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  1. I did a Google search for the long term plan for cga... thought this was interesting..... there was more but..hmm......
  2. Some news reports.... https://youtu.be/YhH_tCzoGMQ
  3. I LOVE the trains, they look really slick but yet still retain some of that original feel to them.
  4. Retro? OTSR's are not retro! The trains are identicle to the origin ones, and the VR is completely optional. It is NOW more like it originally was, regardless of the VR system. Yes! As you may or may not know dmax, the ride ORIGINALLY had NO OTSR system, it was LAP BARS ONLY. Now, it has returned to that state. How can you not appreciate that one fact, it has been finally returned to it's former glory! Forget the VR, just ride it for what it was and is again. Have you ridden it now that these changes were done or are you just basing this on opinion rather than fact---- I think you NEED
  5. And, get this, rezoning which means the possibility of (more) rides over 200 feet tall!
  6. Yesssss!!!! http://greatamericanthrills.net/2016/03/25/californias-great-america-is-staying-put/ 2074..... no problem!
  7. Revolution does not have kicker motors at all. It originally had drive wheels set to govern the speed entering the loop's entry ramp, but that's it. The wheels you are referring to are not motorized. They release the anti rollback mechanism if the trains stall and try to roll back. Several of Schwarzkopf's coasters have this feature. Sooperdooperlooper, Shock Wave, Revolution, and Whizzer all use this system. SFOG Mindbender used to as well. Ever wonder why the anti rollbacks are silent except on the lifts? That's why. These coasters originally had silent lifts as well but they have all s
  8. Some Business Journal Writers are just too stupid. There is no way Cedar Fair would sell off Great America right now This is why the NFL ruins everything.
  9. It would also be nice for the airport to go away so the park could build taller but......
  10. Dumbass people that move in near an airport then complain about the noise.... idiots
  11. So when does the monorail and parking garage get built? Hmm, #8... it's *********
  12. Super unreliable? Please list example of exactly what you are talking about and compare them to rides from other manufacturers that have never ever had problems. Dick Kinzel stated in an interview with NPR that building Top Thrill Dragster was the worst decision he ever made as CEO. The ride was SBNO for half the summer the first year it was open, major disappointment. Can you imagine the amount of people that were not only upset but also went to guest relations and demanded refunds? Maverick was built the during the season in 2006 and still didn't open with the park the following year.
  13. Super unreliable? Please list example of exactly what you are talking about and compare them to rides from other manufacturers that have never ever had problems.
  14. Perhaps they realized a grizzly conversion is a better investment than a vortex one.
  15. The lead into the loop, I love the anticipation and the speed as it increases, it s just so perfect.
  16. Just how many trees have been cut down around Ninja after the tree incident? I haven't been to the park in a few years, but the trees really added to the ride. Here's to hoping they don't cut down too many around Revolution during the re-do. Nice to get a review from a new SFMM visitor, especially one from so far! Thank you. Revolution is MUCH more of a family-oriented design than Mind Bender. Even with out brakes, there were pauses on all the hilltops. Mind Bender seems hell-bent on getting everything done quickly. The drop brake-overs on Mind Bender are more abrupt, g
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