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Knoebels Discussion Thread

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Interesting, while over at my friend's house he mentioned that he thought Knoebel's would use the hillside where the chair lift is for something, and sure enough I look on Screamscape and see this rumor.


Considering unless they tear down some existing buildings, relocate rides, or build into the camp site more, the hill would be the only logical area to build a coaster.

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I would LOVE for that to happen, I just don't know how likely it is considering we don't even know if they have permission to build there. Plus, they said they traveled all summer to find "it" (the new ride), and they wouldn't have to travel that far to find a GCI woodie. Given the info we have I just wouldn't get my hopes up.

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As much as I would love a terrain hugging RMC coaster, when was the last time Knoebels built a coaster that wasn't based on a ride from the past or relocated?


We very well may see all that change. You never know! I mean what three states would they be calling about a recreation?


Just sayin...

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Knoebels has dropped another teaser.


This was left behind after a project meeting but it's too blurry to figure out what it is.




The image appears to be of the control panel of the Sklooosh, it looks like there are black markers at several positions - the station, transfer table, top of the lift, bottom of the drop and under the splash bridge.


...Mack water coaster?

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