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  1. I am. I was actually sent an invitation in the mail with this promo image - Came back from a long vacation from the forums to this picture. I'm reminded why I love TPR. -Andrew
  2. 9 SIGNATURES!!! Holy cow this petition is picking up steam boys. -Andrew
  3. Here it comes! Or SFMM could surprise us all and just tear it down for an Aquatrax. -Andrew
  4. Sushi as well. That, oddly enough, is quite good from what I hear because it is made fresh by an outside vendor and NOT SFMM's food department. Hmm--I guess it beats "gas-station sushi." So the sushi is better than nothing?....Ok I'll show myself out. But to me the BBQ place was the best food option at SFMM even though it was overpriced. -Cookie
  5. Agreed. I don't go to a six flags park to ride the building. I go for the ride... Come on guys we need to be nice to the certified Roofing Enthusiasts. This is a big deal to them.
  6. Is this the death of the backwards launch for YOLO some of us predicted way back when?
  7. It seems like we complain about one thing, like Tatsu's station or S:EFK and FT running 1 train, and they fix it for a couple days then go right back to what they were doing. lol -Cookie
  8. I went to the park yesterday and FT had a 2 hour wait all day except for a period where it broke down for a reason I still don't know. I entered the line when it reopened and got 3/4 of the way up the ramp leading to the station and it still took 35 minutes to get on the ride. So I believe 2 trains makes a huge difference. -Cookie
  9. Look at it this way, one train on Riddler, It's better than nothing. -Cookie
  10. ^I forget which thread I saw it in, whether it's this one or the SFGAdv Thread, but they say that the train went missing from there and they saw it was back here at Magic Mountain. -Cookie
  11. Was thinking of heading to the park Tuesday the 30th because I'm in the mood for a "Better than nothing day" but what has Full Throttle's lines been like this summer? -Cookie
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