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  1. How could the park over-hype a ride that wasn't even announced yet? It's not like they said, this is going to be the best thing ever. They gave us clues to figure out the ride, so it wasn't like they were trying to keep us from finding out. They encouraged us to try and figure it out, while remaining very tight lipped at the same time. If anything, we coaster enthusiasts only have are selves to blame for over-hyping anything. We were the ones foaming at the mouth at every journal entry and every word the park said. No matter what a park does to promote a new ride or no matter what exciting new ride design emerges, there are always those that are let down because their expectations are simply just too high. HW did a fantastic job leading up to this, it was fun following along and trying to guess- it got everybody on here talking, and that's the point. You were ALL talking about this ride, whether you knew what it was or not. Mission accomplished for HW. They did what they set out to do, get you all talking about the new ride and introduced (with B&M) a new element to the wing rider, a launch. Complaining or not, you are still going to pay park admission to ride it, and THAT is a win for HW.
  2. I really hope this is complete sarcasm. Like, seriously. It's been less than two hours. And people are already nitpicking the ride and talking about how they'd rather have a flying coaster. If that's how they feel then they should go find a flyer and ride it. This is NOT a flyer and never will be. This IS a great addition to HW. I still haven't been on a wingrider but a launch on one of those seems like it would be really fun.
  3. Considering it's old technology, it's a B&M, and it's 2014... Not saying it's a bad thing though. Maybe this was a way for the park to keep costs down but still have a launched coaster of this type. Good for them.
  4. OMG there's a pickup truck driving around the site on the construction cam!
  5. Unless they changed the program there are two sets of 'magic seats' that get you the most airtime, watch the ride while in line and you'll see which ones they are. I use this trick every time I ride it and 90% of the time I get the air seats. These are the seats that always happen to be at the top of each swing.
  6. From the instagram page.... Dive coaster with inversions... done before. Hyper with inversions... don't think so.
  7. No worries. Reading back over this thread I have to say you have made some really good points. I have no idea what this will be but you have made some observations that make sense out of all the speculation on here. I'm not trying to argue with you (ok maybe a little)... but only in good fun, gotta have some kind of distraction from the constant "what could it be" talking. Seriously though I think out of everybody that has posted I'm going to follow along with what you have mentioned because it just makes the most sense. Is it a B&M launched flyer? Maybe.... maybe not..... who knows! But one thing is for sure.... whatever it is, it's going to be good!
  8. So for sure but not for sure, uh huh. Not dismissing anything, did I say I was? No I didn't.
  9. Solid evidence that this could be..... so that's not 100% sure then.
  10. Wonder no more... I'm guessing no different than this... That looks like a brake run.
  11. But what if they do? What if they want something new and unique, something nobody else has done even if it's a prototype?
  12. A wing coaster with a splash? Meh, not impressed. Gotta be something more "first-of-its-kind" than a splash. Launched flyer would be a first.
  13. Yeah I see that. The bigger/more innovative you go the more the chance for something to go wrong increases especially in prototypes or new designs. I get your point.
  14. Launch technology, no matter who or where it's from, is more expensive than a chain lift. Not only do you have the components that make up the launch but you also have a ton of wiring and need a sophisticated computer, more cost, to control it.
  15. A few weeks ago, I started timing each post to publish about 20 minutes later than the day before. So try not to fret ... it's all part of my evil plan. So is that a clue in itself?
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