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  1. Why did they do that anyways? Too intense? Did the park ever say that? The best answer for that is.... because it's SFMM.
  2. SFMM does not belong in any poll that is about THEME parks.
  3. Well I'm still not convinced it's the chain, not saying it's not possible, but I guess it would just be a bad coincidence.
  4. Maybe a disgruntled office worker came over and sabotaged the chain...haha. I doubt it but that would be kind of sick. Those weren't "unconfirmed reports" that was just a random uneducated guess. It is definitely not a control/software issue and almost certainly not an electrical issue of any kind, and that isn't a guess. But how do you know? Nothing has been confirmed yet.
  5. Well previously in this thread there were unconfirmed reports that there were computer problems, maybe related maybe not. Yeah I am interested to find out what really happened too.
  6. Screamscape says: Broken lift chain, having to order then install a new one, that would take a few weeks.
  7. That is unusual- broken lift chain not even 2 years old. Hmm, that's a real HEFTY chain, and it broke? Wow.
  8. Basically it's a coaster park. That should tell you a lot right there.
  9. Based on the observations of the previous posters visiting the park, something you should have been paying attention to, the ride has been experiencing a high number of down times lately which makes it way more likely it's an issue with the ride itself and not because of decibel readings.
  10. Well, personally, I would get rid of Grizzly and put a nice Blitz coaster there. I think RMC treatments should be for larger, better coasters. I understand what you mean but I just don't think it would be worth it.
  11. Iron Grizzly? Why waste the money when you could tear it down and build something way better on that footprint.
  12. They should make everybody happy and just burn Grizzly to the ground.
  13. EVERY coaster has a gimmick in one form or another therefore every coaster is gimmicky. That's fine, as long as it's fun.
  14. I'm curious to know how traffic was with the game at the stadium the other night, tried to drive by it at 3 am and the road was still closed. They still had the lights on and it was overcast so tons of light pollution... but it looked cool.
  15. Just for the record Maverick does have inversions, so it's a Megalite with inversions.
  16. Go to SFMM. Then, you'll see the quality of CGA. Honestly, I have seen some very noticeable improvements to the park as a whole in the last few years. The park does deserve a great coaster and it got one: Gold Striker.
  17. We have so many coasters that "do a bunch of things quickly" (including speed hills). Revolution is an old design from a different time. Different things are cool. I may (or may not) be in the minority on this, but you will never ever convince me that changing Revolutions track profile (other than a minor tweak to the loop entrance/exit) is a good idea. What is there is pure genius; it's a work of art. I could nearly say the same thing for Mind Bender and Whizzer... just my 2 cents though. Maybe they can redo some of the old Arrows (envision a Phantoms Revenge-ish remake of Viper! Now that sounds good!) Cannot agree more! And, you cannot reprofile Revolution while keeping it's original design because that is changing the original design. Appreciate it for the masterful way it was designed, swooping dives and turns, graceful hills, and an awesome loop. Just give it new trains, remove the trims, and this time PAINT THE ENTIRE RIDE and not just part of it!
  18. I know that. I was pointing out the drive tires before the loop, those are gone now.
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