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  1. It's very sad to see a traditional coaster go like this! But am I to believe that Dreamland was shut down? Or just failing? Also, although the coaster thing is sad, I looked online at photos of Dreamland.... what a crappy looking park... it looks like a ghetto car-park travelling funfair, and even the "New Pleasureland" in Southport looks better. Perhaps a more popular theme park may take the unusual step of rebuilding it at their park, as a nod to the old coasters, maybe paint it in the traditional style, signage etc.
  2. We were eating at a restaurant in Southport tonight, and asked the waiter if he knew what was going on with the old Pleasureland site, he said about it being open, so we were confused. We went over (it was night-time) and although it was all closed, there were signs outside saying "NEW PLEASURELAND" and that it was open, open during half term etc, and that it was free entry, it even bared Pleasureland Logos, but the pre-Moroccan-theme ones. By the old Moroccan Golf, a large sign says "FREE ENTRY" on a proper sign, in Pleasureland's font. There were also "now open" banners on another entrance. But the park still looks gutted from the outside, Casablanca is still shut down and gutted out. The Wildcat still seems to be standing, but there appears to be a loop in the middle, which is odd... Anyone any ideas what's going on?
  3. Only thing though is that I'm the Coaster Wuss, and was even worried about the backward drop if it was anything stronger than Maelstrom at Epcot But I genuinely hate airtime, the feeling of coming out of your seat is something I really dont like. Until I read that, I was thinking the Mummy ride might be more like Big Thunder (Paris Version) or something.
  4. Ok, Im now put off giving this a go, I wanted to, but... I HATE airtime!! I went to California a good few years ago and went to Universal, and in their Mummy attraction, but it was just a walkthrough attraction with folk jumping out etc... was the same building used? When did it change?
  5. Why dont they let fat folk on? Im fat and fancied giving it a try... but then I really cant stand airtime... Blackpool's Grand National nearly killed me!
  6. I injurred my knee on the safety sign inside the Grand National car in Blackpool Pleasure Beach. Nothing quite like an ironic injury.
  7. I'll put it this way, a few years ago we had 4 days in DLP, the first 2 days were great, but by the end of day 3\start of 4, we were just wandering about trying to think of stuff to do! I'd say 2 days max!
  8. Eeeeeeeeeeeveryone says that hun, but "looking through" an image is harder than it sounds. I've tried everything, looking through, relaxing eyes, staring hard, going crosseyed, moving my head nearer/further away. Its just frustrating that I cant seem to do it!
  9. I think with me it's because my right eye is a bit fuzzy.... if I cover my right eye, I dont notice a massive difference, because it seems I mainly use my left eye, by default. I dont like the idea that I may not be physically ABLE to do them! :/
  10. uh... we're both fat and have eyes? Apart from that, no.
  11. Well... no... I made a post about magic eye, cant we keep it to that instead of movie references?
  12. Ok, what am I missing here?
  13. I cant see Magic Eye illusions no matter which method people say to try, I just cant see them, and it gets me really angry when I try and fail!
  14. Not a child in site! And I think Health and Safety might have something to say about the Water Chute now! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9xQEhYv0KfE
  15. Yeah, but its still the feeling that you're going to, which isnt nice! To me thats the same as saying "it FEELS like Im going to vomit, but I wont!" or "It feels like my leg is going to break but it wont!" etc. Its just not very nice. I guess I'll always be a big girl's blouse when it comes to coasters!
  16. Yeah I noticed the train size thing... ouch! And my knee still hurts! Space Invader and Rollercoaster were the non-violent ones, and also the ones with the comfiest seating! Getting to other parks is hard for me, especially financially, our wristbands were £10 each so we could just about afford, but going to another park where its £20 each to get in etc can be tricky, especially if I dont end up going on anything! But yeah... Airtime frightens me! I cant see how anyone could enjoy feeling like they're gonna come out!
  17. Thank you! Im glad you liked it! I was determined to have a try!
  18. Aw, not as many people interested in this as I was hoping. Ah well.
  19. After Grand National, "Big Dipper" with a name like that was ruled out almost instantaneously. Airtime isnt pleasant.
  20. Okay, let me get the rest of these photos uploaded for you... Next stop was Beaver Creek, which I love cos it's so weird! Like this weird... mouse... thing In command of their leader, ZOMBIE MOUSE! Hooray for Tetleys! Mr Tetley convinced us to go on his TEACUPS OF DOOOOOM!!! ...which were more fun than we thought! Chewits Monster approves of the fatness. OMG!!! TRASH!!!! I hadn't been on Magic Mountain in 20 years... I forgot how Small World-ish it is! Although the big Log Flume had been removed due to Infusion, the kiddy version was still standing! And it soaked Phil more than he expected! Juggling is just another of "Phil's Skills" This is what happens when Derby Racer is closed! Gallopers! Ok it was kinda fun, I admit! Mad Hatter never approved of my relationship with Rabbit. Although you cant see it, Phil is shaking his head vigorously here... Next was "Roller Coaster". I wasn't going to go on because Grand National scared me, and this looked tall... (Did I mention it was a quiet day?) However I DID go on, and I really enjoyed it! Two thumbs up! The dips were enjoyable ones, that didnt have airtime or make your stomach go flip, so that was me happy , although at the top of the ride, it felt so old and ricketty than I thought it was gonna fall off! Good fun though! The coasters in Blackpool tend to group hug a lot! It was odd seeing this where Id so often seen the Log Flume... If this is by Vekoma, lets hope that red triangle sign isnt describing the ride! Phil went on Revolution... liked it, but came off shaking, and said that the whole inversion front/backwards thing felt like "your face was falling off!". Phil was a Viking, and so feeling quite brave... And so went on Valhalla for his first time. "OMG!" He came off drenched, but said it was "absolutely brilliant!" He didn't think I'd like the drops though. I remember these ticket booth thingies since I was a kid, they're really weird but really well done. Im glad they're kept in good condition. Uh... Six Flags over Blackpool? Also, Avalanche was closed, because it CRASHED during testing, and ran into the back of the other train. Grand National Op told me this... which was nice of him, knowing I had coaster-fear. Phil rode the Steeplechase... only the red line was running. His verdict was uncertain, it was fun but rough, and the corners were scary! ...oops Although loads is going into the new stuff, a lot of Blackpool's older things are showing signs of decay and wear... but although literally half-through, it looks as though they've realised this, and started getting out the metal paint! You can see the difference it will make on this stork alone... All the animals on Noah's Ark looked like they were being re-done, some finished, some not. Anyway! That's about it! My first TR, a bit camera-happy I know, but I hope you liked it! I didnt combat my fear of coasters as such, but I *did* go on for my first time, on 2 wood and 1 steel coaster, and would be happy to go on at least 2 of them again! I need to thank you guys for your encouragement to give them all a go, I couldnt have even done it without you.
  21. Hello everyone! My first photo TR! Woo! As some of you may know, Im somewhat a coasterphobe... or rather I dont like drops and inversions, I loved Big Thunder Mountain in Disneyland Resort Paris for instance... Anyway, enough about that. My boyfriend Phil and I decided to make use of an offer of £10 wristbands, and go to Blackpool to hopefully battle this coaster fear of mine, having been on here and become more interested in coasters... even Phil knows what Vekomas are now! Hehe. Anyway, here are the photos! All comments welcome! Not the kind of sign you want to see whilst lining up for your pre-paid wristband eh? A couple of them opened late, but not many. Noah's Ark has always been one of my favourites! This is Phil. ...and Noah, but Noah didnt join us for the rest of the trip. The waiting line for the chiropractor. Blackpool had a Big Blue Hotel long before the ones you guys stayed in! Trauma Towers! No Flash in the Trauma Towers Lounge Flash, in the Trauma Towers Library. Doesnt everyone keep their giant red-eyed gargoyles in the library? Yeah... Cuckoo... time to try your first coaster, fraidy cat!! I made the Grand National my first proper coaster... Sadly I *REALLY* didnt like it. I didnt see the point in having a plastic partition down the middle of the cars, so my fat ass didnt fit in properly, I was sat on a tilt, and ironically the "safety" sign inside the car ripped a layer of skin off my knee! I now know what airtime is, and I *SERIOUSLY* dont like it! The drops were too big for me, and that feeling of coming out of your seat I find really unpleasant! So I guess Im a coaster wuss still! It almost made me say "ok, no more coasters today!" The Whip is still there, SBNO. Phil actually really enjoyed the Wild Mouse! Next stop, The Chinese Maze! Its chinese because of these two dragons, thats about it. Where DO we go? So after that, we went for a "Big One" meal at Magnolias (formerly Bean St), doesnt the drink just shout "Big One" to you? Overenthusiastic Phil says "Weeee!" Adam approves of Space Invader 2, but couldnt help thinking, "what the hell was that?" "No Captain, we should attack from the right!" Do *all* theme parks have the obligatory photo-point stocks? Phil makes friends so easily. Gold Miiiiine! I forgot how LONG this ride is, its quite surprising! Aww poor Phil. "Never believe Sailor's Tales!" Best Ghost Train ever, an utter classic! Woooo! Derby Racer was closed, and seems to have a new roof, I hope they paint it though! Inside Derby Racer they've added a disco ball and were testing the lighting. Maybe it'll work better with a bit of darkness. Anyway, yes I know I got a bit photo happy, but ah well! Part 2 will be following immediately probably, heh. I felt that I really "failed" when it came to the Grand National... I really wanted to like it, but just didnt Still a wuss!!
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