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  1. That inline twist at the end is so tight! Can only imagine the feeling in it
  2. One thing to remember for everyone talking about the old "SOB" land, KI owns all the way to the river to the east of the park. They are not hurting for land at all. Yes, it may be undeveloped and tree covered, but they still have a ton of land to develop wherever they want, they aren't locked into just certain spots. A rough outline of what they own
  3. Looks amazing!! But the POV doesnt really show the speed of the launch. From the off ride you can see just how fast it is, but the on ride doesnt show that. Wish there was a version in the states still.
  4. Dang!! Nice going! Quite impressive to get that view from Downtown Cincinnati
  5. I searched but didn't find anything, so I'm going to leave this here..... Came across this site with insanely cool artwork for rollercoasters. It's called Made to Thrill. Made to Thrill
  6. Am I the only one that watched this and thought about all the loose change and crap in my car flying around while going through the loop?
  7. I'm guessing on the downswing the carriage holding the car on the arm gave out and the crushing sound you hear is the car hitting the fence on the side of the ride. From the reports I've read, the car actually fell on someone killing them, all others were injured to some degree.
  8. There was an accidental tonight at the Ohio State Fair in which 1 person died and 6 were injured. There is actually a video of the ride breaking apart. It is EXTREMELY GRAPHIC and shows the accident. I will post the link but won't embed so people can choose to look at it without playing automatically. Complete sadness for all involved. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/ohio-state-fair-ride-malfunction_us_59793d21e4b02a8434b3d691 WATCH AT YOUR OWN RISK:
  9. Love the pictures!! But, its funny to see how small the supports are for this type of coaster compared to others. They don't look big at all, but could also have to do to how close most of the coaster is to the ground.
  10. Maybe they will reuse the interior of the train depot building for a gift shop?
  11. I couldn't take anything you said seriously after reading this! KI doesn't need 4 woodies? Is that a factual statement or just your opinion? I mean you do seem to "know" everything about running an amusement park, I mean you must, you are on here preaching to everyone about how parks should be run. KI is not a destination park, it is a local park. But it draws huge numbers every year, it consistently ranks in the Top 5 attended parks in the US every year. That being said, they don't really need a huge "draw" ride as they seem to be doing pretty good. For those of us that live in the Dayton/Cincinnati area, we are spoiled with Holiday World, Kentucky Kingdom, Kings Island, Cedar Point, Kennywood, Great America and St Louis all within about a 6 hr drive. We have tons of options, but a lot of people choose KI because of the closeness and rides. It doesn't matter what they build, the people will still come. I think Mystic Timbers is a great addition because it fills that void for younger kids and adults who want more than The Racer but less than The Beast in a woodie. It might not make sense to you, and that's ok, it doesn't have to because you aren't paying one penny in CF's investment in any park. So take a minute, get off your soap box and let those who know how, are paid to, and have their jobs on the line run the parks.
  12. There is a little shopping center right by the park with a grocery store that sells beer. Could always pack a cooler from there! We always stay at Lake Rudolph Campground and have a stocked fridge we can run back to if we need.
  13. No, and this would be the one drawback with the Skyway system. Assuming this is a modern enclosed Doppelmayr (or something similar) it would need to close for severe weather. They can run in rain, but they generally can't run in lightning or high winds. The wind limit is generally pretty high on these modern lifts though, it's not like we're dealing with the Cedar Point Sky Ride here. Still, I think this is a minor drawback to an otherwise awesome idea. Would it be something like the Ober Gatlinburg system? Maybe on a larger scale? Be interesting to see how many gondolas they can run at one time.
  14. Might have something to do with the fact that the steel is not on the wood yet. Have to get that down before you can put trains on.
  15. Did anyone else notice from those overhead shots just how close Mystic Timbers is to the train track in the turnaround? That's gonna make for some great photos!!!
  16. Aqua and purple track? For the new Sea World rides? Would fit their color scheme
  17. Vortex is ok, just ok. Does it hurt....yes, but that's to be expected with old Arrow loopers. I would say the worst rollercoaster now is The Racer. It has gotten so rough and hurts your back. Not to mention the trains have you so shove into them. I know The Racer will never leave, but hopefully they can retrack parts of it. As far as Vortex, I can see it leaving in the next 5 years also. There is a ton of land there. Not just where it is currently, but also behind it in The Beast's wooded areas. KI really has a lot of land to expand into.
  18. I was thinking about it again, and if it's a drop track section with a video beforehand, that would cause some capacity issues. Maybe a 5-10 second video with the drop track at the end. So you have 5-10 seconds of video, 5-10 seconds of drop track and then resetting itself, then maybe 5 seconds to move into the station....that's 25 second of time that another car cant come near the shed. And seeing how CP likes to run coasters, that likely means another train cant crest the lift hill until the previous train exits the shed. So capacity is slowed down. Just a thought, but thinking about the timing, it just doesnt make sense.
  19. I think it's the recycled animatronics from the old Enchanted Voyage inside the building!! Maybe some Smurfs, Flinstones, that creepy clown mouth you had to go through, or maybe the Dancing Trees!!!! Those would fit perfectly with the Mystic Timbers Theme!!!
  20. Man, those photos look like drawings!!! Not in a bad way, just look so amazing!!!!
  21. I always loved stand ups just because it was different, kind of like riding an invert vs just a basic train design. I think Stand Ups could make a comeback. I was talking years ago where "what if" a stand up got the X2 treatment, meaning where the seats could move along the track. Imagine a 90 degree drop where the seats lay flat back and and as you crest the first hill you are suddenly pushed back into an upright position and could move up and down throughout the ride to change the overall experience.
  22. ^The reason fast lane looks like that is this.......Kings Island was running a promotion where if you renewed your season pass, you got a free fast lane to use on a Sunday in October this year. Makes for horrible lines.
  23. I think a suspended coaster with open trains like the one referenced earlier could be amazing. The cool part about suspended coasters was how you could use the terrain to enhance the ride without having to have massive inversions (think The Bat and Big Bad Wolf). You would need the right application and terrain to really make it nice, but very feasible and not as expensive as some other coasters.
  24. Ok, so going back and watching the POV video, I noticed a couple of things. Not saying the video is 100% correct, but here goes.... 1) if you look right at the beginning of the video, you will see the air gates on the right side and the unloading/exit platform on the left. So the train comes back into the station. (on Flight of Fear there is no unloading platform in the loading area) 2) as the train approaches the lift hill you see the shed building on the right and its designed to look like part of it extends all the way to the ground which could be used to house/hide a special track section. My only problem with this is how much would it lead to stacking being at the end like that and having to wait for each train to complete a drop section and return into position? Maybe instead of a drop section, theres a nice last, dark airtime drop in the shed with some theming? Station shot Shed shot
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