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How did you get your screen name?


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On here: FrozenFlames: I made up a poem a few years ago, and took from that, and was also thinking about Dueling Dragons, when it had just opened.


On Westcoaster: MunkieRascal: My nickname is Munkie (becasue when I was three i treated every piece of furniture as a tree to climb all over) and one of my favorite movies is The Litte Rascals.


On Gmail: dragonofblackfire: A slight ode to Draco Malfoy (yes, the Harry Potter character- Draco is Latin for dragon), and to one of my best friends, as her username for fanfiction.net is (or at least was) Chyld of Black Fire.


On AIM: SilverFairy614: Silver is one of my favorite colors, I love fairies (my whole bedroom door is plastered with fairy art) and I was born on June 14, aka 6 14.

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The screen name I use comes from way back before I was even in high school. It is my name followed by the date that I started going out with my future wife Misty. I asked her to be my girlfriend in 1998 on Valentines Day, hence 2-14-98. We have been together ever since and plan to get married eventually. I use the screen name all over the place because it is easy to remember.


Me, my old lady Misty, and my dog Bandit on Halloween.

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About eight years ago, I was sitting in my spanish class, writing "I'm bored, this sucks" over and over again in my notebook; I crammed all the words in that phrase together ("Imboredthissucks"), and then proceeded to remove letters until I was left with "imbordisux".


It's been my unofficial "online" name ever since then, as I wanted to have one identity for everything I did online - message-boards, e-mails, editorials, etc. - so that, if I ever wanted to draw attention to myself, I could simply direct people on other boards to my one simple screenname.


As for meaning, it's just always kinda represented my general demeanor; I just always seem to bored and unimpressed by everything, like my reaction to everything is "whatever". I'm not the most emotive person. Even on coasters, even though I love them, I spend many rides just kinda sitting there, without much reaction; my fiance' - who loves coasters, but is regularly frightened by them - jokes that I lack a nervous system.

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Well, my username has an interesting history related to my transitioning (read about it in the Sexual Orientation thread).




Allison - the name that I had decided on.

Y2K - the year (2000) where I suddenly decided to stop living for everyone else and to start living my life for myself. That was a promise I made to myself in the year 2000. I keep the Y2K added on as a reminder of that promise.


My AIM screen name is a little more colorful: FairyGodTranny.

I always have a way to helping people out when they really need it, or doing something out of the blue that really helps a friend out, or watching over a friend and making sure they're okay. kind of like a fairy god mother, but since I'm not a mother, I'm their Fairy God Tranny.


"Allie, what am I going to do?"

"Don't worry, dear, your fairy god tranny's here to help you."


something like that. 8)

I use AllisonY2K for the majority of my screen names.

on DISboards, though, to be different and since I liked it so much I was TSIfan - Tom Sawyer Island fan. I still love that attraction, it's so much fun to go exploring on that island.


I think any future Disney-related message boards I join, or themepark-related messageboards I'll try to be EvilTower because Tower of Terror is such an awesome ride.

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I've been collecting pin back buttons since I was 10, do for 35 years and now have over 40,000 in the collection.


I am working on publishing a coffee table style book, and putting up a web site documenting the collection. (just bought 750 more today from e-bay!)



I also gladly take donations to the collection. If anyone has any buttons they dont want or doubles just sitting around...

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