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  1. Something that is definitely on my bucket list! Great photos and descriptions - good balance, not too wordy, but contained all of the info. One interesting fact is that without its ice, Antarctica is actually an archipelago and its largest island is smaller than Greenland...
  2. Is that similar to Prowler? I was surprised by how much I liked that coaster...
  3. I got an unexpected chance to visit SFoT this past Fall and to round out the day, my last coaster was La Vibora
  4. Without reading all of the posts and the "I'm not counting this part comments," my first gut reaction to the question was Speed: The Ride (RIP) in Las Vegas - about right at 45 seconds from station to station. Not only was it my favorite coaster in Vegas, it was one of my favorites overall. I think I'm bad luck when it comes to Pro Wrestlers and Coasters - I find a favorite and it get fired/closed. Big Dipper at Geauga Lake was one of my five favorite woodies...
  5. I know you don't want national chains, but I love me some Famous Dave's and they are sparse enough to almost feel like they are not a chain. There used to be one at CP Marina; however, it appears they've been moved into Sand Castle Suites.
  6. Two others places I'd like to recommend in the Buffalo area -- both are 'chains' but only in the immediate area (save a single location in AZ for one of them): Anderson's for Beef on Weck and Frozen Custard Ted's Hot Dogs for char-grilled Footlongs OKAY...one more: Mighty Taco...its like Taco Bell, only better
  7. If you're headed to Martin's Fantasy Island, when leaving take I-190 south across the bridge to I-290, 12 miles total to Duff's, one of the local places in the Buffalo area that has been part of the 'Wing Wars' since the very beginning of Buffalo Wings and my personal favorite...plus you can tell everyone you've been to Tonawanda which is a fun name to say! http://www.duffswings.com/
  8. Bill Gray's/Abbott's outside Sea Breeze is fantastic and even closer to the lake than the park!
  9. Adventure Park USA (New Market, MD) has a roller coaster under construction (which will be its 2nd). I haven't been able to find out what it is yet, but I'm excited to find out since that park is now technically my 'home park.' Yes I went from Cedar Point as my home park to Adventure Park USA, but at least I'm not driving OTR anymore!
  10. Because Mickey is missing a finger, it looks like he's flipping us off due to the angle of the hand
  11. That's odd, the last time I was at the CMH Zoo, that Boat Ride was past Monkeys...where are the monkeys now?
  12. I've got all the states except South Dakota and Alaska (helps that I'm a truck driver) and I can say that western North Dakota is more interesting. Its funny to me when people talk about 12 hours on the road as I am routinely out for 14 hours a day, driving 10.5 of them. Since MoA has truck parking (or at least had), I've been there a few times for 'rest' breaks.
  13. Do the booths in Enchanted Garden rotate or move? For reason they look like they do.
  14. Note to Disney: See you can do a value-priced resort without resorting (pun?) to tacky...
  15. How do they do the morning test run if the coaster only moves if you are screaming?
  16. ^That's the general consensus I've gotten from you over the years....that Togos in Japan are decent and that its only their exports that break backs. Are there even any left in the US?
  17. Keep in mind that I am higher off the ground in a truck and like I said, the fact that the lift hill traveled away from my view point, hid its height versus the full on side view you get with Diamondback. Plus I was traveling south it might look different traveling north. I seem to only ever travel south on I-75. Northbound I'm almost always way over on I-81 and then back into Ohio from the east.
  18. Just drove by the park today (I drive a Semi) on I-71 and was trying to get a good look at the new coaster and I must say, at least southbound that it doesn't have the same curb appeal as Diamondback, although I think its because the lift hill on Banshee is perpendicular to the view so you don't get a good view of the height.
  19. Wow! In all of the trip reports I have ever seen on TDL, I never noticed until this one...their Jungle Cruise is backwards! Is that the only one that loads from the left?
  20. If these are 1990 maps, where are the Studios in the WDW Map?
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