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  1. I read on Thrillnetwork.com that there are markers all around Zonga and the east side of the park. They wouldn't be replacing it would they? Can someone confirm these markers? http://thrillnetwork.com/boards/showthread.php?t=35956
  2. I was wondering if they were going to do anything for Revolution's 30th anniversary- 30 years and still going. Just get rid of the damn over the shoulder restraints, it ran fine for years without them!.
  3. I would have to say the anticipated new B&M Flyer at Magic Mountain. Judging by what they have done in the past with building record breaking new coasters, this is sure to be no exception. Eventhough building has not even begun yet, nor do I know what the track layout or some of the elements will be, it is really fascinating to watch as it evolves. Soon the building will start, then I will see the layout. My anticpation building. Eventually, the best part of this whole thing happens, I finally get to ride it! Half a year or so will have gone by from the time I first found out about this to actually seeing it in person and taking my first, very exciting ride on it. It's one thing to go to a park and see something new there you didn't know about, but quite another to follow something for so long then see it come to fruition- I think it makes it even more enjoyable.
  4. Thanks for the info. Yes, they are in DESPERATE need of a new coaster.
  5. Does anybody know what, if any, the new attraction for PGA in 2006 will be? It would be nice if it was going to be a big coaster of some sort, they are due for one. I remember reading somewhere (can't remember where) that it's going to be a Scooby Doo dark ride, but there were no details.
  6. I'm about 15 minutes away from Paramount's Great America, go there often but it's nothing like Magic Mountain. It would have been nice if PGA kept Stealth, strange they took out their most popular ride to put in a 'water park.' - But that's the direction they are going I guess. I do really enjoy Magic Mountain, so many great rides I just wish it was closer and according to what everyone is saying they are putting in a new B&M Flyer -that should be really awesome. I can't wait to go there when it is opened. Always wanted to try Flashback but it was never running when I've been there. I believe it's going away soon, what was that ride like?
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