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  1. Al I have to say is this thing looks SICK! Wow, just the structure alone is amazing.
  2. Yes it does but not under the corks, just near them. It's actually a pathway that's part of the exit.
  3. Yeah I mean really, it's not even done yet so I don't understand why people are disappointed about the station. Have a little patience and wait until it's complete. But I mean come on, look at the incredible coaster you are getting!
  4. I think that's the best idea I have read so far. Colossus Classic..... I-Carly.....
  5. This is already becoming a really bad joke. The solution is simple, Prudential can just move.
  6. You write very well for a person whose head has exploded at one time or another. Generally you don't get this kind of quality post from a blown up head person. -and- Looks like this poor sign needs some routine annual maintenance.
  7. Okay, so let me get this straight: You think that SFDK shouldn't have the animals, but it is okay for a zoo to have them? You do realize that doesn't change anything. Do some research on how these animals are actually treated besides watching these biased documentaries. Moreover, the bill for Orcas in California did not get passed and has no chance to get passed for at least another year. Also, the idea that you want to replace some exhibits with more exhibits with smaller animals is just kind or crazy. Just because an animal is bigger or smaller does not have any indication on its intelligence level. Finally, why should the dolphins not have to perform, but other animals that know some tricks perform? That doesn't make sense. These animals were never meant to be in captivity, but it happened a long time ago and we have to make the best of it. The idea that you can release these animals back into the wild is ridiculous. Not to mention the jobs lost due to decreased revenue. Get rid of the Dolphins and Elephants and big animals but it's ok to have CAPTIVE trained birds and small animals...lol
  8. Yahahahah! I get it! It's a penis joke! You teenagers with your crazy high brow humor! It took me awhile, but when I did... ...BAM! Classic! Guy "Dude! I'm 47 and I wood have done the same thing." Koepp See what I did there. ^Penis Joke!=Hilarity! Guy if you ever left this site I would be sad. I love your humor!
  9. I don't know the cost but the Avatar is literally right across the street from CGA, and there's an IHOP too! Ask for Jenniffer, she will give you excellent service.
  10. Well with everybody bailing then it should have been a great day for coasters with short lines
  11. No actually you explained that well, it makes perfect sense to me.
  12. Projects are planned years in advance. If/when it happens, I have no doubt it has been in the works for the last 2-3 years. Which is the perfect excuse to justify keeping one side down to re-allocate that budget elsewhere. I'm going with this, it just makes a lot of sense. Why spend the budget on something you are going to 'change' anyway?
  13. I like that idea, I would be interested to see that. I have always wondered what is involved with a train rebuild. I think it would be neat to see a time lapse of one.
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