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  1. I did some searching but didnt find anything....so here goes.....What was the first movie to feature a POV on a rollercoaster? Since "Rollercoaster" was released in 1977, that was the first one I could find. Vacation features some but that was released in 1983. Can anyone come up with anything earlier?
  2. Im calling it now.....first ever suspended wooden roller coaster!!!
  3. Its been very hot and dry in southwest ohio over the past 2 to 3 weeks. Probably not much runoff to help refill it.
  4. The damage on that train is incredible! As an IndyCar fan, I have to wonder.....the cars are made to explode to absorb the crash energy and save the drivers. Possibly something like this could be integrated into the front of all "open faced" trains in order to lessen any impacts. Just like a carbon fiber bumper of the front to absorb any impacts?
  5. So I have a "general" Six Flags question I'm gonna leave here.......Why does Six Flags seem to always place the same rides at different parks? It seems counter-intuitive me? Like if you have a brand new coaster concept at one park why place it a year or so later at another park? Aren't you just shooting yourself in the foot by pulling business away from your own properties? It just seems like a bad mistake. Maybe if you have a coaster like X2 at only one park, you get people to plan their vacations around coming to see that and spend money. But when you have the Batman and now Joker ride at different parks, you are ruining your own draw. Just seems weird to me that Six Flags likes to make all their parks "copy cat" so there really isn't a strong travel draw to bring people in. Or maybe they are just looking at it geographically and trying to pull from certain areas. Any thoughts?
  6. From the lack of markers, and what appears to be some trenches, maybe reworking some pipes or lighting? Maybe changing the path?
  7. Very cool!!! But quick question....it look like the maintenance facility is also an attraction? Would that be correct?
  8. I will forever now judge just how far in the middle of nowhere someplace is by clocking the amount of time in which cows are passed. Now, does this count if you are in traffic? Or if it's a slower road of 45MPH vs. 65MPH? There are factors here that need to be determined. It's IMPORTANT! If this is true, then the trip from KI to CP is 2hrs and 45 mins of cows!!
  9. At lot of schools in the area have Homecoming this weekend. You will still have some but most happened last weekend and this weekend.
  10. What about DIsneyland? You would have the original park, California Adventure and if you wanted a little side trip Knotts.
  11. When I've been to the Haunts it's been hit and miss. One time the rides were empty all night but the Haunt ques were over an hour wait. Other time rides were packed and Haunts were empty. Just keep an eye out as you walk around. Hit the rides you want first then go wait for the Haunts, then come back and get in line for the Beast night ride. IMO, the Haunts are only worth doing once each, nothing too spectacular.
  12. Check the Mason, OH area, like Mason-Montgomery Rd area, there's a bunch of hotels there and it's only 5 minutes down 71 from the park. As far as craft breweries, there's a few in Cincinnati like Rheingiest. Check out on Google.
  13. Other answers.... 1) I think it was the late 90's/early 00's when they closed off the staircase. You could walk up there and look around. I think it had a mix to do with safety concerns and upkeep, plus they use that area for lighting up the tower at night. 2) Yeah, what the other guy said about the left elevator. I think they still run both on some days, might have to do with capacity in the park. 3) They covered up the top some years ago as idiots thought it was fun to throw things over the fence (think basketballs). Even though they warn people, it still happened. So they covered it to block that from happening.
  14. I'm not very familiar with the city, but I do know that we're staying somewhere near the University/Zoo area. Honestly, I would try Uber. The Bus system (go metro) does run to Kings Island from that area, but looks like because of scheduling it would be an hour and a half trip. If I was in that area, I would pick you up and take you, but not gonna be down that way on that day. Or, you might want to find out the exact hotel, and contact them to see if they have a shuttle service. A lot of them do around there to take people to the airport, but they might be able to run you to Kings Island also.
  15. This is what makes Adventure Express so classic!! It's so hilarious the huge build up when all of it use to work, and then you turn into the station. That's the reason everyone loves the ride.
  16. What if the Sears Tower had a drop ride down the side of it? They already have the clear boxes you walk out onto. A drop ride from that height would be heart-stopping!!
  17. So a little late in my post, but went to HW last Thursday. Overall crowds were light. It poured for about the first hour the park was open, but then turned beautiful. Finally got to ride The Voyage and Raven (Legend and Thunderbird were both down). Gotta say, HW is an amazing park. Felt like a small neighborhood park, but was huge with so much to offer. My boys (twin 8-year olds) thouroughly enjoyed the park and provided some great lines on the frog-hopper to which all the parents around laughed (including "this makes my butt feel like I have to poop" and "this makes my weiner feel funny" Such a proud parenting moment!!!!) But honestly, I loved the park!! Everyone was so nice and friendly and I have to say that I was amazed at how hilly the park was. Wasn't expecting that kind of terrain. Voyage was amazing and unrelenting. Maybe it's just me in my old age, but my back did get a workout in the turn around section bouncing back and forth in the seat. The ride never lets up and has so many surprises. Raven was a great coaster!! It's a true example of how you don't have to have a huge hill, 90 degree turns or barrel rolls to have a great coaster. Great use of terrain and trees to provide an amazing experience. The park was clean, a great value and fun for everyone (even though my boys favorite thing was the playground in the kids area) I would definitely go there again. On a side note, on our way back to Dayton, OH we stopped in Columbus, IN at The Commons. Anyone with kids in a 2 hour radius of there really needs to go. They have a play structure that is absolutely amazing and is 1 of 20 in the world.
  18. Looks like a great ride! Amazing how much speed it carries throughout.
  19. First of all, how can you think they don't have room? Look up Kings Island on Google Earth. They own a TON of land!! If you use Great Wolf on one side and Western Row Rd on the other, they own all the land from their parking lot to the river. They probably have the same amount of land they currently use sitting undeveloped behind them that they can use anytime they want. Cedar Point is landlocked and running out of room, but that is not Kings Island's downfall at all, they have tons of room for expansion if they want to. You could see The Beast 2.0 terrorizing riders through a huge circuit back in those woods someday. And what you can't tell from Google Earth is the geography of the terrain, but if you look at it from The Racer or Windseeker, you can see it would be amazing. Timberwolf is rarely used, except like someone else pointed out for Spirit Song weekend. Just way to much competition for acts from Riverbend and PNC Pavillon in Cincy, 2 big arenas and LC Pavillon in Columbus and Fraze in Kettering. Hard to get acts when you have that much competition around you.
  20. It seems that most parks now are going for those one or two moments of a ride where riders say "oh sh*^" instead of just planning a good ride. Like the "high five" moment on the new Colossus, or the way overbanked turns. It might just be me, but when you're flying around at 70 mph, those moments dont seem as intense as designers think they will be. I would rather just have a great overall ride, then have some ride with one or two "crazy" moments. What does everyone else think?
  21. Did anyone else notice the "Fright Lane" option they have? It says: "Fright Lane With Skeleton Key Life is too short. Get to the front of the line and make the most of your night at Halloween Haunt with the Fright Lane Pass, including Skeleton Key, which gets you access to additional rooms in KillMart, Slaughter House, Delta Delta Die, Madame Fatale's Cavern of Terror and Urgent Scare! Don't be caught dead without it!" So you get access to special rooms? For $50 per person. They also still offer Fast Lane for the Haunt hours also. I can say that we went a couple years ago and thought it was the lamest thing. We spent more time going on rides than the Haunts. The Cornstalkers maze wasn't timed right and as you walked through you could see all the "gags" happen in front of you so you knew exactly what was going to happen, there was no suprise. Being from the KI area, if I'm going to spend money on Haunts, I'm going to Land of Illusions.
  22. Very nice report!!! Although I would have to disagree with Iron Dragon being better than Ninja. Dragon is pretty boring, tame and slow. And while Ninja isn't super fast, the track amongst the trees and layout are so much better. But nice report, looking forward to the KI part.
  23. I searched but couldn't find this anywhere, so, it's an interesting article from Mental Floss. Actually seems kind of accurate, unlike a lot of articles that come out. Anyway, a pretty decent read. http://mentalfloss.com/article/58035/10-roller-coasters-changed-america
  24. I'm calling serious BS on this one. Am I the only one that thinks you possibly being arrested is BS? I mean unless you through a big hissy fit like my 5 year old or something and became a public nuisiance? Really, you want us to believe that they said you couldn't ride alone, you said something and they almost called the police? I think that's crap. And guessing by the fact you didn't put your age in your profile, I would say your a new teenager who just wants to complain because you didn't get what you wanted. Anyway, your whole post and attitude is BS, grow up and deal with it.
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