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  1. Yes it is fair to chastise complainers. CHASTISE-CHASTISE-CHASTISE away!!!
  2. This is like the people that move/live next to airports then complain about the noise.
  3. Is it just me or did they never make an official announcement about this?
  4. I would have to say Medusa at SFMW and Scream! at SFMM (tie). Although they are almost a mirror image of each other there are some things that are unique. I like Scream! because of it's fast pace through the entire ride. I like Medusa because of it's rare almost straight first drop, I love that feeling you get going down the hill. Both rides are extremely fun.
  5. Taking into account that the space is a round circle, why not have a modified version of those carnival flat rides that eventually go sideways when they go around faster and faster in a circle of some sort. You could have a large circuit with dips going up and down, and when the cars go sideways, you could add in an extension to the steel pivotal point so the car actually hangs out of the tower. Isn't a "round cirlcle" redundant?
  6. It was mentioned somewhere in the Tatsu thread that while construction was going on with Tatsu, Revolution was going to go through a rehab. Is this true? If so, what are they planning to do? ---- I wish!!! At the very least a new coat of track paint, brilliant white, would be nice.
  7. All that stuff I said about Whizzer was from memory, I think it's pretty accurate. I'd like to be sure I remember it right. Is there someplace I can look this up on the web?
  8. I remember riding Whizzer (at PGA) before and after the seatbelts were installed. If I remember correctly, the seatbelts were a result of an accident in which one train was going up the spiral lift and the drive wheels underneath lost traction. Because there was no anti-rollback device on this ride, this train rolled backwards down the lift back into the station and collided with another train sitting in the station. It happened as the 2nd train was boarding and as a result of the jolt of the collision, someone was knocked out of the train and was killed. The following season seatblets had been installed. There was also another accident in which an incoming train was approaching the station and did not slow down enough, due to the kicker tires mounted in the track that move the trains forward slipping- which collided-bumped actually the train in front of it. Only minor injuries resulted from that. Despite all that, I STILL rode it because it was a fun ride. I believe this is also why "Willard's Whizzer" was changed to "Whizzer," "Willard" did not want to be associated with a ride that had a history of accidents. At least that's what I remember.
  9. In it's prime-(This was scanned off a postcard I got from a recent trip to SFMM)--You can see 2 trains
  10. Take these two coasters-for example, Medusa at SFMW and Scream at SFMM. Very similar designs right down to the trains. So why the different wheels? Medusa has wheels that are extremely quiet. If you are standing next to a section of it's track when it goes by you hardly notice it. Scream, on the other hand, runs its course with its roaring wheels that can be heard far away. What's the difference between the two wheel types? Why not just go with the quieter ones? Is one more durable than the other? Does it make any difference at all other than the noise?
  11. I'll just say this now... WOW! 100 pages discussing this ride and it hasn't even been built yet!! (for the most part) I'm dying to know more, track elements, layout, ride details, etc..
  12. I just had a question about something I noticed, at the top of every hill (nearly) on that ride there are spinning tires, what are these for? Also, I noticed there are trim brakes at the top of the hill before the loop and the section of track just before it goes through the loop after the tunnel and these are on straight piece of track on the sides. But, at the top of the other hills in the middle of the track there are other long things (all the other hill tops have a curve in them, up/down, sideways, etc) are these also brakes? And if so, how do they work? The trim brakes and station brakes grab the brake swords on the sides, but if these things in the middle of the track (these are all curved) are brakes like block brakes, do they grab the train from underneath? What the heck are they?
  13. Aren't there supposed to be failsafes and backup systems to prevent this kind of thing from happening? Disney seems to have had some "bad luck" (maintenance issues) more that once this season with accidents. I don't think I will be going to a Disney park anytime soon.
  14. I was wondering what they were doing with it, hasn't been open in quite some time. I always liked seeing movies on that GIGANTIC screen, would be sorry to see it go. On the other hand, that's a great location for a new ride- right towards the front of the park next to the sky tower. In fact if I'm not mistaken, they could use the area where the Imax is (if they removed it) and the area next to it- formerly the location of the Whizzer for a pretty decent coaster. Anybody remember the Whizzer-or-Willard's Whizzer? (same ride different name).
  15. Nevermind, on the site it says it's a motion simulator so that wouldn't be the one replaceing Zonga.
  16. Clicking on rides and attractions, I noticed something I believe is new- what is "STARGATE 3000?" - Is that something that was added in 2005 or is this the Zonga replacement?
  17. I like the Invertigo's- pretty smooth and quiker loading. But I also like the GIB- can't beat the 90 degree drops. BTW, what is an SLC?
  18. According to EastCoastin07 in a post under the topic 2006 SFMM Coaster, on Thrillnetwork.com, "As crazy as it sounds, there are tons of markers scattered on the east side of Six Flags Marine World...Some staff for the website I work on were at the park one day and supposedly saw one of the memebers of B&M inspecting the Zonga area...This leads to the rumor that Zonga will be removed at the end of the season. I know it's still a rumor, but there are markers and where theres markers theres footers. These things are scattered all over the place on the one side of the park so it wouldn't make sense to say it was a flat ride or buildings for that matter, because a lot of them are in the middle of pathways." They are talking about the SFMM coaster for 2006 but it is clearly stated that there appear to be markers at SFMW.
  19. I read on Thrillnetwork.com that there are markers all around Zonga and the east side of the park. They wouldn't be replacing it would they? Can someone confirm these markers? http://thrillnetwork.com/boards/showthread.php?t=35956
  20. I was wondering if they were going to do anything for Revolution's 30th anniversary- 30 years and still going. Just get rid of the damn over the shoulder restraints, it ran fine for years without them!.
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