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  1. Hey Robb, where has your Wiki disappeared to? Went looking for it and it seems to have vanished? -Sasquatch-
  2. I would like to see how both Giovanola Goliaths would run if their MCBR trims were reduced a bit, when the train slams into them it seems to mess up the pacing of the ride a little... I mean, the second half still looks fast but the dropoff from the MCBR into the corkscrew-transition is really, really slow. Of course, this is judging by videos of the ride, I haven't actually ridden either of them
  3. That is just the chassis, the seats and such probably aren't attached yet. Anyway, it's already been confirmed that it will be a 6-across seating arrangement, like Oblivion was going to be.
  4. I imagine a lighter train would have less resistance from the air and track but have less momentum, whereas a heavier train will have more momentum but will make the structure flex more, which will deplete that momentum faster... The engineers probably know what they're doing, I'm not thinking about it any more [/brainfry]
  5. It looks like they have added extra wooden beams to make it look rickety... awesome!
  6. When parents give you no help with anything, FIND NEW PARENTS!! *annoyed*
  7. It's more of a downward turn that an actual drop...
  8. I munch anywhere between 300 and 700 texts, if I run out one month then I always use less the next. 500th post!
  9. I create a long straight bit of track and make tons and TONS of catwalks from that, and use those for the faces of the building. Then I cover over the edges with wooden beams because in the simulator you can see a gap where the "seam" is. At the moment I'm working on a new station with an entrance foyer and queue lines contained below the coaster station, and it is proving extremely challenging...
  10. Yep, they're all done using wooden beams and the catwalks found on the WoodMagic auto-support structures. I'm pleased that you like the first one, I'm jolly proud of it
  11. No sorry, I can't even play RCT because my CD drive is bust!
  12. Want a custom station building, but no good at 3Ds? Give me a shout! I've suddenly realised I'm better at building stations than the coasters themselves, so if you would like one making for you please PM me with your track and the following details: 1. Number of blocks within the station? (Such as load/unload points, station segment and brake segment, etc) 2. Single or dual level? 3. Queue included? 4. Any specific colours? - And any other details which you feel are appropriate. Here are some examples of stations I have made recently for different coasters. Let me know what you think! Wooden coaster station Inside view Small steel coaster station, with multiple blocks Mine train station, with station drop-off tunnel and entrance/exit fencing Wooden coaster maintence/evacuation bay
  13. Or even swap those for fruit juice or water.
  14. The Ultimate... a totally life-changing amount of pain but GOOD LORD the adrenaline rush is beyond words!
  15. "You shouldn't be on Facebook, you might aswell just give your personal information to every pervert in the world" "If I want to pay for something over the internet, where do I put my card??" "Webcam?? That's a sensor that makes the screen brighter if it's really bright in here" ... are words that actually came out of my parents' mouths.
  16. The Bullet and Magnum Force - Flamingoland Both turn your insides to pancake batter, Bullet because of it's awesome vertical forces, Magnum Force because of it's general beat-the-sh1t-out-of-you-ness. Nemesis - Alton Towers At night after a hot day and rain is the most fun way to end up hospitalised! (obviously not really) The Ultimate - Lightwater Valley I'm sure my ribs are still jammed into the inside of the trains... The Giant Drop - Dreamworld, Australia 7 full seconds of freefall... in the rain?! Awesome!! Whirlwind - Lightwater Valley This just about ripped my head off, it was running a really incredible cycle that lasted at least 5 minutes! It actually put me a little bit off Top Scans...
  17. 60?? Bloody hell, that isn't even old unless you have leprosy or something!
  18. I saw Ash a few weeks back at The Duchess in York, they were absolutely brilliant and played for nearly 2 hours in 40+ degree heat! Absolutely phenominal
  19. I would *really* like more choice in trains and the ability to mess around with how the track looks. And simulated crashes.
  20. I'd want more of an age simulator - put in a time in years and it would adjust the condition of the coaster accordingly. That way you can still test it however many times you want and still have it "new" when it's finished. Which is exactly what I meant
  21. Bingo. Oh, and for a coaster to show more wear and tear the more you ride it.
  22. What happens? If it's gory I probably wont be bothered, but anything psychological really gets to me (Threads, Blair Witch, Shining)
  23. QFT. Especially the scene where they drug the little boy and take his heart out. The part with the man in the pressure chamber was just... I dunno, just really shocking! The part where they take the boy to bits wasn't that bad because he was asleep, and didn't suffer anywhere near as badly as the woman who had her arms frozen off, or the people who were blown up with ceramic bombs that had fleas in them...
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