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  1. That's too bad you feel that way, I don't feel 'let down' at all, I'm really looking forward to this. It's funny you say it looks amazing then turn right around and totally bash it. And gimmicky, really? ALL coasters are gimmicky in one form or another. This will be a first of it's kind for RMC and FIRST in the US with a high five element and it only has a few inversions and plenty of airtime moments, something original Colossus was lacking, is that so terrible? Sure it could have been longer but you know what.... whatever, it's way better than what is there now. And one more thing, the park is not building this ride for YOU, it's building this ride to generate more traffic in the park so it can make more money. Apparently you don't understand that concept and how ALL themeparks operate- they exist for one thing only, TO MAKE MONEY, NOT just to please you. And I guess you don't understand what RMC coasters are, how amazing they are, which btw is what this will be, and that's just a shame. Hmm, I'm sensing trolling.
  2. Maybe the music is to honor the original Colossus, but it lacks energy and excitement.
  3. If this is a single circuit- single track coaster with two lifts, then please explain to everybody why you would have to wait in line twice? ONE CIRCUIT, ONE TRACK, ONE RIDE, TWO LIFTS! You can wait in line twice if you want but I don't know what ride you think you are going on.
  4. That would be quite impossible. Robb, sorry you had to see a post like that ^.
  5. This will be a nice showpiece, right there in your face at the parking lot! And somebody mentioned if they made the main entrance right there, going through this beast- that would be sweet, not gonna happen but could you imagine going through security right there under the structure as the trains roar by overhead?
  6. It just makes me laugh every time someone complains about how the structure will look, how the elements will feel, etc, before it's even built- BEFORE IT'S EVEN BUILT! It's even funnier when they say they are disappointed. Yes, true, this is MM and after the first season it probably won't duel anymore but I don't care, it's still amazing. It's still going to be a massive structure, with beautiful track and trains, and awesome elements.
  7. Before everybody starts complaining about it I'm just gonna say this looks pretty damn amazing..... just wow!
  8. You're worried about a top 10 ride and it hasn't even been announced yet? People never learn. Yeah pretty lame.
  9. But all this is still, after all, just a rumor. There has been no concrete confirmation of anything, has there? Yeah I'm with you Guy, Twisted Colossus is not a name I would have picked, I don't know, just something about it I don't care for, but whatever. And it is funny how all of a sudden these rumors from a 'reliable source or sources' suddenly appeared.
  10. ^Not something to worry about though. And it should not really be a challenge to them as they know what they would be doing and if they felt the design called for changes like that to improve the ride you can be sure they will have it handled no problem. It may be a challenge in the sense of it's size and the dual tracks, but should not be an issue.
  11. $300? What is this person smoking? I offered 99 cents as that was the minimum.
  12. How a bout a never-been-done-before element such as interlocking vertical loops of both tracks, I mean vertical loops on a woodie that do not cause it to self destruct! That would be a first.
  13. I think with this re do some racing inversions that interlock with each other, maybe like an interlocking high 5 element, would be totally sick!!
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