop is the best for me! I loved Rebel Yell when it went backwards but now its just fun.
  11. So why would somebody waste money to get the cars fixed up if they are not going to atleast try to get the ride up and running? I believe that this could be the "Big" announcement for '09, but also the park has stated that they will do something with Two Face's area in '10 so if we dont get Ultra Twister this year, I'd expect it for next year as a re-placement for Two Face.
  12. This made me start thinking Ultra Twister but I was also thinking B&M. These are the links to the Ultra Twister cars: premier rides site and rcdb What do you think? Could Ultra Twister finally make its long awaited debut? [/img] I've known for a while that Premier rides makes parts for the togo heartline coaster but if SFA were to try obtaining the needed parts from them then they would've done so by now considering the fact that the ride has been sitting there rusting away for over three years now. Who said that SFA hasnt already gotten all the parts for the ride yet? Ultra Twister has been in storage since 2005. Maybe the park has been secretly getting all the parts together just so that they can re-open the coaster.
  13. Well now I've changed my thoughts of SFA's "Big" announcement from Led Zeppelin, to that mystery B&M coaster and back and forth, I'd like to change it again to a whole other type of coaster. Ultra Twister! SFAfans noticed some similarities between two TOGO cars and believes that these are the same ones that were rusting away at SFA. Also if I think back, Sam Marks (from facebook) stated a while back This made me start thinking Ultra Twister but I was also thinking B&M. These are the links to the Ultra Twister cars: premier rides site and rcdb What do you think? Could Ultra Twister finally make its long awaited debut? [/img]
  14. ^Do you know that for sure? Who knows, Batwing could have been the mystery 7th attraction. If SFA get this track now, I'm sure they could have this coaster up by Memorial Day, or early June. Considering that SFA doesn't do themeing.
  15. This coaster is pretty much SFA's new coaster. People from this site already said that its most likely going to be a stand-up coaster, well guess what SFA already got approved to build in the park in 1999, A STAND-UP COASTER! Here's a quote from washingtonpost.com -The 200 ft coaster is Superman -The water ride is Penguin's Blizzard River But we still havent received the rest of the approved attractions. I'm hoping that GADV's ferris wheel is not leaving that park and coming to SFA as the approved 120 ft ferris wheel. (if its not 120 ft then whoops lol, dont know how tall that thing is) Here's the link, Washingtonpost.com I think a B&M stand-up is perfect for a HUGE announcement the park has yet to announce.
  16. They cant make another Dueling Dragons!!!! Thats an original and copying it would be a sin lol. I still got my money on SFA just because its too ironic that they announced huge announcement and now all of a sudden and B&M is sitting outside at the B&M plant in Ohio. It looks huge enough so why not.
  17. Rolercstrluvr messed it up! lol back to the game: Nickelodeon Universe
  18. I might sound biased since SFA is my heart and soul lol, but I really think that this might be SFA's huge announcement for 2009. I doubt it would be for a 2010 project for anyone because why would they leave the track outside for a year? (I dont know if they normally do that or not, correct me if I'm wrong)
  19. Beemerboy, robb already cleared things up, your input is not needed, thank you. Robb, I understand I took it way too personal, I'll try not to next time
  20. Wow this has to have been the most racist SFA report I have ever read. You should re-read what you have written because I did not think any of your jokes about getting shot, cut, or that crack addicts joke was funny. I now work at SFA, but when TPR visited the park, I was one of those "ghetto" kids that visited the park, in fact I was at the park that day. (you might not have said ghetto, but you obviously hinted towards it) Lastly, I would like to say that I am very hurt that someone would say such things about the people visiting the park. If you hate the park, its not because of the guests/part-time employees, its about how the park is ran. I hope you realize that if you put yourself in my shoes, you'd understand how I feel.
  21. I went to a couple concerts last year and they started at 7 and ended close to 9. Most had opening acts though.
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