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How did you get your screen name?


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Long time ago when I created this s/n, which is my email, AIM user, and most of my forum user names... Inverted coasters were (and still are) my favorite type of coaster, with Talon being my favorite at the time. So I did a hybrid with both names.


Invert-Talon... Invertalon... Easy enough



Talon is no longer my favorite invert though... But still a great ride.

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Austin is my middle name and Lee is the middle name of my mother who recently passed away. She used to enjoy listening to me tell her about all my park visits, even though she didn't ride herself, and my screen name is meant to be a small tribute to that, without using too much real personal information.

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Well I love Jammie Dodgers (but I don't like the "ie" at the end) and one of my favourite posts on lamebook.com is when people say they are bored but they spell it b.o.a.r.d and usually one of their mates comments and says "what kind, a 2 by 4?" Which made me burst out laughing. So that's where Jammy2by4 comes from.

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I had been on TPR long before I created my account, but when I decided to finally make my account at the enlightening age of 16, I was clueless as to what to make my screen name. Before, all of my other web accounts had names that were beginning to wear out in terms of accuracy (mostly including "kid" and whatnot when i am growing up), so I wanted something that would last. At the time, I was an attendant at Six Flags, and I loved my job. I thought that I was going to be working there for a long time....I haven't worked there since 2010...

Needless to say, I don't think creating a new account just to change my illy-chosen screen name is practical, so it's here to stay. And now I actually take time to think about a decent screen name rather than choose the first thing that pops into my head.

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I've had a long history of having screen names/e-mails that I tired of. This one I came up with through trial-and-error of changing e-mails around until I found one I liked. I put a lot of thought into this:


rawkin : my favorite band of all time spells "rock" like "rawk" in their lyrics and sometimes calls their fans "rawkers".

ALLCAPS of the above: I think I did that to have a more noticeable screen name, this would be the only thing I'd probably change if I could.

underscore: It's the best way to separate words in a username, and I don't usually like the ones with several words run together.

coaster: obvious reasons

38: 3 and 8 are two of my three favorite numbers. I could give an explanation about why they're my favorite numbers, but that's beside the point.

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