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  1. I think the reference to The Bat is this.....in it's time, the Bat was a record-breaking if not record setting inverted coaster as it was pretty much the first of it's kind, and now KI is going to introduce a new record-breaking inverted coaster to the world. I don't think it has anything to do with the name, I think it's just a reference to it's place in history. That being said, I wouldn't be against "The Bat's Revenge," "Son of a Bat," or even the original "The Bat" as a name. Just keep watching the trademark page for the next few days to see if anything new pops up under Cedar Fair.
  2. So couldn't find if it had been mentioned before, but Cedar Fair re-upped the trademark on the name Banshee on the 8th of July. I think they just keep that around to mess with people!! I would be all in for The Bat V2, having ridden the original, would be cool. And remember how badass the trains looked on it!!!
  3. Camden Park reminds alot of the old Americana park we had between Dayton and Kings Island. Kind of run-down, but with rides you wouldn't find at bigger parks (whip, haunted house......) Nice PTR
  4. Was at KI yesterday and nothing to report on the construction front, same as everyone has been reporting on previous pages. But, what is up with the Crypt? Might have been answered before, but all signage removed, entranced gated off and locked. Is it done for good?
  5. Yeah, that was a small series put together by the local PBS station called Riding the Limits or something like that. You can still find the smaller clips on their website. Some really cool stuff in there and really interesting about how they designed everything. Would love to see something like that about other parks. KI owns a ton of land around that area. If you look at it on Google Earth, the own everything from Kings Island Drive to the west, Western Row rd to the south, the river to the East and the HS just to the North of it. Not sure if they still own the land Great Wolf is on or if they sold that too them. They own 773 acres, but only use 364 of it right now.
  6. So, there was a guy arrested at KI on July 3 for "disturbing behavior around children." Turns out he had sunglasses that a video camera in them and he was taping little kids. But, check out this revelation: Link
  7. Well let's see: The Bat (KI) Screamin' Demon (KI) King Cobra (KI) Son of Beast (KI) Scooby's Ghoster Coaster (KI) Screechin' Eagle (Americana) Serpent (Americana) Nightmare (Boblo Island) Screamer (Boblo Island) Sky Streak (Boblo Island) Big Dipper (Geauga) Corkscrew (Geauga) Dominator (Geauga) Double Loop (Geauga) Head Spin (Geauga) Raging Wolf Bobs (Geauga) Thunderhawk (Geauga) Villian (Geauga) Flashback (SFMM) Psyclone (SFMM) Disaster Transport (The Point) Wildcat (The Point) Guess I shouldn't go to anymore parks since I've been on so many....... Man, didn't realize the list was that long.
  8. Wouldn't you think that Disney parks make a substantial amount of money, regardless of the parent company. Yes, they have a lot of employees and overhead, but at what, like $125 just to get in, and probably like 50k people a day, that's an enormous income everyday to have. I mean if they charged $100 a day and had 50k visitors, that would generate 1.825 billion a year just in gate receipts. Now add in the horribly overpriced food, the outrageous souvenirs that kids whine for and everything else, and it's gotta be close to 2.5 billion a year. You can't tell me that all the parks together don't make an enormous profit every year, and probably carry little to no debt.
  9. Hopefully they will donate the wood to Habitat for Humanity!! LOL. But seriously, there is still a lot of land left over back in that area from the Wildlife Safari monorail that could provide a lot of room for a serious terrain coaster or maybe a heavily themed wing rider.
  10. The show is kind of weird and seems like they don't do any research. During the Carowinds part for Afterburn, they are saying it is the largest investment the park has ever made in a ride, but you can see Intimdator right behind it. How is that possible? Are they just going off of old papers or something? I mean they could ask anyone here to do a little research for them and it would be so much better than what they are saying. I agree the whole "coaster enthusiast" tabbing is a little ridiculous. But, the show is nice because it shows coasters, and that's a good thing!!
  11. So, just to let everyone in, if it hasn't been said yet, my brother works at Real Art and said there are balls in there with the Samsung "S" on them, and if you get one of those, you win a tablet PC or some other cool Samsung stuff!! Good luck!! And I know what the next project is, and all I can say is that it will take a lot of us back to our childhood and be amazing!!!
  12. So me, and wifey and another couple decided to check out the Land of Illusion in Middletown, OH. I'm not a huge "scare park" kind of person since I don't scare easily, but I thought it could be fun, but wasn't sure what to expect of the place. Let me say that as soon as we pulled into the parking lot ($3 donation) I was blown away. I figured it would be some field with someone in a tent selling tickets, I was wrong. This place is a full blown amusement attraction. The have an entrance building that is done very nice to look like an old house or building. The prices aren't cheap ($30-40) depending on which night you go, but it is well worth it!! Let just recommend the fast passes now! For $15 you can go to the front of the lines which got us through everything in about 3 hours. This isn't just a one-off place, it's amazing and the price is very reasonable for all you get. There are 4 indoor houses and 2 outdoor mazes. The theming and decoration in theme would rival anything you would find at Universal or Disney. We went to Haunt last year at PKI and this place made it look like a high school production. http://www.thelandofillusion.com/ Field of Screams is a corn maze with 9 checkpoints to find. It took us 32 mins to get through it. They give you a map and small flashlight and off you go. There is a trick to it that once you figure out makes it easy, but I won't give it away. Dr. Psycho's Haunted Estate is an indoor house based on a demented doctor. Very well themed. This was the only attraction that had steps to climb, everything else was basically flat. Temple of Terror is another indoor attraction. This was by far my favorite. Starts with an elevator ride inside a temple that you exit into what can only be called a "reverse-birth" moment where you have to push yourself between two large airbags on either side that seemed to stretch forever. theming inside here made it seem like you were in an Indiana Jones movie. 3-d Killer Klowns was interesting. They give you 3-d glasses when entering and the whole maze popped out at you. It was fun to watch everyone duck at stuff that wasn't there while being pestered by annoying clowns. Middletown Haunted Trail was LONG!! Almost 25 minutes of walking and scaring. This was really well done, except that it kept backing people up into groups of 20+ so you didn't get to see everything. It had many separate areas and some very cool props. Voodoo Bayou Shanty was themed after a crazy New Orleans family. The actors made it almost comical as they did their thing. Overall, I would highly recommend anyone in the Dayton, Cincinnati, Columbus area check this out. The theming is amazing and the animatronics are outstanding. The actors are great and really enjoy what they are doing. You will be blown away when you see the place. Easily worth the money you spent and a great Halloween event. Can't see how this place could be so good and have such great stuff being open only one month a year, where does all the money come from? But anyways, check out their website and head there if you're nearby. PS-My only complaint about the place, and this pretty much goes for any Haunt event is the damn chainsaws. Why do they think that 4 people chasing you with chainsaws that obviously have no chains on them is scary? Plus, they smell horrible inside a building and give you a headache. Every place you go has chainsaws and they just seem ridiculous.
  13. Check out their blog where they talk about some of the development: http://blog.realartusa.com/. I think we will be seeing a lot more from this company in the future.
  14. According to an article on MSN, an 11 year-old girl fell from the Ferris Wheel and died. Not many details available yet. MSN Article
  15. I have wondered about this too. I mean you hear about atheletes with concussions all the time, but what effect does repeated exposure to high g-forces have on the body? If you ride Kingda Ka 200 times a year for 10 years, what kind of physical toll can that really take on your body? Not to mention other rides that bang the hell out of you.
  16. And in other local news, it seems that our local news stations are idiots. Check out the picture attached to the story about SOB being SBNO this season: http://www.wdtn.com/dpp/news/troubled-ohio-roller-coaster-to-stay-closed-again
  17. Honestly, at your age, I would write an email or call them directly. I'm sure they would be happy to spend a few minutes talking with you and discussing things. They might want to tell you how much they make, but they might give you a general figure. They probably will also tell you about experience and knowledge you should have when pursuing such a career. Have fun and enjoy!
  18. Another webcam pic of Windseeker. 2 cool things......The support frame is up and they are starting to attach the seats, and second, it's 8:30 at night here in Ohio and they are still working!!! I know it's blurry, just the way it was. Looking at the arms holding the seats, they seem to be about 20 feet long. So as it spins, you will be about 30-40 away from the main column. I think what they need to do is put plexiglass above the area directly underneath the ride so those waiting can avoid any vomit, urine or poop falling from the sky!!
  19. Gotta wonder if Cedar Fair is just sitting around waiting to hear what everyone says about this? I mean, not like they have 3 woodies that could use this treatment instantly!! (SOB, Mean Streak and Ghostrider). The main question is exactly how much this cost? I think it looks incredible and amazed they didn't try to add a corkscew after seeing that 90+ degree bank turned. Could Rocky Mountain be on it's way to designing their own coasters?
  20. Was in the area the other day and decided to stop by and check out what remained of the park. Talked to Jerry Couch who owns the area now and said he really has no plans to reopen the park anytime soon. He doesn't let anyone back in the park area due to liability and such but said you could walk up to the fence and look around. It was amazing to see all those childhood memories and for the park having basically no maintenance for so many years, it still looks to be in good shape. Most of the buildings are still standing and look sound. The lake has been drained and all the rides have been sold off except for some parts stored off in a field. I took some pictures that I will post below. The Eagle is still standing as a complete structure, no parts of it have fallen down. He did say that the coaster will be taken down sometime in the near future. He also said they sold the swinging ship to Stricker's Grove and just delivered it a few weeks ago.
  21. The work is progressing on Windseeker. From a picture on their webcam, you can see the swing support structure being completed. Windseeker at PKI
  22. Very cool idea, but all I kept waiting for was Barney to say "these VIP tours will be legen.........wait for it........dary!!!" Wish I had the money for it though!
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