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  1. ^It was a joke. Calm down. Or is making fun of Robb somehow illegal? I know that you guys put a lot of effort into planning the trips. Just from looking at this trip, it does seem jumpy, but now I see why.
  2. ^Ok. I will. I didn't know the timeline, and from the looks of it, Robb did a fairly good job of tossing you all over the state fairly randomly
  3. I'm just curious where everyone is getting their info from. Are they really making that much speculation off the vid? Because that doesn't show how bad the damage is. What if the cable ran along the bottom and tore up the undersides? What if that seat moving was an indication of that? But again, I'd love to see how people fully know this is purely cosmetic damage. Nobody knows what shape that train is in right now, not even the ROs who work on tht ride.
  4. So, after really thinking about the trains, I too can see the OTSRs coming. I've heard the entire Red train has been pretty well destroyed. There might be a chance of rehabbing, but I'm talking replacement. If Red train has to be reaplced, it would be a considerable penny for Intamin to build another Rocket coaster with lapbars, for that would mean having to dig up the old plans, or completely redesign the lapbar system again. Essentailly, they'd be building a totally custom train for KBF. Big bucks. On the other hand, they build us the OTSR trains, the overall cost for one would be less, then again, how weird would it look to have one train with OTSRs and one with lapbars? Plus, that'd be two different procedures the ark would have to worry about for a single ride.
  5. When did you guys get out to Knott's? I thought somebody said it was after CGA.
  6. I cannot provide an answer for the glasses thing, but I have my speculation. I work at Pony Express, and so know the "no glasses period" policy. Honestly, I know there's no reason that glasses would naturally fly off. But I believe that rule is mainly for the 20% of the GP who truly are stupid enough to (a) lose their glasses on the ride and then (b) jump into a restricted area to get them. It's a weird policy, and it sucks to have to follow it, but hey, it's part of our jobs. Hell, we aren't the only one with a weird policy (thinking of Thorpe Park's no arms-raised policy). Back on subject And the news reports for the most part have all their "facts" wrong. I know. That statement is mainly to take blame off me for saying anything. I talk about this as an enthusiast looking at it, but I am under the NDA, and so cannot actually anything from the park's stand point
  7. ^Yep, Xcel will almost certainly be down all of Haunt,m which is slightly ironic since maintenance kept claiming they'd have her back to full operation by the Haunt. I'm very curious as to the details of this accident. Even in the park, no one can say a word. And no, I don't know anymore than what the news reports are saying.
  8. ^Well kiddo, tell that to the animatronics 50 years ago. They didn't look this bad. And I'm not talking huge makeover, just clean them up. I drive through that mountain everyday, and the decay shows
  9. Is that where Calico Mine Ride's black lit caverns get their inspiration from? Cause I thought them stalagtites and stalagmites always looked all multicolored
  10. ^The scenes and stuff should remain the same, but I think the actual animatronics should receive and upgrade simply so they don't look 50 years old. Cause yes ladies and gentlemen, Mine Ride will be 50 years old next year. And it shows
  11. That's so true, but sadly, the height requirement is huge for Pony. Due to how the restraints operate, it is continually pressing you into the seat. Many know that you can easily staple yourself on that ride just by simply breathing in. Anyways, Most people under that height requirement don't have the strength in their chest to hold the backbar up. It could literally suffocate them. But oh yeah, a bit more length would have been nice
  12. Ahhh, I didn't think about replacing Boomerang. Also, since it is on the backside of the mine-ride, if they built a new coaster there, they could maybe have it go INSIDE the mine-ride on some parts. That would make for a VERY exhilirating ride! Ingenius!!! That will never happen. Honestly doesn't even sound that fun though. I'd like to see the park take out Wave Swinger and replace it with a Starflier, and put some more flat rides back in.
  13. I'm not if it was him, but someone from the family walked a rope from Boomerang up to Skytower at Knott's earlier this year. I missed it But this must be crazy to even watch.
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