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Coasters you have been on that are gone now

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Hmmm, first up would be all of AstroWorld's coasters (RIP)


Texas Cyclone

Serial Thriller



Batman: The Escape


Greezed Lightnin'


Mayan Mindbender

Glissade @ BGW

Viper @ SFOG

Z-Force @ SFOG

Yahoola Hooler (Mini-Mine Train) @ SFOG


13 gone out of 61 coasters ridden.

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King Cobra (PKI)

Wabash Cannonball (Opryland USA)

Rock n' Roller Coaster (Opryland USA - relocated)

Hangman (Opryland USA - relocated)

Screamin Delta Demon (Opryland USA)

Chaos (Opryland USA)

Starchaser (SFKK - relocated)

Vampire (SFKK - relocated)

Starliner (Miracle Strip - relocated)

Lightning Bolt (MGM Grand Adventures)

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Steel Phantom (Heavily modified)


Whirlwind (Relocated)

Vampire (SFKK)(Relocated)

Viper (SFOG)(Relocated)

King Kobra (PKI)

Shockwave (SFGA)

Chaos (Opryland)

Hangman (Opryland)

Screamin' Delta Deamon (Opryland)

Rockin' Roller Coaster (Opryland)

Wabash Cannonball (Opryland)

Revolution (Libertyland)

Zippin Pippin (Libertyland)

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oh geeze, where to begin...


Galaxy (White Swan Park)

Mad Mouse (White Swan Park)

The Dips (West View)

Racing Whippet (West View)

Kiddie Dips (West View)

Li'l Dipper (Kennywood)

Laser Loop (Kennywood)

Steel Phantom (Kennywood)

King Cobra (Kinds Island)

Lightning Bolt (MGM Grand Adventures)

High Roller (Stratosphere)


I know I gotta be missing some here...

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King Cobra, PKI

High Roller, Stratusphere

Shockwave, SFGAmerica

Corkscrew, Geauga Lake

Ghoster Coaster, PKI

Texas Cyclone, SFAW (RIP)

If Joker's Jinx is closed @ Fiesta Texas, then that, too, although i don't know if it is still operating, it was closed the last time I was there a couple years ago.


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  • 6 months later...

I only have one for sure and possibly three.


1) Drachen Fire


others I'm not sure about...

1) King Kobra (KD)--this one has been moved several times but I'm not sure of its current status

2) Galaxie (KD)--same deal as with KK


Mods--if there is a similar topic please close

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King Cobra at PKI

Galaxi at Myrtle Beach Pavilion

Corkscrew at Pavilion

Shockwave at SFGAm

Crazy Mouse at MBGP (actually SBNO, but not reopening in current place)

Scooby's Ghoster Coaster at PKI

Highroller at Stratosphere Las Vegas (and the list unfortunately grows)


Soon to be defunct:

Hurrican @ MBP

Little Eage @ MBP

Mad Mouse @ MBP


All I can think of.

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1. Cyclone (Williams Grove Park)

2. Cyclone (Pleasureland Southport)

3. Laser Loop (Kennywood) - Moved

4. King Cobra (Paramount's Kings Island) - Still on site in pieces

5. Corkscrew (Myrtle Beach Pavillion)

6. Crazy Mouse (Myrtle Beach Grand Prix) - In pieces

7. King Solomon's Mines (Pleasureland Southport)

8. Little Dipper (Kennywood)

9. Steel Phantom (Kennywood) - Reconfigured

10. Thunderbolt Express (Camden Park)

11. Wildcat (Williams Grove Park) - Moved

12. Wild Maus (Busch Gardens Europe) - Moved

13. Corkscrew (Geauga Lake)

14. Scooby's Ghoster Coaster (Paramount's Kings Island)

15. Whirlwind (Knoebels) - Moved

16. Big Apple (Pleasureland Southport)


Will soon add too many new names to this list.

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Thanks to Ted's site, this is easy



Greezed Lightnin' (Six Flags Astroworld)

Texas Cyclone (Six Flags Astroworld)

Viper (Six Flags Over Georgia)

Wildcat (Martin's Fantasy Island)

Crazy Mouse (Myrtle Beach Grand Prix)

Mimi-Mine Train (Six Flags Over Georgia)

Ultra Twister (Six Flags Astroworld)

Mayan Mindbender (Six Flags Astroworld)

XLR-8 (Six Flags Astroworld)

Wacky Worm (Myrtle Beach Grand Prix)


edit: forgot the Pavilion ones.

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1. Orient Express Worlds of Fun

2. Zambeze Zinger Worlds of Fun

3. Tidal Wave SFGam

4. Shockwave SFGam

5. High Roller Stratosphere

6. Viper SFGadv (thank god no one else can suffer)

7. Rolling Thunder SFGam (bobsled)


There might be more, but that is all I can think of. Is there one that I missed from SFGam that might have been there in 91 but not anymore? I rode everyone that year but I think i got the 3 that are gone.

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1. Viper (Six Flags Over Georgia) *

2. White Lightnin' (Paramount's Carowinds) *

3. Drachen Fire (Busch Gardens Europe)

4. Chaos (Opryland)

5. Crazy Mouse (Myrtle Beach Grand Prix)

6. Z-Force (Six Flags Over Georgia) *

7. Corkscrew (Myrtle Beach Pavillion) *

8. Hydra Fighter II (Wet 'n Wild Emerald Pointe)

9. Wild Maus (Busch Gardens Europe) *

10. Little Rock-N-Roller Coaster (Opryland) *

11. Python Pit (Jeepers)

12. Wabash Cannonball (Opryland)

13. Wacky Worm (Myrtle Beach Grand Prix)

14. Scooby's Ghoster Coaster (Paramount's Kings Island)


Those with * I wouldn't really consider defunct since they were moved to another park and still operate.

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Hmm--let's see . . .


1. Drachen Fire (BGE)

2. Wild Mouse (SCBB)

3. Willard's Whizzer (PGA)

4. Cyclone (Southport Pleasureland)

5. King Solomon's Mines (Southport Pleasureland)

6. Motorcycle Chase (later Wacky Soapbox Racers) (KBF)

7. Roaring 20s Corkscrew (KBF)

8. Turn of the Century (now Demon) (PGA)

9. Tidal Wave (PGA)


That's all I can think of for now.

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Here's a cool hard-to-get credit: this little park in Belgium called "Plopsa Coo" has recently been bought by a bigger company (Studio 100) and will next year be transformed and re-themed, to attract more guests for this year they temporarely added a Reverchon Spinning Mouse (from a Belgium showman).


The coaster will only be there for a few months this season (i'm not sure if they removed it yet) and i got over there and got the credit! I wonder if any other coaster enthousiasth got this "rare" credit. Here's the RCDB link: www.rcdb.com/id3522.htm.


Thats the only "lost coaster" credit i have so far.

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