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How did you get your screen name?


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Well I acually made mine up when I was around 18 or so. Me and my buddies all had cbs in our cars and we would drive around everywhere talkin to each other on them. So waterviper is what I came up with because I like waterparks and I like rollercoasters. Water for the waterparks and Viper at SFMM for the coaster!! Ive been using that name for sites ever since!!

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ParkTrips - whoring out the name of my site like Ted does


BFL - yea, Family Guy 8)


Jophish - the handle that I have used forever. Probably back in 95 or 96 when I first got my own internet account way back when AOL dialup was the shiznit. It comes from my name "Joseph"... growing up my "play mate" (two words) was a girl that lived next door, and she pronounced my name "Joseph" like "Jophish". The name stuck (my dad still calls me by it occasionally) and it became my internet persona.

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See, my parents gave me a first and middle name, and we already had a last name. And, since I'm smart, I figured out that I could take the first letter off of my first name (the E), the first letter off of my middle name (the B), and add the first letter of my last name (the L), I'd have teh r0x0r of screen names, EBL.



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I live in the US, and I like to go road tripping Any site I have tried, I have been able to register under this screen name, which always surprises me for some reason. When I thought it up, I wanted something easy to spell and pronouce, so I could tell it to people easily, unlike my AOL screen name which would be pronounced a couple of different ways, and sometimes you can't tell if it ends in "10" or "IO".



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