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  1. Is early June a good time to visit SFGAdv? I've heard it's quiet midweek but they have a tendency to close Toro for maintenance? Could it be better to go at the weekend and buy a q-bot instead?
  2. Hey, I hope this is in the correct place....?! I figured you guys would be able to help me the most. I live in the UK, and I'm planning on visiting the Big Apple in the spring/summer. This will obviously includes a day (or two?) at SFGAdv. Now, I've been told to avoid early April (spring break) and late May (memorial day), so I'm thinking early June as the park is open everyday of the week (only weekends during April/May which I guess will result in bigger crowds?). But I've been told to be careful in early June because o Toro being down for maintenance (more than one person has said they've been spited). Any advice guys? Also, is the coach from NYC any good?
  3. Oh my god, who actually cares if a ride isn't opening on time?
  4. In the early 2000's, BPB was an amazing park. Full to the brim of rides, open all hours, and no queues in sight! Obviously, that could not last, so they have had to do something. They tried charging the earth for wristbands, that didn't work, so they've now had to remove some of the rides. Yes its guttering, and I'm very sad to see the park start loosing its 'unique' feel, but they had to something. The BPB we have now is a lot better than no BPB at all.
  5. Basically, the current owners have wanted to close the park for a while now, and build a housing estate. Their excuses for closing it were exactly that. They never invested in the park and kept on rising the entrance fee, which in turn resulted in low visitor numbers, which then gives them 'proof' that it wasn't doing very well. I didn't like the place at all, it was a dump and a rip off, but it's always sad to see a park close.
  6. Its ok, I was just curious. I dont really post much anymore, but I still browse every now and then, and I enjoy reading these reports from your tours. There was no mention of the last update being the final day, and no one had even commented with regards to any more updates, so I wondered if something serious had happened on the tour. Obviously not, which is good! (though I would imagine that bad internet signal could be considered serious to some... )
  7. This is taken from the planning documents: Which is odd as it doesn't show a circular gondola (unless its cut up as they have to shoe the image of the tower?) But the tower is identicle to the one pictured in the original post. Also the plans say:
  8. The park does look really nice, just a shame the coaster line up is quite poor. Also, I'm quite surprised at the amount of English on the signs, is that common in Italy?
  9. True, but that tower from Denmark is 55m tall, and with how tight the planning restrictions are on PWH, why they *bump* it upto 60m in the planning documents? The planning documents also shows the stars that spiral off the top of the tower (you can just about see them in the original post). This is an odd one I must say, and there must surely have been more than one of them Gravity Towers?
  10. ^Thanks, I have seen that, and thought that could be the one, but the plans say it has one 24 seat gondola, and it looks identicle to the model I pictured above, and the plans mention a few times that it is 60m tall.
  11. Basically, my little home park of Pleasurewood Hills (UK) is going to be installing a 200ft Moser Gravity Tower for next year, and I'm curious as to where the Tower that PWH have bought, is coming from. I assume its a second hand tower as according to Moser's website, they only offer the tower with 16 or 32 seats, yet PWH's has 24 seats, so it must surely be second hand... The only one I can seem to find is at Tivoli World in Spain: But as far as I'm aware, that isn't for sale. So, anyone out there know of the location of any more of these towers? Cheers.
  12. The go-kart you guys are talking about is a 'scalectrix' queueline for Rc Racer
  13. Hey all! Its been a while. I dont want you to all think I've wasted you're time, because I haven't, but we're changing the dates of this trip to next June (2010). I just have a couple of questions about the new dates, I notice DLR's opening times are bit mental throughout June, its open til' 12am weekends and 9pm weekday, yet it gets a bit random during the week half way through the month as it keeps changing from 12am, to 9pm daily during the week, whats that all about? Are there any school holidays in June I should avoid? (when comfirming my new dates). And I noticed SFMM is open til' 10pm everyday of the week, now would I be bes to visit at the weekend or weekday, obviously week day would be quieter, but does that mean they might have all rides open as it would be quiter? Cheers again in advance!
  14. If 'off site' means not at the airport, then thats what I'm doing. They're located just one block from my hotel. Me? I've done it a few times now and it comes out the same each time. Could some one else find the time to do exactly what I done to see what price it comes out at? Pick up at 9.00am Saturday 12th September and drop off Monday 14th 9.00am, with the Neverlost sat nav. Oh and its from their 'Downtown Anahiem HLE" branch.
  15. Sorry to start another topic on this, as I already have a topic about Cali, but I needed to draw some attention to a specific 'thing'. I went on Hertz' website to get a price on hiring a car for a couple of days, and when the prices came up, there were 2 different pricing columns running down beside each car type, one was; 'Pay on return' - Where you pay for the car after you've hired it. And the other; 'Pre-pay online' - Where you pre-pay for the car hire when you book/reserve it. The one thing that struck me as add though, was the price difference for each pricing system. The 'Pay on return' price was about $117, where as the 'Pre-pay online' was about £147. That strikes me as quite a difference, anyone used Hertz before and could help me out pwease?
  16. So will my best bet be to go to SFMM on a Sunday? How much time should I allow myself if I'm using Sat Nav? And I wont have a problem going to a different State in a hire car?
  17. Indy is rough if you sit near the front, at the front, its death, the best seat IMO is the front of the back car. Dont be in a rush to get on Star Tours either, thats pretty pap to be honest. And IMO Space Mountain isn't as rough as everyone makes out, I know its pretty bad at the front, but it still doesn't derserve half as much stick as it gets.
  18. Thanks for all your help, especially Robb! I was hoping to get a hire car with Sat Nav built in if they do that in the USA? I have heard about the bad traffic in LA, and as SFMM is only open weekends when I go in September, I guess it wold be best to go there on the Sunday, and I presume Sunday is alot quiter in the park compared to Saturdays? How busy roughly will SFMM be in September?
  19. Space Mountain is rough, but it adds to the experience IMO, but its a fantastic ride, one that definatly shouldn't be missed. Try not too miss Stitch Live either, great fun!
  20. Ok, I'll do that, thank you very much. Whats the law in Nevada? Be shame to be so close to Vegas and not go Also, does anyone how long it takes, by car, to get to SFMM from DLR?
  21. Yeah, erm, sossy about that, I ment hire a car I only asked as I've heard that you have to be 25 to hire a car in the states, well thats what the travel agents said, yet I've also heard that California is the only state in America where you can hire a car if your over 21..?
  22. Howdy! Now its been a long long while since I posted on here, so absolutely no one will remember me. But if its not too much to ask for, I'd like some help about my forthcoming trip to California! My travel agents told me I wont be able to hire, though I hear different things coming form Elissa's mouth/fingers, as I've heard this subject has been discussed on here already, oh I'm 24 by the way. I do have more questions, but I'll just leave this one as it is for the moment! Thank you very much in advance guys!
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