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How did you get your screen name?


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The first three letters come from a nickname of my first name, and -conda just flows with it. I'm no snake enthusiast, though. And the zero is there just to annoy everyone Well no. It's there to ensure no-one has the same nick.


Here in Finland I have the same nick in the forums but in real life I prefer people calling me just Ana (it's a male's name here).

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damx is the name of the factory I work at. I build the Duramax diesel engine that goes into GM heavy duty trucks.


sba is the line I work on in the factory, Shot Block "A". I am at the very beginning of the line where the raw block comes from the machine floor and is put on the line for the rest of the factory. I install the oil jets for the pistons, the crank barrings, the crank, crank caps, cam shaft and timing gear, block heater, cam plate and the bar code sticker that tells everyone else what kind of engine they need to build. We have 4 different versions.


2408 in my clock number.

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My real name is Antti, shortened as Ana. (Please do not confuse it for a female name.) Thus Anaconda. Still, I have never ridden a coaster called Anaconda and I'm not too fond of snakes. And I figured someone might have the same screen name, so I changed the o to a zero. It's not there to annoy people, it's there to ensure I get the screen name I want.

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