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  1. Latest update says they found another body tonight, but couldn't manage to actually get the man that's still within an empty hallway, on the other hand they managed to save 3 others, that were trapped but still alive. Still 16 people missing. Apparently the crew was not trained to handle that kind of situation. First aid and help to disembark people came first from kitchen staff. The ship is sliding along the rocks, and the sea is getting stormy, so they can't really keep up with the salvage. The captain is held in a local prison waiting for interrogation. The charges should be multiple manslaughter, shipwreck and ship abandonment. One of the concern now, besides all the casualties of course, is the potential environmental impact due to the fuel leaking into the sea. If I'm not mistaken a Swedish society is supposed to take care of the ship, that should be removed from the coastline, but this could be just a rumor. I highly doubt they're willing to let the ship sinks because it's barely 200ft. deep and because Lily's Island is within the Ligurian Sea Cetacean Sanctuary. Yesterday has come to public attention an exchange of letters between the mayor of the city and the captains of the ships following that route. Apparently a "close passage" by the coast line during the evening was a distinctive trait of the cruise itself, which usually slows down to greet the island with its horn and all the lights on. It's undefined what does "close" mean, but from the beginning they said straight away that the boat was 4 miles out of its route, so they're investigating in that direction too.
  2. I was looking forward for another Europe Trip since I couldn't take part in the last one, but once again it takes places in a time span that's completely off-limits because of finals and thesis/internship. I guess I'll have to wait a little bit more...
  3. I've spent only a day in Munich and all I can say is that it was amazing. This was my first time there and it won't be the last, that's for sure. Despite being Saturday we luckily found a table in the Bräurosl tent, and met with random German/Swiss people that really made our day. They even wrote down the songs words for us to sing along. I couldn't expect such a welcoming environment and how friendly everyone was. Within 5 minutes we felt like we were at home, with just a bunch of really really good friends! About it being too commercialized, I don't really know what to say. Being Italian myself I could spot them everywhere, whilst I barely heard someone speaking English. I believe is just some sort of perception-thing (I hope that it makes sense, somehow)... Nevertheless, commercial or not, I'm already looking forward for next year event.
  4. I graduated in computer engineering in July, and now I'm enrolling for a master's degree in software applications...
  5. First three letters of my last name. No thinking involved!
  6. I'm studying to become a Computer Science Engineer, and so far the hardest course has been 'Signal Theory and Processing' (if you don't know what I'm talking about take a look on wiki for signal processing, and you'll find out...). Too much stuff to know with little to no meaning at all, at least at the sight of the humble human being I am... I passed the course with a pitiful mark (should be something close to a C in the US scale) and swore to never ever have to do with it again!
  7. Well, summer holidays are almost over so you may find it a little less busy, but I'm not that sure about it. Matteo, when I was there it was down because of the launch. People on the train before mine said they felt the launch getting weaker and then they were back into the station. The same happened in the morning and keep it down for the whole afternoon. Luckily in the evening it took less than half an hour, but you could see during test launches that it struggled to pass the top hat, at first. It was even slower than the first videos of iSpeed testing. I guess it was just the wrong day...
  8. I was in the last row, and I spent the whole camelback pushed against the OTSR. How could it be any stronger than that??? It will take another year before I can find out what is the front seat like... Anyway, it's a great ride, but I found the launch a bit weak. I thought it was more aggressive, instead it's really soft and fluid. Not bad, of course, but I was expecting something different. Still, it's a really enjoyable coaster, I really loved it. A bit short, but long enough to give you goose bump... The downside, so far, it's the reliability. It gets stuck, a lot. The day I was there it opened 8.15 PM, worked 20 minutes and went down again when I was at the loading platform (almost cried). Luckily it took only 20 minutes to reopen. That day was a really bad day for iSpeed, but 15mins breaks happen almost every day, as far as I know. Q line is almost always full. It may be because low capacity (there's an issue with the third train) or breaks, but it sure attracts people, too!
  9. It's a scintillating grid, a typical optical illusion.
  10. 1. Reached national selection for International Olympiad in Informatics and totally screwed up 2. Used to sleep facing the door because I was afraid of vampires... 3. I won a Tennis tournament, then I quit 4. People laugh at me because of weird ice-cream tastes mixes 5. I've lost 45 pounds because I was ashamed of my body (5 foot 7 inches for 132 pounds right now)
  11. Age: 21 Middle Name: ...no mid name for me... Pet Peeve: People acting like idiots Color of your bathroom: some sort of orange-yellowish mix Best Movie of ALL time: What dreams may come Best Song of ALL time: Memento Mori (Kamelot) Best TV Shows: Supernatural, Mythbuster Favorite Band/Artist: Kamelot, at the moment Favorite Ride at Disney Parks: Tower of Terror Yummiest Ice Cream: Mint with chocolate chip If you could eat lunch with one person, who would it be: This may sounds dumb, but I'd like to eat with Nigella Lawson if she's cooking... Morning Person or Night Person: Night Person Pets: A dog, named York Favorite Color: Black Where you would go for fun (not an amusement park): Anywhere with a bunch of good friends! Coke or Pepsi: Neither Opinion about Peanut Butter and Jelly: Never tried peanut butter Best Vacation Spot: Greece Cook or Go Out: Go out Beach, Desert, or Mountains: Beach
  12. Yahoo! Answer I can browse through stupid question all day long!
  13. I was there in June and stayed at Santa Fe, too. Seeing the pattern on the bed made me sad... I need another ride on Buzz!
  14. I read about Beverly (and how bad it is) a lot in this forum, and everytime it's said to be sold in Italy. I've never seen that drink in my whole life, unless it has a different name which I'm unaware of. I'm still wondering if they do really sell it, or it's just some sort of urban legend...
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