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  1. Just stop right there. You do understand how it could be annoying that you can't get a fastpass for both toy story and rockin, or for both test track and Soarin. The tiering is annoying because in both of those parks there are only three rides I would ever want a fastpass (maelstrom at Norway). I hope this is not permanent. Thanks for calling me dumb. And btw, I can't change reservations on the fly because there are no more useful ones. My ticket is now sold out of toy story, rockin, and tower for the day. You still have to come to studios at the crack of dawn if you want more than one ride on Mania as well, nothing changed there. System is not designed for frequent park goers, and that's fine. Just one of several reasons I'm not a Disney passholder, and don't plan to be.
  2. So I'm at Hollywood studios on a guest entrance pass, admittedly for free. We went to the fastpass plus kiosk and found out their experiences are stratified. We could only pick one experience from the list of Toy story mania, rockin, and fantasmic. The other two had to be from the other attractions. Is that the normal system? Obviously kind of liking the old method st the moment.
  3. It's a loaded question, because the ride hasn't even opened yet. It may be a fantastic, forceful beast of a ride, but all indications say otherwise. I know for 24 million you can certainly build better coasters, but they wouldn't all fit into KI or be successful investments like this one will be.
  4. We'll see when it opens, and I'm sure it will have a ton of fans, probably a lot of people who like it more than Raptor or what not. It's certainly a big bad coaster. It's not like B&M ever makes bad rides. But, from the video, it really really does look like it has the intensity of a feather pillow.
  5. Are any of these actually being built? Like, there are things happening beyond announcements?
  6. I find the "the ride just looks slow in the testing videos" argument to nearly always be a flawed and too hopeful one. Especially when talking about new B&Ms. The Barrel roll on this one is obviously nothing like Kumba or BTR's. I will be shocked if this one is good enough to land in the Mitch Hawker top 40.
  7. And again, though I have no stake in this game whatsoever...here's the link to the actual progression of theme park games. Theme Park Studio
  8. About the length, which is impressive IMO, are people really of the sentiment that this is the optimal length for this aggressive of a ride? I mean, I've personally been kind of hoping for the 400 foot tall, 85 degree drop, 9,500 foot long, 14 airtime hill, 5 tunnel Intamin Megacoaster to arrive and leave absolutely no debate about the best coaster in the world one of these days. It certainly would be a nice thing for this ride to have one more "suicide hill" or "insane double helix", would it not? Too much of a good thing?
  9. Another Precedent possibility: Has anyone ever teased coaster enthusiasts THIS BADLY about a coaster? Other than 45 pages of buildup, this ride is still 2 calendar years away from opening. I feel like literally the only reason they could be doing that is to get all of us to plan 2016 trips far in advance and hype their park. WHICH IS GENIUS.
  10. While certainly not the worst park I've been to...Animal Kingdom always makes me miffed. The whole park has something negative going for it. -Dueling Dragons is at IOA instead of DAK because of budget, and they lost out on two more mythical animals rides due to budget. -Dinosaur is worse than when it opened, half the ride is pitch black, partly because elements of the show are broken. -The yeti, one of the biggest and coolest animatronics ever, doesn't and can't work. -The whole dino area really is cheap looking. The games section is on par with a low budget carnival. -The boat ride is closed. So are many of the walking trails. -Kilamanjaro Safari is amazing, but could do without the fake elements presented as real like the Bilbao Tree, the termite mounds ,and the ostrich egg. -Kali rapids is really short and they toned down the story because it made everyone sad. Just a fail. In fact, anything pertaining to the conservation of Animals has been toned down from the original because it was too depressing. -You can physically ride every ride, see every show, eat lunch, visit every animal in the park, and have your picture taken with a character and you STILL won't fill up an entire day. There's so little replay value to this park. -Then Disney decided to prioritize fixing this park next, which was the right call, and we get...Avatar! Which should be fun...but reviews are mixed to say the least on that franchise. Just ugh. Give me Busch Gardens, with amazing coasters and more animals for cheaper.
  11. My favorite part of this announcement is that we have a ride manufacturer and a park openly billing their new creation as "The Best Coaster In the World!" and we aren't openly mocking them as a group. That's fantastic. C'mon people, an airtime filled beast with inversions, a super sick first drop, AND IT'S A TERRAIN WOODIE. Definitely worth the wait. Which we will be doing a lot more of...
  12. ^Truth. But maybe it's a strategic park leak for the enthusiasts? That'd be the day...
  13. To be fair, RCDB is wrong more often than you'd think. Just on our recent Japan trip there was loads of stuff there were things he had down as operational that weren't or rides that had updated theming, or rides that weren't listed, etc. I realize it's not his fault as it takes a LOT to operate a database of that size, especially when most of his content is user submitted, I'm just saying that RCDB is actually NOT the end-all, be-all of roller coaster information. I'm not going to say if his entry is right or wrong, because I'm under NDA and I'm going to stick to my promises with the park. No no definitely not the end-all be-all, but I can faintly recall plenty of times on new coasters where Mr. Marden just won't post anything speculative about the projects. And of course, there's a big difference between getting it right on fairly no name Japanese jet coasters and posting the manufacturer of a major new coaster early. Legal issues, snowballing crazy rumors, loss of credibility etc. I'll be stunned if this isn't a wooden coaster.
  14. I'm stunned that this amazing flume is the park's single biggest investment ever. Such a strange place, every single ride at there has a weird theme or unique ride system or is buried somehow or is just plain freaky weird. Which are all wonderful things! If they had one super intense Intamin coaster people would easily herald this place as top five in Europe.
  15. RCDB is known for never ever guessing... So I'm going with an amazing, LONG gravity group wooden built deep into the woods with likely inversions and at least 2 brand new elements. And I'm setting an alarm for 4. The hype is real.
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