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  1. The 2012 West Coast Haunters Convention will be held June 1-3 in Portland Oregon at the DoubleTree Hotel at Lloyd Center. http://www.westcoasthauntersconvention.com The convention is in it's the 3rd year, but it is being held in Portland Oregon. Another first is the convention location, the DoubleTree Hotel and exhibition center. The show was started by Ed Roberts, of The Nightmare Factory, a charity haunt for the Oregon School for the Deaf. They were featured on Extreme Makeover Home Edition. The West Coast Haunters Convention was started because other conventions were to
  2. How I miss going ti IAAPA. So you've been by my buddy Leonard's booth, haunterpenuers. If you get the chance stop in and say hello to the guys at Froggy's Fog, and Dark Lights , and any of my other haunted house pals. Love the up dates you guys, thank you! Ed Roberts, nightmarefactorysalem.cpm westcoasthauntersconvention.com
  3. Really, it's playing on Dutch TV, very cool, is it dubbed over in dutch? WOuld be curious to see that. It's hard to believe it has been a year now since this happened to us. I'll try to post pictures from this years event. We have added another 8,000 square feet to the haunt and re-themed everything.
  4. from this footage http://www.wesh.com/news/26340546/detail.html we can see that inspectors are on the ride itself. There are a few other news casts I have found, they are too lame to post.
  5. I am wrong... The first picture below is taken from the hotel atlantis in Dubai on the Palm Island. facing the water park at the hotel. The following picture is from Ski Dubai http://www.skidubai.com/ How was the view from the top of the Burj Khalif... don't know if I could do that.
  6. Well we have a monorail going over head. and looking at google earth, those tents in the background look simalar to those at the Palms sales office right accross the street from the Hotel Atlantis.
  7. I've been going through over 3,000 pictures from the build, here are a few more. BTW, if you live out this way, west coast that is, you might want to come out to the West Coast Haunters COnvention, being held at the Oregon School for the Deaf in May of next year. The Nighmare Factory will be on on Friday the 13th for a lights off and lights on tour. More can be found at http://www.westcoasthauntersconvention.com/ I will post more pictures and stories of the build over the holiday's.
  8. Here are just a few more pictures of the hautned house. I'll post Dorm Pictures and othr stuff when I can. pre-show entry. looking back at the pre-show staging areas. There are three rows in the room all of them are facing this this guy... next picture. Talking bust... want to know more, and why this guy was the talk of the show. nightfrights.net Ghost bust live deluxe. Fro-zombie. Tis kids dad was one amazing artist that flew in from Spokane, and got to be around for the build. lunch room Zombie Prom
  9. The ABC show Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (EMHE) came to the Oregon School for the Deaf this past September and made over our haunted house, the Nightmare Factory. I started this haunted house funder raiser back in 1987, when I started to work at the school, never in my wildest dreams would I imagine that Ty and his crew would show up at our haunt and do all this for us. Over the years the Nightmare Factory has grown in popularity, but due to it's location in the basement of our boys dorm and the fact that portions of this dorm had been deemed unfit for students due to earthquake issues,
  10. Here are a few more pictures. one of our queue line actors nightmare factory new sign at night!
  11. The Nightmare factory at tha Oregon School for the Deaf received an Extreme Makeover Home Edition makeover this past September. I can only post a few pictures for you now (I am under a photo embargo), but once Halloween passes I can post a full report for you all. Our new sign yep, that's ROb Zombie. He was our guest star. Nice guy.
  12. Yes it's true, the TV show Extreme Makeove Home Edition showed up at the Oregon School for the Deaf on September 6th to re build our school haunted house and build the boys a new dorm (phase one of four phases) What an amazing experinace, I am still pinching myself. See here's the thing though, I was contacted back in May by reps from ABC saying we had been selected and at that point I had to sign non-disclosure aggrements and then keep a secret from everyone on staff, my parents and even my wife for months. The only others on campus that knew were our school's director and our maintenace
  13. If you are not impressed with the idea of this show, hen what might I ask would you like to see instead? Offer up some idea's, albeit too late, but I am curious. This park really did little for me on my first and only visit last April, I founds it to a real travesty. the idea of yet another water base show does seem a bit redundant, true, but seeing that there is this large body of water in the middle of the park...
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