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  1. Not all inverted supports are made so you pass thru... Could be a section where the track goes next to or over it?
  2. I was surprised to see nobody discussing that tweet today. It's quite exciting. But where in the world would they have room for ANOTHER coaster? Anywhere they want.
  3. If they did that it would be fitting if the ride left the park then returned in a year or two.
  4. What do you mean? It got new trains three years ago? Yeah, why would they need new trains, again, already? These are already lighter than the originals. How light do you want them to be?
  5. When I was there a few weeks ago they were running both sides of Superman and I noticed that the right side (closest to YOLO) consistently did not go as high as the other side which looked like it was hitting the brakes at the top every time.
  6. I'm sorry? You mean LeBron James? Not entirely sure what you mean by that... I guess, I don't know, I don't follow that sport. A bunch of whiny millionaires playing ball indoors. Basketball stars? Just a bunch of nobody people to me. I follow sports where whiney millionaires play ball outside.
  7. They could always give Ninja the 'Gold Striker treatment' then those damn trees wouldn't be such a menace! TAKE THE TUNNEL!!!
  8. I would agree with all three of you. And yeah, where are the tree huggers? Surely they would have popped up by now.
  9. LOL, that's funny! Yep, would not surprise me at all. "Unsafe ride vehicle"... oh brother.... like I said.... stupid California. Need I mention that the 'ride vehicle' was actually very safe in that it did not go crashing to the ground, but obviously that does not matter. If nothing else and as a good gesture the park should pay for the medical bills, maybe give them a season pass or something, but that's it. Whether the park is found negligent or not, they should at least pay the medical bills imo. Great, ok, where is the one that makes them now remove all trees near any ride.... should be coming soon.
  10. There is no reason to remove Ninja because of a freak accident, again, this could happen with ANY coaster with trees around it. I think the interesting thing to see will be if the park gets nailed for 'bad tree maintenance' whether true or not since a tree related incident happened on Revolution recently. I could see officials going nuts over the tree issue.... just because they can, so get ready for more political ridiculousness, because this is California and stupid things happen here.
  11. If B&M decided to do the 4D coaster then they would have to solve the problem of the ride beating the living crap out of you. If they can do that, while providing an amazingly smooth and graceful ride with forces and cool elements, then they are golden. The biggest turn off for me as far as X2 goes is it really does hurt and if you don't 'ride it properly' the head banging alone is extremely painful.
  12. I don't know why but I used to really like Invertigo at CGA, it had a couple of spots where I almost blacked out.
  13. Yes. If a guest comes back from a ride injured (beyond things like head banging) you should (IMO) stop operation to find out why. I completely agree as well. As the saying goes, safety first. And I'm not quite sure, Tmcdllr, what you mean by "every time somebody complains 'like this' because I don't know of any other complaints like this. In my opinion (and I don't see why this is even a debatable issue), someone getting hurt on a ride (as Comeagain stated, outside of something like headbanging) is serious and should be taken seriously by the park. If Disney, Universal, or Knott's received a complaint that someone was hurt from an obstruction on a ride, you bet they're going to shut down the ride immediately. And to the argument that rides would never run if they addressed complaints whether they were made up or not, well look, Ninja can't run AT ALL right now because they didn't look into something they should have. I agree too, safety first, and if there is an obvious injury such as bruising or bleeding then yes, do the inspection now. But I'm sure the parks get guest complaints all the time of alleged 'injuries' on rides with no obvious signs of the injury and in that case, should they then stop the ride and inspect it every time that happens? Maybe it depends on the alleged injury, I don't know, or, does this even happen often enough- real or fake, to even cause a problem? What do you guys think? I'm sure they are many of you that have visited parks more frequently than I have so what is your take on this, have you seen such an incident before?
  14. That's terrible but really what is the park supposed to do... stop a ride every time somebody complains like this? Sure in this case it may have prevented this but if they stopped a ride every time a guest complained about something, made up or not, rides would never run. As far as the rest of her complaint I don't know.
  15. If the track has not been damaged really all they need to do is remove this train. If that's the case it should be back open soon. Oh yeah and the fallen tree. Of course I would think they will be inspecting all the trees along the course before they reopen it.
  16. That guy is a frikin moron and should be banned from the internet. I'm curious to see what his response to your post is if he has any guts.... idiot. And I still don't get why people are so quick to say it's the end of this ride when this was a random act of nature NOT A MECHANICAL DEFECT OR MALFUNCTION IN ANY CASE..... it hit a friggin tree that fell on it.... what do you think would happen? Actually.... nobody knows but what happened today is one possible outcome. I wish people would think more before they knee jerk post about things like this. We don't even know all the facts yet.
  17. The park is definitely still open outside of where all the emerg vehicles are. As the chopper was leaving the scene they zoomed in on other areas of the park, saw trains cycling on other coasters, even the concert was still going on in YOLOPLaza. Stupid pilot..as he was leaving we got this quote "Why couldnt this have happened on a ride more out in the open?" Thank you! Tired of the people spouting this "Ugh that ride was old and rickety this isnt surprising" ignorance. Me too. I'll also say it looks like the park handled this situation very well. I didn't hear any of the ignorance the news chopper pilot was spouting.. I guess it's good I didnt. Dumb tv news people.
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