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  1. ^ I knew you would have something smart a$$ to say! You never have anything constructive to say either. Go play with the other kids outside.
  2. ^ WOW! So negative. Cedar Point a close second? I know everyone has their opinion and I certainly respect that. However, CP has become an amusement park icon around the world, just as SFMM has. To say that it has regressed almost as much as KI tells me that you simply don't like the park. In fact, during the 80's most people would rather go to KI over CP. Now the opposite is true. When people talk about roller coasters and amazing parks, Cedar Point is always on the top list. It is always ranked the #1 park for years, even though many of you would disagree. It may have had more trees in the 80's but the draw was not there as it is today. People do not go to CP for themeing or trees. They go to ride roller coasters. It seems real strange to me that so many people, like the above poster, are never happy with anything certain parks do. It is because of the parks progression from the 80's that so many people go out of their way to visit CP. The strategy that Kinzel has come up with is to build big, fast, and unique coasters and become "Americas Roller Coast." He seems to have accomplished what he set out to do and I, like most, love the park because of it. If you are jealous or don't like CP, thats fine! Who cares, but you don't have to make bone headed comments all the time, that make no sense at all! LOL
  3. Have you been there? LOL I have not, but as far as looks go, this looks like one of the best. I would love to try this thing out. I wonder if Robb or one of the crew could tell us what they think about Hurukan. I looked at his pick for the best drop ride and I have to say that it looks sweet too!
  4. Home park: Six Flags Great Adventure Fav. Ride: El Toro, hands down. Best investment the park ever made.
  5. LOL!!!! I knew it was only a matter of time before someone asked about this guys sister! That is part of his family, lets stick to the coaster talk! She is a pretty girl, just leave it at that.
  6. Gotta be Power Tower. The view from up there is magical. I wish we had a nice drop ride like that here in Jackson, New Jersey. Of course, we here at SFGADV are jealous for many of CP's rides.
  7. I was lucky enough as well. It was a blast in the 80's, however, I was so little and I dont remember going to other parks.
  8. Is there any real proof that KI is getting a B&M hyper for 09? It is something that KI needs very badly but until I actually see it being built, I will not believe it. This park has done so little to improve itself, yet it has as much potential as any park in America.
  9. Looks like Robb and Elissa know how to throw a party:) I hope everyone has a blast. Wish I didn't live about 35 hours away!
  10. Sweet pics! Looks like you and your family had a great time. I would love to see some more of your TR's. Keep up the great work.
  11. Stupid TR. You are a deusche bag! What a negative person. I hope your life gets a little better.
  12. How do you know what they did? and why are you wandering about it? Anyway, nice photos and great report. You always do a nice job.
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