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  1. 1. Taiga 2. Helix 3. Skyrush 4. Expedition GeForce 5. Kärnan 6. iSpeed 7. Junker 8. Flug der Dämonen 9. Taron 10. Wildfire (Kolmården)
  2. I rode Taiga today. It is now my #1. In the backrow, every airtime is ejector, and every element is more intense than previous one, yet it remains smooth and very enjoyable (e.g. almost no lats). Theming is also very highly detailed, and the queue is very nice. I can't wait to ride it again! They really knocked it out of the park with this one.
  3. Alpina Blitz became my #160 and landed on number 12 on my top-list!
  4. I went to season opening, took some pictures and a very lucky video: Imgur album link
  5. Wow they are definitely not wasting any time on the construction! Did no expect to see the building frame already going up. Thanks for the pictures!
  6. Trackwork is done! Walked by to take a peek and it's looking mighty gorgeous
  7. I highly highly recommend visiting late summer or autumn, because the park has a lot of beautiful lighting and they stay open late (11PM) which means towards the end of the season the sun sets hours before park closure! I have usually visited in August-October and have been lucky so far as temperatures haven't been too bad (= bring a hoodie).
  8. Helix Kärnan Junker Fluch von Novgorod Winjas Force Mr. Freeze Reverse Blast @SFOT Tennessee Tornado Mystery Mine Dwervelwind Lisebergbanan Hmm... still looks like a solid top-10 to me If one would remove Mack and/or Gerstlauer, then this would really become a challenge!
  9. Went by the park today to catch progress (and it's coming up very nicely!):
  10. We have vertical construction! End brakes, maintenance, track switch, station and first launch already have track and supports, and more pieces are going up daily: This thing already has impressive height thanks to terrain, and to think that the Immelmann will prob be even higher than that yellow wall it's facing Pictures really don't do any justice. Taiga will be a beast!
  11. First pieces of track and supports have arrived! A crane has also been erected.
  12. Update after SFOT and Hershey: 1. Helix 2. Skyrush 3. Expedition GeForce 4. Kärnan 5. iSpeed 6. Junker 7. Flug der Dämonen 8. Taron 9. Wildfire (Kolmården) 10. New Texas Giant
  13. Yay for drop towers! Now I have an excuse to re-visit Hansa Park 2019 is shaping up to be a very solid year of new rides: Taiga, RMC Robin Hood, Yukon Striker, Highlander (and maybe even FLY)
  14. Nice report and pics, thanks! You were very lucky with your arrival timing to get to ride Valkyria among the first ones Just booked my flights and hotel. Liseberg, see you in a month!
  15. This was a nice trip down the memory lane Thanks for listing the original RCT1 park names that were inspiration for each park.
  16. Liseberg called, and mentioned Loke vs Balder The layout looks short but solid! I like Infinity trains so it's good to see more of them being built.
  17. A couple of more footers have been poured: View from the park side View from outside the park
  18. Top 5: 1. Huracan Condor - Port Aventura (standup floorless tilt) 2. Fritt Fall Tilt - Gröna Lund (standup floorless tilt) 3. Scream - Heide Park 4. Atmosfear - Liseberg 5. Mystery Castle - Phantasialand Oh would you look at that, a list of Intamin... who knew I really need to get to Gröna Lund and try Ikaros!
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