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  1. Is it actually a rumor or is this based on evidence provided by the head stone that says "Kidzville"?
  2. Smell of burning wood and wood shavings.... seized wheel or something was hanging or coming off the train dragging on the track is what I'm thinking or a problem with the track itself somewhere.
  3. They could always flatten out one of those 18 moments of airitme and put a block on it to run more trains... Hmmm, a little deja vu there? ...lol
  4. I'm good. Changing the subject. ...... I can't wait to see pics of the trains when they arrive on site. Those awesome trains on this sexy blue and green track. ... oh my!
  5. So I want to know, how exactly do duel stations fight it out? Is it like a duel with single weapons or do they have DUAL weapons?
  6. That track is so pretty! Ok, so where are the people that will be saying ".... but the wheels are going to hit those bolts on the top of the track".....
  7. I don't know if they would invest a lot of money in the ride if they thought it wasn't going to smooth with floorless trains. Thank you. The people working on this are some of the best coaster designers and engineers in the world. Cedar Point wouldn't throw (presumably) millions of dollars at a coaster if those designers weren't confident that this would make it a better ride experience and those designers wouldn't take on a project that they felt would jeopardize their relationship with a company that's been one of their biggest customers for the last few years. These people know what they're doing... it's their job and they have an excellent reputation. Or they just get lucky a lot ... lol
  8. Ground breaking? Meh, it's just different trains on the same turd with new paint.
  9. ^That's funny and sad too because it kinda makes sense. And to a previous post....... better than nothing..... lol!!!
  10. Maybe they'll listen about Mean Streak next year! Anyway this is excactly what I wanted and I guess I'll have to get one last ride on Mantis. It took them this long to finally do something about something people have been complaining about for a long time? And then you could say... At least they listened and did something about it!
  11. Wow what a difference in the trains there ^, That's pretty neat to see. So would this get brand new trains or would they just convert and part together floorless trains out of the current standup trains?
  12. ...yay for the hotel???? As for the coaster, that's very good and all but... meh, I guess it's ok sure.
  13. I would choose Riddler because it's by far the more forceful of the two, and it can be a little uncomfortable on the feet sometimes with all the G's. Or does it feel more forceful because you are standing instead of sitting..... hmmm
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