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  1. Exactly! I don't think these people get it. Sure, Colossus may be sentimental to them but look at the state it's in now. Really there are only 2 things that can be done, tear it completely down or improve it. Personally I like the improve it idea better. And who knows, maybe just maybe, these same people will love the new ride even better. But it looks like they don't want a huge, brand new, top of the line, insane looking very attractive coaster, they just want to keep the crap that is Colossus now. Yeah, I love Colossus too, I have great memories riding it as a child. But it's time for this change, time for it to evolve into something new and spectacular, something that will bring the crowds back to it..... it's time.... NOW! Doesn't make sense. Or maybe they are just attention whores.
  2. They already did that and obviously this park cannot maintain a coaster with two tracks, both of them working all the time.
  3. It's the last hoorah for Colossus, a time to celebrate this ride and it's history. There's no reason to bring up that incident at all. It's so stupid. They mention the death then later tell you to come ride it for the last time. Sometimes I really hate the news media..... trolls!
  4. Stupid news story, "hey it's last call for this ride oh and by the way just after it opened someone was killed", really, did they really need to mention that?
  5. What is going on in this park, the swing accident, Maverick stalls before the station, Raptor, Mantis, Gatekeeper.... Or are these just common events that happen to be talked about on here? Well, not the accident of course.
  6. where was that? Look under in this issue in the red box.... (posted by jtaudioacc)
  7. I thought that had to do with haunt. They are doing renovations to CGA's Pavilion and adding a seperate entrance for it. Other than that, there is absolutely no rumors about next year's addition other than people blantantly making stuff up. I wouldn't expect much anyways. That's right, now I remember.
  8. I agree with this. Hard to believe about the chain but completely understand the possibility of a defective part of the chain, nothing is always perfect and sometimes these things happen. Sometimes right away and sometimes not for.... some time. Defective chain and I too think they may have caught a problem and decided to shut the ride down to avoid a catastrophic failure. I mean, nobody has said they saw anywhere the lift chain slack, hanging, or in pieces and I would think if it actually broke apart you might at least see a little of that, unless they were very quick to get it out of there, which would not surprise me because they have a very good maintenance staff at this park.
  9. I would be surprised if even just one GCI had trims. That is one company/coaster I never consider having trims- but parks do whatever they want. It's like 'GCI' and 'trim brakes' just don't belong together.
  10. Yeah trims would ruin this ride for me too. Hard to believe the lift chain broke yes, but, it's not impossible. So the speculation so far is they are waiting for a part, but, what could that be?
  11. Ok so explain exactly what the theming is, how it ties to that area, and what makes it themed to a Griffon. um...well he just did. Thats what his whole post you just quoted was about. Im not sure how you missed that. However I dont really see the big deal either way. Cedar Point isnt a theme park. Its about the rides. If people dont know the true Gatekeeper theme, I dont think its a huge deal...it doesnt really significantly affect the ride experience in any way. um...well... I didn't miss anything. He said he didn't understand why people don't get the theme so I wanted HIM to explain what it is, which he did. Since he explained basically what it is in a clear way, that says that the theme is not difficult to understand, which is what I was going for, supporting what he said. Do you understand that?
  12. Ok so explain exactly what the theming is, how it ties to that area, and what makes it themed to a Griffon.
  13. Really, trim brakes? What makes you think they would do that? There is no reason to put trims on this ride and besides that I really don't think you could easily as it's so twisty. I think it's pretty safe to say this ride will never have trim brakes.
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