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  1. In the beginning of September I visited Parc Asterix in France in case of a rollercoaster-trip from a German community. Maybe you know this park, if not let me tell you one thing. You can visit the park in two different ways: Closed or full of people! On our visit-day the park was full, but not too full. The longest waiting time was at OzIris with 90 minutes. Typically the day started with a ride on OzIris, the newest B&M Inverter in Europe which looks really great from outside. You can see the complete track while you´re waiting and it looks really funny. The layout is awesome, not t
  2. Oz Iris is really good, but nothing more, sadly! It just looks a lot better than it is. But hey, a nice add to the park!
  3. Hello TPR! This is my first report and my first activity after a long, long time. It´s about an event of probably the biggest german fansite onride.de. The event was at Wild- und Freizeitpark Klotten what Wildlife and themepark means in English. What should I say about Klotten? A little and cuty themepark including a typical zoo. The rides are only on the left side of the park, all build by Heege and all selfoperated which can be a lot of fun. We were there on the 28th of april 2012 and watched the new water(coaster) "Rittersturz" , which opened on this day. The zoo has typical ge
  4. Today, I was with a lot of Coaster-Freaks in Toverland! I love TROY! It rocks ! It is my favourite of all the countet woodies of me! It has a very nice layout. You have many curves on the bottom and a lot of speed! One beautiful thing of it, is the piece of track, which goes through the station! It is a lot of fun. I think, I "tested" it 34 times! It is a big coaster for this little park! I think, it makes the whole park more beautiful! I LOVE IT!!!!
  5. Yes, it is finished! The "Creepy Harbour" is complete! I build 1 new attraction, a freefall tower... Here are the pics: The Freefall-Tower "The Fall of Creepy DAD" The station of the "Revenge of drunke Men" Overview of the area Overview I hope you like the harbour area! If you have better names, send it to me... DelLagos
  6. Okay, after a long time, I show you an update!!! I build a lot and the harbour area is nearly finished... Here are the Pics: The turn after the third underground section, in the background a container ship The blockbrake and the container ship ( It is my first ship in RCT2 ) The section after the blockbrake The Overview I hope you like it! DelLagos
  7. Looping Star @ Bobbejaanland Lethal Wapon Pursuit ( Cop Car Chase ) @ MoviePark Germany
  8. The Gravestone is a special gift from me and 3 friends because we like the coaster very much. Also we are Germans, so it says "Die Coaster-Fans"
  9. Okay, after a long, long time I´m back at this site... I built a lot, but I didn´t show it here. But I´m going to do this now... I started a new area. The harbour themed area has a few stalls, a twister and a vertical drop coaster at the moment. I will build there a few attractions more, but later.... Here are the Pictures : The Lighthouse-Tower http://www.bilder-space.de/show.php?file=9QdxmhMOkbvB3uh.jpg The last new halls http://www.bilder-space.de/show.php?file=ubpUEON5HsbbITc.jpg The Twister http://www.bilder-space.de/show.php?file=OCiNl9kizWn3wEl
  10. I can´t see that much... That what I see isn´t so great, maybe it is a problem by me, that my standarts are too high...
  11. Hello Community! These are my first shown photos on this site... On the 21st of April, I was with a few friends in Walibi World @ Netherlands. The weather was great and the park not very full. We ride a lot, and maybe, I will add 3 Onride-Videos... Here are 29 Pictures : Xpress overview Xpress from El Rio Grande, the river rafting of the park Woks Waanzin entry Woks Waanzin Onride-photo A wet friend of me on the kiddie-coaster Another wet friend of me on Splash-Battle Splash Battle The last wet friend of me after a
  12. So, it´s finished. You can download it on NE The NE - site : http://www.nedesigns.com/?ne=designs&s=toxic
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