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  1. Japan doesn't. No. Four million *worldwide* before the end of the year, not North America. I don't even think they were available on day 1. Has anyone seen any since launch?
  2. I worked 10 hours today...so I got nothing.
  3. From what I heard, the Target near me got another 12 in for today, while the Circuit City had none. No idea if EB got any, though.
  4. ^ Hopefully you are early enough. I drove buy some places around here, and there were people lining up as early as Wednesday night to get their hands on whatever was having some crazy deal (plus the Wii and PS3 ). The Best Buy easily had 200 people in line, and that was two hours ago. Both Circuit City's had lines that wrapped around the buildings. That's nuts.
  5. I have the Call of Duty soundtrack and listen to it all the time. Any of the Zelda tunes are classic, and I hope I can get my hands on the soundtrack for Twilight Princess.
  6. I can't shop, I have to work at BJ's (for those of you that don't know, it's a wholesale club). What fun that will be.
  7. Holy crap...30 PS3's? Are you sure? That number seems kind of...out there.
  8. Your best best will be this Thursday or Friday...that's when the second shipments come in.
  9. Remember you are talking to a Floridian here...never lived anywhere else but here.
  10. Never posted it here...so now it's time I do. Ahh so finally the biggest day of the year arrived for me, Wii launch day. Let me say right here, that if I didn't get a system I would have pretty much not wanted to live. It was an eventful night, sort of. Nerd talk up the ass, like every where. People bringing laptops playing some Battlefield 2142 and WoW, people (me included) playing some Super Smash Bros and Madden, talking about random shit all through the morning hours and not one bit of sleep. Great night. Had a couple drive-bys of people throwing water balloons, but a couple good kicks to the fender and they never came back for the rest of the night. Anywho... Quick snap at the front of the line at around 11pm (I got there at 8pm). More Wii line...and a tent. Yay hard cement ground that no one can sleep on! Yep I was a bit cold in the 40 degree weather... The back end of the Wii line...missing the last 25 people or so that eventually showed up (and most got turned down). We survived the dangerous cold through the night... Almost there! I can smell the Wii's... I made it home to play with my Wii. Actually in here I am just suring the menu's... I am broke(ish) so I was unable to buy and games, so I got "stuck" with Wii Sports which is a pack-in game with the system that has five different sports available to play - and each really show off just *some* of the features of the unique controller. So far I must say I am impressed with what Nintendo has done. The menu's are easy to navigate and are no pain at all, the controller feels nice and comfortable (after batteries are placed in it). No problems with losing the cursor or any of that sort of stuff. Good job Nintendo (so far)! :good:
  11. Game of the year. Until Zelda comes out, of course.
  12. Don't get the steering wheel. That is such a waste of money.
  13. So I couldn't wait anymore to play it so I went ahead and bought it. Holy freakin' crap. Awesome. Best looking game on a console yet, the action is fast and intense. I bought the Collectors Edition, so I can't wait to see all the extra goodies I got as well.
  14. I *really* want this game. The only game I am more looking forward to than Gears of War that was coming this holiday is Zelda. But, I am going to be buying Elite Beat Agents for the DS first, then comes Gears of War. And of course, all of this comes after I get the Wii and Zelda. So it's going to be a while, unfortunatly.
  15. Maybe Nintendo has changed it since, but I read on IGN as well (Matt C's blog I think) that the cord is only three feet. But, again, maybe Nintendo has increased that since.
  16. Wow, I didn't know a trailer was out already. Definatly looking forward to it.
  17. I am doing a campout at my local Target, where it seems they will have 60 units ready. Hope that is true.
  18. Saw Borat tonight. Funniest movie since 40 Year Old Virgin. Go see it. And The Departed. It's been a week since I saw that and I am still figuring things out.
  19. I am looking forward to Halo Wars a lot more than Halo 3. Halo started out as a RTS, and I think it's better suited for it. Controls can work on a console, just look at BFMEII. The only reason that works though is because one controllable unit actually has many different guys under control. If it's just one character per unit, than you need precision which you can't get with a joystick on the controller.
  20. Viper at SFGAm. I thought it was just going to be a crappy Cyclone clone, but it turned out to be a great ride.
  21. I didn't see any Jack Daniels. It's not a party without JD.
  22. Surprisingly, that was a good book. When I read it a few years back, I thought it'd be crap...I mean, what book you read in English class is good? But it turned out to be decent.
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