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Coasters you have been on that are gone now

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Black Hole- Alton Towers

Flying Fish- Thorpe Park

Space Mountain: La la la de la la- Disneyland Paris (though just rethemed)

Klondike: Drayton Manor (just moved though)


I'm sure there's one more but I can't remember it.

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There are quite a few for me, but the one that sticks out the most is the Crystal Beach Giant, known to most locals as "The Yellow Coaster." As a side note: The Giant was the last remaining coaster in North America that carried multiple car trains and DID NOT have understop wheels!

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Here's my list:


Hurricane (Playland Park, Relocated)

Dragon Wagon (Adventureland, Long Island)

Viper (SFGadv)

Jet Star (Casino Pier)

Wizards Cavern (Casino Pier)


The one I miss the most is probably Viper. Even though it was rough it was really unique and I loved the first inversion, it felt as if I were upside down forever haha.

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Original Big Dipper at Luna Park Sydney - I was there the day it burned from a fire in another attraction.

Demon - Wonderland Sydney, now at Vision Land in Alabama.

Bush Beast and Beastie - park closed, crap woodies don't know if they are torn down yet.

Thunderbolt - Dreamworld, torn down gone and long forgotten.

Thrillseeker - Sea World Queensland, might be in storage.

Big Dipper Luna Park - Arrow steel looper, relocated to Dreamworld as Cyclone

Wildcat - closed after park fire in 1979, portable - whereabouts unknown.

Space Mountain original version - I guess that kinda counts.

Flashback - that almost counts.

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This is fun, but a bit of a chore!


Torn Down:

Wacky Soapbox Derby Racers, KBF

Windjammer, KBF (POS!)

High Roller, Stratosphere Vegas

Orient Express, WoF

Shockwave, SFGAm

Scooby Do's Ghoster Coaster, PKI

Hercules, Dorney Park

Viper, SFGAd

Spellbreaker, Legoland California

Dare Devil, Boomers FFC, Upland, CA.

Storm, Botton's Pleasure Beach

Thunder mountain, Flamingoland

Texas Cyclone, Astroworld



Mountain Express, SFMM (Now in Mexico)

Corkscrew, KBF (Now at Silverwood) Rode both locations.

Motorcycle Chase, KBF (Transformed into Wacky Soapbox Racers)

River King Mine Ride, SFStL (Left side moved to Dollywood in 1989)

Sarejevo Bobsleds, SFMM (Moved to SFoT)

Shockwave, SFMM (Moved to Astroworld) Rode both locations

Rock n' Rollercoaster, Opryland (Now, altered and at GE) Rode both locations

Hangman, Opryland (Moved to SFMW) Rode both locations

Super Screamer, Adventureland (Moved to Pharoah's Lost Kingdom as Screaming mummy) Rode both locations

Vampire, SFKK (Moved to SFNE)

Steel Phantom (Greatly modified) Rode both incarnations.

Viper, SFoG (Moved to SFKK as Greased Lightning) Rode both locations

Orient Express (Moved to Palace Playland)

Stealth, PGA (Moved to PCW)

Jumbo Jet, Deno's Wonderwheel Park (Moved to a park in China)

Whirlwind, Knoebel's (Moved to a park in Costa Rica)

Starliner, Miracle Strip (Being moved to Cypress Gardens) My 300th!

Batflyer, Lightwater Valley (Moved to World in Mineature)

Klondike Gold Mine, Drayton Manor (Moved to Funland Amusement Park)

Looping Star, Dreamland (Moved to Loundoun Castle)

Blue Coaster, Dreamland (Moved to Khurais Plaza Shopping Mall)

Wild Mouse, Dreamland (Moved to Loundoun Castle)

Magic Mouse, Funland Park (aka Rotunda)(Moved to Fantasia Luna Park)

Serial Thriller, Astroworld (Moving to GE)

Mayan Mindbender, Astroworld (Moving to Wonderland)

Batman: The Escape, Astroworld (Moving to SFDL)

Greezed Lightning, Astroworld (Moving to Joyland)

Wild Maus, BGW (Moved to BGT)

Wildcat, MFI (Sold to Russian showman)


Status Uncertain:

Dahlonega Mine Train, SFoG (Rumors to be removed this year)

King Cobra, PKI (All parts are still at PKI)

Flashback, SFMM (Will it ever operate again?? Not like I care!!)

Chaos, Opryland (Sitting in SF graveyard at Old Indiana)

Wabash Cannonball, Opryland (Sitting in SF graveyard at Old Indiana)

Screamin' Delta Demon, Opryland (Sitting in SF graveyard at Old Indiana)

Lightning Bolt, MGM Vegas (I think it's still on site)

Wildcat, Frontier City (2006 is said to be the park's last season)

Silver Bullet, Frontier City (2006 is said to be the park's last season)

Nightmare Mine, Frontier City, SBNO (2006 is said to be the park's last season)

Diamondback, Frontier City (2006 is said to be the park's last season)

Screechin' Eagle, Lesourdsville Lake (Park status uncertain)

Serpent, Lesourdsville Lake (Park status uncertain)

Red Devil, Ghost Town in the Sky (Park may open in 2006, anyone know?)

Greased Lightning, PGA (Moved to SFMW parking lot)

Bumper to Bumper Freeway Coaster, Adventure City (Park closing this year)

Tree Top Racers, Adventure City (Park closing this year)

Flyer Comet, Whalom Park (Rotting in current location)

Megazeph, SFNO (Park status uncertain)

Rex's Rail Runner, SFNO (Park status uncertain)

Muskrat Scrambler, SFNO (Park status uncertain)

Ladybug, Carousel Gardens (Park status uncertain)

Mad Mouse, J's Amusements (Rotting in current location)

Bullet, Flamingoland (???)

Magnum Force, Flamingoland (???)

Black Hole, Alton Towers (Status unknown)

Scenic Railway, Dreamland (Park status unknown)

Runaway Coaster, Funland Park (aka Rotunda)(Park status unknown)

Viper, Astroworld (Status unknown)

Serpent, Astroworld (Status unknown)

Ultra Twister, Astroworld (Status unknown)

XLR-8, Astroworld (Status unknown)

Zonga, SFMW (Status unknown)

Revolution, Libertyland (Park status uncertain)

Zippin Pippin, Libertyland (Park status uncertain) My 500th!

Wildcat, Williams Grove (Park status uncertain)

Cyclone, Williams Grove (Park status uncertain)


Done with a lot of help from RCDB.com




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This turned out surprising to me. Off the top of my head, I only immediately remembered three. Then I looked at everybody else's lists and ended up at the following:

I remembered:

Mystery Mine (Adv Asia)

Firefly (Benson's)

Kiddy Coaster (CLP)


You reminded me of:

Rockin' Rider (CLP)

Flitzer (York's)

Wildcat (MFI)

Galaxi (Pirates)

Orient Express (Pirates)

Double Loop (Fuji-Q)

Flying Fish (Thorpe)

King Kobra (PKI)

Orient Express (WoF)

Wild Maus (BGW)

Hercules (DP)

Whirlwind (Knoebels)

Viper (6FGAdv)

Scooby Doo (PKI)

Wind Jammer (KBF)

Wacky Soap Box Racers (KBF)

Lightning Bolt (MGM)


Status uncertain:

Wildcat (WG)

Cyclone (WG)

Hayabusa (Tokyo Summerland)


26 is a far cry from 3! I wonder how many more I can't remember!

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Rail Blazer-Standup SF St. Louis

The Mine Train-one of the original tracks was sold to Dollywood and the other track was converted to Rail Blazer then the accident which reopened as the River King Mine Train and the other track dismantled.

Jet Scream SFSTL moved to Astroworld then I think finally picked up in a sale after the auction.

I belive the Mindbender in SFChicago where the SUF now sits.

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From one's I can remember are,


Flying Fish (Space Station Zero) - Thorpe

Runaway Train - Paultons Park

Zyklon - Harbour Park (Littlehampton)

Zyclone - Funland Amusement Park (Hayling Island)

Magnum Force, Bullet, Thunder Mountain - Flamingo Land

Wild Mouse - Margate

Klondike Gold Mine - Drayton Manor

Clown Coaster - Chessington

Black Hole, Mini Apple - Alton Towers

Mouse Trap - Pleasurewood Hills

Storm - Botton's Pleasure Beach

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Ones gone


Walton Pier, UK

Roller Ghoster - rethemed into non coasting Twisted House


Thorpe Park

Space Station Zero rethemed into Flying Fish which is gone too


Dreamland Margate

Water chute


Looping Star I criminal that this is gone

Looping Star II

Wild Mouse - see my POV of the last weekend



Alpen Blitz




Tokaydo Express

Water Chute renamed Vikingar


Alton Towers

Alton Beast

Alton Mouse

New Beast

Black Hole

Thunderlooper - another crime



Vampire - the original seats


Wonderland, Sydney

Bush Beast




High Roller


Sea Paradise, Hakkejima

Dolphin Coaster

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