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  1. It seems their hand has been forced finally. Hopefully this will get the activists off their back and let them concentrate on the great work they do with the animals, and as for the future of the Orcas...I'm not sure anyone can say right now.
  2. ^ Love Miles Kane, saw him at a festival in switzerland at ridiculous o'clock in the morning. Other bands I'm really into right now are Alt-J, Django Django, Palma Violets, The Maccabees and many others. Highly recommend Jake Bugg also, he's young but his lyrics are very mature and his influences are older bands.
  3. At this point, Merlin's PR department can't even surprise me when they come out with crap like this...
  4. This was one of Google's April Fools jokes.
  5. 1. Page 1 Picture 5 2. Page 20 Picture 12 3. Page 20 Picture 18 4. Page 24 Picture 2 5. Page 13 Picture 4 6. Page 2 Picture 9 7. Page 21 Picture 11 8. Page 13 Picture 14 9. Page 6 Picture 17 10. Page 11 Picture 19
  6. I'm really quite angry about that parcel. I blame Obama... ...and the rape stairs.
  7. ^ Please do! These brownies look like little chocolate orgasms.
  8. Ratatat have got a really cool live show! Would love to get to see them again. As for me, two weeks on tuesday, I'm going to go and see Mumford and Sons play in my home city! They are playing a small tour of tiny venues in the north of Scotland to try out some new stuff. I queued all night and I'm glad I did because the line became huge and it was so much fun. There were probably double the amount of people turning up then there were tickets available. The group of us at the front had so much fun.
  9. I beat Electerik! After about one million games. I've started kicking a$$! I'm MonkeyOverlord...still.
  10. Thanks for posting this! I'm really enjoying it. It's nice to have such an interesting and in depth report. Also nice to see pictures of the POP resort, haven't seen much of it.
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