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  1. In the beginning of September I visited Parc Asterix in France in case of a rollercoaster-trip from a German community. Maybe you know this park, if not let me tell you one thing. You can visit the park in two different ways: Closed or full of people! On our visit-day the park was full, but not too full. The longest waiting time was at OzIris with 90 minutes. Typically the day started with a ride on OzIris, the newest B&M Inverter in Europe which looks really great from outside. You can see the complete track while you´re waiting and it looks really funny. The layout is awesome, not the typical order of inversions B&M uses too often in my opinion. It´s an Egypt area with an huge temple (the station and Q-line) and....yes...this is it. The Q-line ist perfectly designed, filled with a lot of little funny pictures and interesting statues. After 90minutes I took place in the 7th row and the ride started. Well, it´s a great coaster, no question, but I missed something. It has no power and is too slow in my opinion. Maybe it´s better in the evening, but I had only one ride on it this day. Another outstanding attraction is the madhouse "Le Defi de Cesar", which means something like the task of cesar. From the outside it looks really great. After just 10 minutes we walked in and found a room with 5 cameras on the left and right side. Cesar tooks photos of us for recruitment for his army, he will infiltrate (again) the village of Asterix & Obelix. The 2nd chamber is a huge hall with place for 70 persons. Everyone can be seen on 2 video-walls, thats why the pictures are taken. The ride has 3 pre-shows (one of them outstanding, an attraction for itself) and a nice ride-programme. To me it was more a simulator than a madhouse. Something different, I like it! The park has only one darkride: Transdemonium. It had a redesign years ago and I knew it from before. Well, the ride is now totally family-friendly and has no real shocking-effects. The track-system and the layout is really nice, but the theming isnt so good how it was years ago. If you dont know the ride from before, it´s really nice. ^^ Gouderix, the vekoma-multilooper, is still...ehm...ok. Its totally rough and after one round everyone had enough. Its a little too painful, while the layout isnt that bad. Some members of the group called it the roughest coaster on earth, but I can´t believe that. Tonnere de Zeus is one of the best woodies in Europe! It has a long, hidden track and permanent high speed! A lot of airtime let this take place 2 on my wooden rollercoaster favorites! Just awesome! Enough! Parc Asterix is a great themed park, but often too crowded! The coasters are great, the madhouse is outstanding, the Menhir Express is one of the best logflumes in Europe and the flatrides in between are nice. Sad that the park is at a very high price and often crowded. ------------------------------------------------------------------- Now it´s time for my video: Shortly: Have fun! I hope you like it! PS: Sorry for my bad English!
  2. Oz Iris is really good, but nothing more, sadly! It just looks a lot better than it is. But hey, a nice add to the park!
  3. Hello TPR! This is my first report and my first activity after a long, long time. It´s about an event of probably the biggest german fansite onride.de. The event was at Wild- und Freizeitpark Klotten what Wildlife and themepark means in English. What should I say about Klotten? A little and cuty themepark including a typical zoo. The rides are only on the left side of the park, all build by Heege and all selfoperated which can be a lot of fun. We were there on the 28th of april 2012 and watched the new water(coaster) "Rittersturz" , which opened on this day. The zoo has typical german animals like deers, sheeps, pigs, brownbears and so on. The way through the zoo was quite funny because all animals had babys . The bears were so cute even if their enclosures are a bit too small. If you´ll visit Klotten, you HAVE to watch the bears! There are 2 main attractions in the park, one new for 2012. The first one is called "Klotticoaster". It´s a small Gerstlauer bobsledcoaster with an height of 17.5 metres and a speed of 55 km per hour. It´s still unthemed, but wow, this coaster rocks!!! A lot of airtime, some nice directional changes and an awesome view into the Mosel-valley 7/10 The newest attraction is a logflume, which is declared as a count . The "Rittersturz" is still naked with a really small darkridepart where only the animatronics exist. After the small darkride section the boat gets upwards 25m with a 180 degree lift. Then a small drop with an airtime-hill and the huge drop. It is Germanys highest, fastest and steepest waterride. The splash is really wet, what nobody expected. 6/10 So, that was it. Now have fun with my video called "onride.de meets Wild- und Freizeitpark Klotten"! My first one in high definition! I hope you like it!
  4. Today, I was with a lot of Coaster-Freaks in Toverland! I love TROY! It rocks ! It is my favourite of all the countet woodies of me! It has a very nice layout. You have many curves on the bottom and a lot of speed! One beautiful thing of it, is the piece of track, which goes through the station! It is a lot of fun. I think, I "tested" it 34 times! It is a big coaster for this little park! I think, it makes the whole park more beautiful! I LOVE IT!!!!
  5. Yes, it is finished! The "Creepy Harbour" is complete! I build 1 new attraction, a freefall tower... Here are the pics: The Freefall-Tower "The Fall of Creepy DAD" The station of the "Revenge of drunke Men" Overview of the area Overview I hope you like the harbour area! If you have better names, send it to me... DelLagos
  6. Okay, after a long time, I show you an update!!! I build a lot and the harbour area is nearly finished... Here are the Pics: The turn after the third underground section, in the background a container ship The blockbrake and the container ship ( It is my first ship in RCT2 ) The section after the blockbrake The Overview I hope you like it! DelLagos
  7. Looping Star @ Bobbejaanland Lethal Wapon Pursuit ( Cop Car Chase ) @ MoviePark Germany
  8. The Gravestone is a special gift from me and 3 friends because we like the coaster very much. Also we are Germans, so it says "Die Coaster-Fans"
  9. Okay, after a long, long time I´m back at this site... I built a lot, but I didn´t show it here. But I´m going to do this now... I started a new area. The harbour themed area has a few stalls, a twister and a vertical drop coaster at the moment. I will build there a few attractions more, but later.... Here are the Pictures : The Lighthouse-Tower http://www.bilder-space.de/show.php?file=9QdxmhMOkbvB3uh.jpg The last new halls http://www.bilder-space.de/show.php?file=ubpUEON5HsbbITc.jpg The Twister http://www.bilder-space.de/show.php?file=OCiNl9kizWn3wEl.jpg A little Teaser-Pic http://www.bilder-space.de/show.php?file=08q08XSzdE7zGe5.jpg An overview of the park http://www.bilder-space.de/show.php?file=wAUGux2DfwYtsom.jpg I hope you like it! DelLagos
  10. I can´t see that much... That what I see isn´t so great, maybe it is a problem by me, that my standarts are too high...
  11. Hello Community! These are my first shown photos on this site... On the 21st of April, I was with a few friends in Walibi World @ Netherlands. The weather was great and the park not very full. We ride a lot, and maybe, I will add 3 Onride-Videos... Here are 29 Pictures : Xpress overview Xpress from El Rio Grande, the river rafting of the park Woks Waanzin entry Woks Waanzin Onride-photo A wet friend of me on the kiddie-coaster Another wet friend of me on Splash-Battle Splash Battle The last wet friend of me after a long round on Splash Battle Space Shot Robin Hoods Station + Lifthill Robin Hood on the lift Robin Hood The complete Ferris-Wheel The Ferris-Wheel and in the Front the Walibi text with flowers Merlins Magic Castle La Via Volta in the looping La Via Volta comes through the station Our gravestone for this great coaster! La Via Volta in the cobra-roll A piece of the cobra-roll, it looks like a sidewinder Goliath on the Camelback Goliath on the Lifthill Goliath on the Lifthill, too! The Beginning of El Rio Grande Huiii....a waterfall... Crazy River There was Sherwood´s Revenge, now there is build a playground This is Cris, the greatest OP of the park. We talked a lot. He is a Coaster-Fan like me, and he is a user of this site. So Cris, if you read this, send me a PM !!! I hope you like the pictures!!!
  12. So, it´s finished. You can download it on NE The NE - site : http://www.nedesigns.com/?ne=designs&s=toxic
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