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  1. Well, hopefully I can get the Hong Kong Disney in this update! we finally made it!!! THe whole place was much nicer than I thought it would be. After we finished with the HK park, it only left one Disney park we have not been to.....Paris. This is where we got our first experience with the Hong Kong queue culture This ride always brings back memories, no matter whre we ride it around the world!!! I originally thought that one of the cast members had left their gloves on my tray, but when I looked around I saw that most of the people were using their gloves to eat the fried chicken The castmembers were very nice and offered to take our picture often. Parker displays the correct Chinese way to pose for almost every picture. People really crowd in before the philharmagic show starts. We were about run over when the doors actually opened. The new toy story land was really cool! sorry this one is so blurry. The ride is really neat tho! this was my favorite ride in the park!!! i was expecting something like big thunder....but it was a very nice surpise!!! It was also a very smooth ride!!! i liked the popcorn in tokyo better I will end with our "english" jungle cruise ride. Overall, we had an amzing time in Hong Kong, and will be back for sure!!!! thanks for chceking out all of our pics!
  2. You are exactly right! It gave us a totally different perspective this time. Parker absolutely LOVED it! He usually tells people that meeting Sathit was the highlight of the trip...followed closely by the elephants, tigers, and monkeys. He also likes how friendly the Thai people are.... I doubt he would admit it, but he really liked how people wanted to have their picture taken with him all the time. He also had people asking to touch his hair, mostly in the rural north. I really likes what you said about seeing it thru KTs eyes my favorite thing is to hear him tell other people about his experiences and give advice about what to see and do. He still tells us every couple of days how much he misses it! Which trip do you think was KTs favorite??? Being in the water with the elephant was a bit scary!! But tons of fun and would do it again in a heartbeat!
  3. Sorry, I got behind with work and forgot to finish this out! The HK Disney pics will be in these next two updates. Yes that IS a turtle in pic 7 In Thailand, they let you do all sorts of cool things....like play army, with real army guns... and play with tigers Parker found a new girlfriend that is a slice of ham inside the aunite anns!!!! Pass! Dinner was awesome tonight!!!! the main reason we came to thailand was to visit the boy we sponsor thru compassion international. we was born a week before parker was born. we brought him a bike riding in the back of a truck is legal here Parker taught Sathit how to play angry birds. He had never played a video game before. This is the elephant show outside of Chiang Mai. THis elephant painted a self portrait! more elephant rides good bye As soon as I got in this thing, I regretted it! it was super hot in there! i looked like an idiot! my try at an artsy shot
  4. Thanks everyone for checking out the first part of the trip!!!! Rambutan was the mystery fruit, and the dish I had was roasted duck for breakfast!!! That sauce on the side is super spicy! Here is the second part of the pics. tuna pie is very popluar here..... so is foot massage. Its only $5 an hour...not bad at all! it looked like it was going to pour all day...but never did here is the US my wife and i are both sign language interpreters. Today we went to visit the Deaf school in Bangkok. We thought they would think it was cool we were interpreters from America, but they were mostly interested in how Parker got his skin so white and why he was so tall at age 12. im not so sure this is safe???? is there OASHA standards in Thailand?? the traffic is awful here. when it really starts to get backed up, cars start going over the double yellow into teh wrong lanes of traffic. They honk all the time, but it is used to tell other drivers that you are coming into their lane. Nobody here "lets you over" you have to take your spot in traffic tonight was Muay Thai boxing. Since we are Farang, we ahd to sit in the front rows. all the Thai people sat back there. It was kind of like the movie "bloodsport" where everyone is yelling at throwing money for their bets This dude won the main fight. Parker also picked to winner of every fight that night. We should of been in the back betting with all te Thai guys! more mystery food.....anyone know what it is?? today we started at the "train market" Parker had "frog on a stick" yes its a whole frog with a popsicle stick shoved up its butt then grilled its called the train market becs it is built right over the top of the train tracks! the train comes thru twice a day i have a cool video from this, i will get it posted soon after the train comes thru, its back to business as usual! today was the start of buddist lent, where the monks cant leave the temple for three months. Here the school kids are all taking food and gifts to the monks in the temple the best dessert on the trip was mangos and sticky rice! Next up was the fisherman village. All the houses here are built up on stilts over the water Our friend Reed lives right next to a group of swimming monkeys. This was just about my favorite part of the trip. We stopped at a local market and bought a ton of fruit to feed them the babies were so cute!!!! there were so many of them!!! There are 3 guys in this pic This is "Rara" He/she was awesome!!!! We met several lady boys on this trip, but she/he was our favorite. More pics soon!
  5. The tailors in Thailand are awesome!!! They do great work of copying the high end stuff, you have to be careful of which fabric you pick. some of them will try to sell you cheap stuff with marked up prices. You have to know what you are looking for. A regular bespoke from my guy runs aroun $225 US.
  6. Hello TPR friends! My family and I just returned from Thailand, it was my wifes and mine 4th visit, and our 12 year old sons first. There is a lot of culture type of stuff in the first part of this, with the theme park pics coming at the end. A few bullet points before the pics start: The meaning of the words mai ped ( not spicy ), and totally different if you are a 12 year old American than is you are a 60 year old Thai lady. I should of done some cross culture mediation here. The people in Hong Kong have queue ettipuette that could rival the French. Thai men make the most convincing transgenered people. Pics of this later. Even in biz class, flying to the opposite side of the planet can suck bad. Driving a hybrid car has not caught on in Bangkok..you might actually get bonus points if your tuk tuk reaches a certain amount of emmissions. The hospitality in northern Thailand is even better than in the city. Its hard to stay on an elephant when it is trying to buck you off. Thanks for checking out the TR! Like Robb always says, stick with one airline for the best results. We are almost a million miles on AA, who is a partner with Cathay Pacific who took us to BKK. Our upgrade cleared to J class the weather was terrible at ORD and we were 3 hours late coming in to HKG. cathay Pacific put us up for the night since we missed our connection. Here is our Hong Kong Mcds credit. The Hong Kong Mcds was pretty awesome! Finally arrived in Bangkok. we always stay at the Anatara Riverside. we snagged the corner suite this time. as the name suggests, the hotel sits right on the river. They also provide this cool boat that takes you back and forth fromthe sky train. Our first stop was to see our tailor Jack who has made all of my suits for the past 10 years. First street food of the trip the death trap on wheels AKA the tuk tuk The traffic in Bangkok is so bad, we just got out and stood up for awhile. Photos of the king are everywhere! He is the longest serving monarch in the world right now. He has been king around 60 years. You cannot speak ill of him...the lese majeste laws are VERY strict here Breakfast!!!! Who can guess what it is??? More breakfast. Any ideas what it is?? The crown prince will probably be the next king...nobody really likes him tho. after breakfast, we went to the orphanage in the forest they have one tv and all the kids were watching Thai cartoons thai playhouse we brought gifts for all the kids, then passed out treats after this is Joel..he loved wearing the gopro head cam even without shoes, Joel killed us in soccer when I kicked the ball on the roof, he just climbed up to the top like a monkey this was an awesome way to start the day! next up was teh elephants!!! it can be a bit scary between these two giants.....especially when you run out of sugar cane! into the river!!!! the water was refreshing that day. the elephant my wife was on was much more calm than ours was! our elephant "full moon" went totally under the water then started to try and buck us off when the mahut guy told her to do the "rodeo" you are supposed to squeeze with your legs and hold her ears. we were supposed to se who could splash the most water...the elephants easily won. its hard to tell in the pic...but one of the tattoos on my wifes leg is of a Thai elephant and a mahut you "drive" the elephant by using your feet behind its ears to guide her where you want her to go. our favorite fruit of the trip. anyone know what they are called??? after the elephants, we stopped at this buddist temple in a cave the monk blassed Parker, gave him a special bracelet, and sprinkled water from a lotus flower on his head the first monkeys of the trip were living outside of the temple lunch was our first Thai Mcds credit. I will get more pics posted soon of the tigers, swimming monkeys, Thai boxing, and the theme park!
  7. Hello everyone! We will have a layover in HK on our way back to the US from Thailand. I would like to take my family to Disney for a short time. Our plane arrives at 3pm, and leaves the next morning at 11. I know that Disney usually closes at 8pm, but we would still like to visit, even if it is just for a few hours. My question is about where to stay. The Disney hotels are way over my price range, especially coming from Thailand where $300 a night gets you the best room in the country. Is there another hotel close by that would work??? Also, what is the best form of transportation from the airport to the hotels near the park? Any other advise about visiting the park is welcome as well. Thanks in advance for the help. Jeffrey
  8. This will be Yakovs' last year doing his show in Branson, he says he is going to retire at the end of the year.
  9. If I am right about Thailand, please take a pic like my avatar outside of McDonald's! Sawadee Krup!
  10. My guess is Thailand from the yellow cupcakes since Thailand is known as " the land of smiles " also Phuket is in souther Thailand, plus the travel book with Thailand. We will be there this summer hope that is where you are going!!!!!!
  11. We went to half pint brawlers tonight at WOF, there was hardly anyone there!!! Anyway, here is a teaser pic, I will post more after i have downloaded them all. our 11 year old son Parker with some of the half pint brawlers
  12. The preview video of Cars was great!! It was also good to see the interpreter in the video when we move out of Missouri, that is the job I am going for!!!!
  13. Parker was VERY excited about the shout out in the video.......he said when it started he thought that was his drawing!!! We will have to send you some pics of while you were here with us!!! We all three miss you big man!!!
  14. The best part is that they played " I want your sex"!!!!!! That makes any ride awesome!
  15. Did I read that right, the muppet thing is $99??? I'm sure I would pay that to make my own muppet Do you get to help make it, or do you pick out what you want and they guy makes it all for you?????
  16. Any idea what the 6 new rides will be in KC? We live really close to there and I have not seen much activity there for awhile.....that might be because we have had tons of snow tho We went to the park last year, and there was not as much to do as we thought there would be with all the hype around it. I think there was the wave pool/lazy river, the water coaster, and a tower of three slides....am I missing something else big????
  17. " this is the hole where we throw the dead monkeys" really made me laugh! That might be my favorite TPR quote in years! We do not have odd attractions here like you have in Florida, but we do have this crazy multi millionaire guy down the road who opened his own "monkey island". It made the news awhile back when some woman broke in and stole a few of the monkeys!
  19. At first the jetblue pic threw me off, because I know you are a Sky Team couple and jetblue is not in their alliance......but they did recently form an interline partnership with Emerites. That coupled with the fact that a few Middle East Trip Reports have gotten attention from you on the forum, I would go along with the Dubai guess I have read so many TR from you that I can't remember if you both have been there before or not
  20. I love these type of updates....and the pics from the iphone 4 look great! Might be time for me to trade in my 3 and get the 4! Thanks Robb!
  21. I loved the incred o dome as a kid!!!! I can still remember how I thought it was so huge......and yellow! I dont know how many different movies they showed in there, but the one that sticks in my mind the most had a baby carriage "out of control" down some steep street.
  22. We were at the opening night of Worlds of Fun Haunt this year. It was kind of rainy, but stil fun!
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