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  1. So is it better to refurbish a coaster and make it mediocre than do a complete transformation and make it absolutely amazing?
  2. Really, you are surprised about that? Saw that coming a mile away. And also suing on what grounds, that their idiot family member ignored posted warning signs and a fence to enter an obviously dangerous and restricted area? Only in america.
  3. I'm not saying they should break the bank but obviously a larger maintenance budget would help whether that is for parts or staff or whatever. They have soooo many coasters I really hope they increase the maintenance budget to keep them in good condition.
  4. Disney is open 365 days per year yet excels in ride maintenance and their parks are spotless because they do not accept anything less than excellence. Six Flags is closed about 140 days per year. They do not need more days off. They need better management and more staff. Disney also budgets more for these things. If you nickel and dime everything you get.... Six Flags.
  5. Yeah I was gonna say 1 does look like a pop up brake and 2 just looks like a guide into the lsm.
  6. Are they? I doubt it. Most of the gp will flock to the park to ride the "new" ride.... they don't care otherwise.
  7. Well then the obvious solution is don't bring your phone on the ride.
  8. Seems to me to line up with everything else we've heard. Almost like they are trying to keep it fresh in the mind of the gp "for some reason"....
  9. So what's going on with the Goliath lift chain fiasco, is it still down?
  10. I can usually do all the rides in August if I go on a tues, wed, or thurs. Any other day and forget it, it's just too busy. This is usually good enough to get there early, do a bunch of rides and maybe leave for a lunch break for an hour or two, then come back and do the rest with repeats of some sometimes. At this point I like to stay until closing time. So a typical day for me here is about 10 or 11am to closing with a lunch break.
  11. I agree Robb, there is just no excuse for that one. They could have easily used a frame from media day. It's like they just phoned this one in.
  12. Well...... what park is this again? Maybe if they really cared about the job, were better motivated by park management, or had some incentive instead of just getting paid to hang around and push buttons the dispatches would be better.
  13. The most important thing about X2 I found when riding it is keep your head against the headrest at all times. If you don't you will get the crap beat out of you especially on the last element.
  14. Why is this obvious, is there really no more room for a ride such as this? How do you know this for sure? Do you just assume the park must do that and they would not be able to figure out how to get a big ride like that in there anywhere? Please.... let's NOT go down the "park is out of room" road....again!
  15. I could see there may be a slight difference in how it runs on a hot sunny day versus a cool cloudy day, but is it really that much to notice? And since the ride already hauls ass as you guys have said..... does it even matter? It still sounds like it would be a kick ass ride even if it was sluggish.
  16. It's a very interesting question. Is the "new ride" actually running slower or is the rider perceiving additional rides they are taking are not as fast as their very first ride because they have never ridden it before so they have nothing to compare it to? So many possible variables here too, I guess the only way to know for sure would be to actually measure the speed but what if.... what if there was no difference at all in speed yet the rider still feels it is running slower? ...fascinating.
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