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  1. Tim B. said it was the forces the ride put on riders was the reason they are there now and will stay. Always something.
  2. ^Thank you for that, I did miss it. Darn, that's a dissappointment. I was really hoping they would take those off. I wonder what the reason for keeping them is, my guess, is the age of it and stress to the structure? Damn, that sucks but at least it will be a more comfortable and enjoyable ride, I'll still go on it.
  3. Someone mentioned it a few pages back from WCB :/ What? Wait, mentioned where exactly? I don't remember seeing that.
  4. Please, Robb, would you be so kind as to give your thoughts regarding the two previous posts? I think it might be needed.
  5. Consider yourself lucky then. I think that my brain still hasn't quite recovered from a lot of the posts that have been made since the rumors began circulating about Valravn all the way through the Raptor incident and the official announcement of Valravn. It's possible that mental scars could have been left. At times, I had to hit the back button & pinch myself to make sure that I wasn't trapped inside the Darien Lake thread. I hear ya. Add the "Griffin awkward spray thing" to the list now.
  6. So when I check in on this thread I'm usually 4-6 pages behind, which is a good thing because there's usually lots of stupid bullshit I don't need to read.
  7. If they are trying to stay budget concious then probably not but, you never know. Maybe they won't plop one down at every park but, they might pick one or two locations and put one there.... at this point who's to say what they will do.
  8. Correct, what I meant was there is indeed a law preventing them from removing them after they have been added, which is why it was half true. Oh man, I'm so happy it's not a Larson loop, although I don't know if we'll be so lucky in 2017. That's not true either. All they ALWAYS needed to do was essentially tell the state "hey, come check out this modification we made. Here's the proper paperwork" and then have them approve it. So..... they just didn't want to make the effort before?
  9. Exactly. The layout as it stands would need to be seriously altered by RMC to make it thrilling. It did gain some rough spots over the years, mostly at the bases of its drops, which have been re-tracked and smoothed out. If they're going to put in a new coaster, they could really use the land Grizzly sits on but I dont see that happening at all. I think that's really what kills it. It's just a ho hum layout. Some drops, some turns, some boring long runs..... yawn.
  10. As awesome as an RMC conversion would be on this ride why bother, it would be like trying to polish a turd. If they do anything to Grizzly it should be burn it to the ground and start over with a ride that is actually good. Yeah flame me if you want I don't care. Maybe it would help if the dispatch times weren't so incredibly long... maybe not. I used to run panel on Grizzly and used to enjoy it back in the day so yes, I do have fond memories of it but let's be real..... it just sucks. Right now, to me, it's just a space filler.
  11. Couldn't agree more. I'm much closer to SFDK who is the lucky recipient of a brand new RMC, and I'm still more excited about Revolution which is pretty crazy. I've just been waiting for years for this to happen to Revolution. I also read last night from a site who's information is always reliable (but shall remain unnamed per this site's wishes) that the new cars are definitely not being built by Gerstlauer or Premier - in fact SFMM is actually building the new cars in house. They're going to take the original Schwarzkopf car plans to a metal fabricator and having all the parts built individually from scratch, and then will assemble them just as they would during rehab. Not only is this cheaper than hiring an outside manufacturer to design and manufacture new trains, but reportedly these new trains won't have to go through the time consuming testing and certification of a brand new train design since they've already gone through it. Wow, that's sounds really cool!
  12. Back in the day it had chasing lights on the loop. I'd imagine they are bringing that feature back but using current led technology, so it should look really cool.
  13. Too bad the updated movie didn't film until this was complete and used it in the movie. How cool would that be!
  14. This has got to be the most anticipated/hoped for transformation in the last decade.
  15. It actually should be the world's first modern steel vertical looping coaster. The article says Revolution will close Monday to begin work on this.
  16. That's not completely new trains as the announcement stated. It NEEDS new trains. Imagine running the course with no slop or backlash whipping jolts, you just hug the track and take the dives and turns a lot smoother. That would be nice again. If they are Gerst trains this should end up really good. Interesting but I think you saw it here..... www.latimes.com/travel/themeparks/la-trb-revolution-six-flags-magic-mountain-20150903-story.html Now because this was written for a newspaper it means one of two things... 1. They are in fact keeping the chassis of the trains and rebuilding/fefurbishing them 2. Because of who wrote this the writer has no clue or does not know how to properly explain the trains are completely new and refers to the track itself as being the chassis Either way, I'm very happy they are doing anything with the trains and at the very least the awful OTSRS will once and for all be gone.
  17. YESSSS..... FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^From the sfmm site I like!!! So, who are these trains coming from.... I think it would be fitting if it was Intamin, but judging from the pic I don't think so. Can't wait to find out. And, does this mean the trims will finally go away?
  18. You should probably try READING the forum before you post: http://themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=1626731#p1626731 One week ban for not bothering to pay attention. Lol!!!
  19. 1) Get a fudging pair of glasses. That is totally readable. 2) If your far enough away you can't read it, your to far to hop the fence... Great work their Sherlock. Let's see, where to begin? Two layers of fences, multiple posted warning signs stating "Warning, Restricted Area DO NOT ENTER" , and a high-speed & highly visible & loud train with screaming riders. You decide to ignore these hazards & hop the fences, ignore the warning signs, to retrieve something that you had no reason bringing on the ride (which is also posted numerous times). You then, by the park's "negligence", get struck by said ride and are killed. The park is somehow to blame due to you being to far from view to read a sign, which should of been clearly visible if you were close enough to hop the two fences. That is her argument. Exactly.
  20. It's called being a hipster. I guess something that is "meh" is way better than something crazy and amazing and fun.
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