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  1. The sad part is these guys were supposed to keep the money out so they could pay all the park employees on their way out. Didn't you know that Six Flags now pays their employees by the day with money from parking? You have to stop on your way out and get your money.
  2. So here's the question, what is your favorite ride. Don't say TTD cuz it's huge and fast. Be creative and give reasons. Mine, actually I have two. Flight of Fear at PKI-yes, removing the over-the-shoulder restraints helped alot, but it's just a unique ride. There's really nothing else like it. Even though you can see the ground, you can't really tell which way you're going. Plus, if you get to ride it when the bldg is dark, it's great, feels so out of control. I gotta get to Joker's Jinx and Poltergeist soon to see if they compare. Second, and I know I'm in the minority here, but Flashback at SFMM. It's another unique ride that is like nothing else. Might hurt a bit, but not as bad as SOB or anything. So what is everyone elses?
  3. Who says PKI is taking out anything? The Action Zone area of the park is already overcrowded so even if they did take down SOB or TG, there really would be no room for anything. There is really only two big and easily accessible areas for expansion:1) On the other side of the racer, where the Safari ride was, and 2) Behind Tomb Raider. There is a large area in between The Beast and the Waterpark that could be developed. As for removing rides, I don't see that happening. Let's look here: The Beast-No way in HE$$ this would be removed The Racer- TOO much history SOB-Yeah, lets put millions of dollars into something then tear it down. If you believe this is going, then next year CP is removing TTD to build a new woodie Vortex-Only multi-inversion in the park, next Flight of Fear-very rare ride which is still a draw for people, personally, i would stop going to PKI if they took this out and I live 30 mins from the park. TG-alright, I agree, not the best, but for those of us who remember The Bat, this is a blessing. Probably some contract thing with S&S(Arrow) that they can't remove it. Adventure Express-This would be my guess for removal, but then again, it really frees up no land or anything so why bother. Here is my best guess knowing the park. I can see them building something behind TR. There's a large area of land there were they could build something huge, plus it would draw people back to the part of the park again. In my ideal world, here's what I see. I want to see the third ride in the serious. That's right, I want.....wait for it......keep waiting......I want "The Mother" come one, you had to see it coming, we have father and son, now lets see what could produce the spawn of satan himself. And here's my ideas. A gigacoaster like MF, but not big for reason of being taller, more for fear. Like I said before, there's the area the Safari tram used to run in, so hypothetically, if you build it long enough, you could have a coaster that intertwined with both SOB and The Beast. It could start out behind the Motion Theatre at the back of The Racer and soar down inside the loop on SOB then maybe go inbetween the double helix on The Beast. Now I know what you're saying, THAT WOULD BE A HUGE COASTER!!! And your right. But PKI has a history of not doing things the normal way. Plus, let's get over the height issues that everyone is chasing. How bout a coaster that is long and exciting, you could do so much with a 7000-8000' coaster, or even longer. How bout a huge terrain coaster that covers A TON of area. Now who wouldn't want to ride that. Plus, if you build something that long, you might be able to run 5-6 trains at a time, talk about keeping it moving. Now, that's just fantasy, but remember PKI never does anything just "normal" Think The Beast, The Bat, Drop Zone, Flight of Fear and others. I think if they do build something, it will be great.
  4. I'm throwing in Flashback from SFMM. I loved that ride, nothing else like it. So what if it's a little rough, still a great ride, I know Ellissa would agree. gotta love the diving loops!!!
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