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  1. Oh wow if only I had something 4k. Huge difference not as the camera goes through banking, drops, and turns at high speed in the detail of the background as the cameras angle pans (I hope that wording is understandable) . Again I couldn't even imagine it on a 4k display. Thanks for sharing and always working on getting amazing shots on your adventures.
  2. QFT Really though as far as bringing them on rides that violates policy. More specifically for Robb if you really wanted something done just send snapshots to each park connection for each park you have a shot of in a friendly manner pointing out a real issue..... Then slip in the view obstructions in shows when you have their attention. Maybe they can have the show announcers introduce and ask to respect others experience and not obstruct views with selfie sticks. While it may not deter it makes it easier to ask those around not to use them. It is a lot of work though and I'm sure you are busy. It's just a thought to solve the issues in our parks. Anyone can talk to management to it's just Robb is usually the one with permission to take shots on ride. Noticing people using it in on ride photos can be a picture to snap. Maybe mention it to the bootj operator although I can see many of them looking the other way while saying it will be handled. Maybe other people can snap some people using their sticks irresponsibly and in an inconsiderate manner .... Maybe make a meme game out of it? Hopefully it catches on and people will be afraid to become a worldwide internet joke.
  3. If they could at least run two trains with one station or three to four trains with two stations (dual station maybe? One block before launch, one each station, one for transfer track, and finally the final brake making 5 blocks all together. They could easily wrap the brakes and station around the whole design giving a new meaning to the launched spaghetti bowl concept. Just a thought.....
  4. This place is a true definition of theme park vs. Amusement park. I remember visiting it the first year it opened when it was named bonfonte(s?) gardens after the owner and creator who developed the park based around the circus trees and nature theming. While there aren't extreme rides here I'm sure it would end up as an amazing highlight for any your meet up because of the nutty fun to be had there. I would love to go back out to see how the landscape has developed. Than again,... It's nothing to go out of the way for on one's own. I do wonder if they still sell plants and I think trained trees outside the front gate.
  5. I have to say this is the coolest thing ever for a fundraiser event. Deffinitely not in good enough shape to marathon either those rides as the high gs on the first drop and loop as well as the dip after into the turn or the head banging on demon would take me out quick. Even though I have yet to ride goldrusher I bet the ert will rock.
  6. I'm not knocking it..... I am sure it would be easy to mod the android version... or just post a save data with tons of money. Of course it is illegal to download the game for free, manipulate code for free money, and what not although it's going to be done by someone somewhere. If you pay for the game from the store from downloading the mod you can have the standpoint you support the work the devs put in while boycotting the pay to play aspects honestly though it is not like that would hold up if court if atari decided to waste money to seek these gamers out and get them in trouble although if they did I'm sure they would go after whoever released the mod vs. users of it. Honestly though from the trailer it looks playable and more like rct than like other theme park games like ea and pucca. I understand it could be better although it could be worse. I'm just going to be grateful for the most part and just hope I end up with a surface or something soon. Edit:\/If you followed the info instead of hoping on the majority screw rct4mobile you would notice it is being for released for android at a later date. So many prejudice people is a so surprise there isn't an American born suprimest party like the Nazi regime...\/
  7. I'm curious about this, too. I was under the impression that RCT3 resulted in a huge falling-out between Sawyer and Atari - I'll be surprised (and thrilled) if they really are working with him on these (read: the PC version) games. I honestly don't want to bother Chris with stuff like this. He already told me he had nothing to do with RCT4 and I'm not going to email him again to have him tell me the same thing or to start some sort of drama. It's my understanding that Atari owns the license and the property and they can do with it what they'd like. With everything that happened in the past, I'm sure Chris just wants to steer clear of it all and do his own thing. I feel you drama sucks and only causes problems and I can say we know that from experience... If you don't remember penguinball and the man uncomfortable with himself and choices. I only pointed out of Chris wanted to take them to court and get some money for false advertisement affecting his reputation in the programming world.... or even just a reminder email to not confuse gamers staying his name vs. The company. Although I'd assume it's more trouble than it's worth. I also assume Chris is in it for the living and not the bank like atari. Dr. M though definitely right.... Wouldn't be surprised if it was just atari asking Chris if he thinks the idea was a good one and him saying yes without doing any actual work on the game.
  8. I'm curious about this, too. I was under the impression that RCT3 resulted in a huge falling-out between Sawyer and Atari - I'll be surprised (and thrilled) if they really are working with him on these (read: the PC version) games. As I hinted and I think Robb or at l least another member states they are probably working with the company. As I hinted in this instance it would be false advertising to an extreme. IMO Chris Sawyer could get them in trouble for that after ask the trouble that they are said to have caused him. Seriously so many better points in my comment and you talk about the one thing that situation is obvious even if the picture is obscured by false statements. I'm just concerned that rct 4 the actual sequel will be a shotty job fill of bugs that take 5 patch updated top fix about half leaving the rest. Guess time will tell
  9. .At least they aren't leaving droid users hanging. Still what happens when the 5 dollars is gone through? Is it as easy as letting a few ads run as you work going to obtain these tickets worth money out a bunch of fake surveys and credit card offers no one would do or even can for the most part? I am interested to do what they do- but if there's only one park to build in what happens if it's full? It's the only way to do something new to delete something? Complete fail as the fun is building a THEME park and not an AMUESMENT park. I just see a lot of problems with this. Now the underlined quote just sounded off as if the person was insinuating that there are all sorts of impossible even some rediculous request, which usually are not as player mods always add things like custom rides and objects. It also makes it sound like they are struggling to keep game development up with current industry. A prime example is the splitting coaster and 4d coaster bug that causes extreme spinning past a certain draft rotation. Rct 3 may have been a development, but it did have a good amount of issues causing it to be unplayable at times. I don't see how they plan to keep up with all the new unique rides like the flyfree? that suspends two logs parallel to the car hanging past the edge of the track so as the car passes a barrel roll the rivers go up over around and under the track without ever inverting. Coolest looking coaster imo. Also Robb note the claim in bold and send that off to Chris. I am sure he would like them to correctly state if they are working with him or his company.
  10. If I'm not mistaken it's ios only which is another fail. Edit : I took another look at the trailer and noticed a coaster with baked turns. Again I can see this app being ok if they don't screw up the gameplay with in app purchases.
  11. What are you talking about? Have you seen the Zygna building? They got a mini free arcade with a couple pinballa and arcade games including a basketball hoop thrower, foosball, etc. All in the lobby. I was so bummed having to walk byt them and not play them. http://www.theguardian.com/technology/2014/mar/19/zynga-naturalmotion-acquisition-mobile-games BTW tech companies are notorious for having "cool" employee perks like Zynga's lobby, but that doesn't translate into the company actually doing well or making money. Disney Interactive moved into a shiny new building 2 years ago and laid off 700 people last week. Doesn't surprise me.... The building was pretty empty and no one was using a single game table. Just making an immature point.
  12. What are you talking about? Have you seen the Zygna building? They got a mini free arcade with a couple pinballa and arcade games including a basketball hoop thrower, foosball, etc. All in the lobby. I was so bummed having to walk byt them and not play them.
  13. Wouldn't we all .... Best chance is emulating the 3ds version units there's an android xbox emu lator
  14. People here obviously miss the point.... While it's awesome rct will be playable the issue is not just the new look, but the fact that some things (like loops a picture shows) will cost special tickets that may be near impossible to obtain without money. That is on top of the two dollars for the game. There's also the possibility of a terrible story mode further restricting the freedom of gameplay that is the rct magic. Of course because most mobile games do that atari decided to jump on the moneymaking bandwagon and screw over the player especially the broke ones. Terrible move on ataris part. I do understand why it's not the same as they don't have the original team. Still with all the development in game dev tech there is no reason they can't just remake the old rct even if they need to remake the code from scratch. While it would be time consuming and tedious most anyone could easily remake rct via some form. I did mention a open source version someone is working on called rct free that has been in dev for a while it seems although something a completed version of it could probably be ported to the phone easily. So again atari has no excuse to do what they are doing. It's like they redid the game to add the in game purchases yet be able to adventure they added more than that by changing the looks.... Hopefully someone hacks it to unlock everything and give unlimited money by modding the install although that screws atari out of money. Honestly though they have more than us gamers and don't deserve it when they test us like this
  15. Ow honestly that is saying something. I have been hoping for this and being an android user I hope it is not like coaster crazy (am awesome SIM) although only on iOS... Or the deluxe console and kindle version in the Amazon store that I can not find the .obb file for do can't even test on my G2. Anyways I had looked into some kind of port with the only possibility being an open source version called rctfree way early in development leaving pretty much no possibility. Although I don't route or have pc access so I can't really do much besides what I can do through my phone. I did figure out the reason the original rct 1 & 2 coding could not be used was due to the format and that it had to essentially be remade from scratch as the format was not possible with the phone os our whatnot. So I hope that explains a bit why there is no port as simply it is not that simple. The man who coded rct originally, Chris Sawyer, is considered very inteligent for not only being capable, but also having coded the 3 games in this form even though his work was strictly coding. I may not be 100% correct although that's why you should always do your own research and fact check. Anyways onto my opinions of the game from what I saw in the preview it's it could be worse. I only saw the 3ds version from review and while for story playability for what rct had it just seems terrible. I did not see it although heard about sandbox mode which is really the only thing I'm interested in while I would still appreciate the I original rct scenario style gameplay. Getting back to rct4phone as long as they leave the gameplay as it was and at least recreate the original scenario gameplay style and even hopefully some maps as it was I won't complain how it looks. If they do make it only playable with in app purchases unless you choose to wait hours I'll be upset although I doubt it will as it cost money. I do hope they add things like sandbox mode if it does play like the original rct even though it looks like new age garbage as the phone lacks a good coaster or theme park SIM game. Honestly a theme park SIM is like the most important thing and that ea theme park game doesn't count. If they do try to recreate the 3ds version for the phone that will be as shame. I can see trying to add things with the opportunity although they will result lose the simple elegant spark that made rct what it was. The last thing it needs is to have character development and a story mode.... It's a theme park design, operations, and economics simulator not an adventure game with simulator and coaster designer aspects. Edit : Sorry for my long post. Lots of useless reading I know I just tend to do that. How many people really read long posts or a thread before relying anyways...I know I usually don't. Also posting from my phone makes it harder to keep things short oddly. Edit 2: If people really think the new rct for pc will suck because the phone version does you have to have some level of ignorance. If anything they will tweak the old coding for RCT 3 and add new maps and maybe a few rides and call it a new game. I know you used to work with games Robb so if you can explain why they would take time to redesign the code and make an even worse version than rct3, which has its issues, when I assume the bad quality is due to some laziness. I just for feel like lazy people will build a new crappy product when they can tweak and relable something that already works for the most part. Edit 3: I do notice tickets in the picture as well as the lack of banking. I do hope it gets made well
  16. So I have been catching up on old movies I missed growing up mainly horrors including the Chucky series. The third one ends in a traveling carnival fairground haunted house that looked way to cool to be on a traveling circuit. Anyone remember this scene and know where the haunted house coaster is and if it still exist? I want to see a full on ride video of it.
  17. You need to hit up golf land sun splash out in roseville one day. It is a good 4 hour drive I think and would probably require a weekend, but it is my favorite slide complex in cali that I have been to. A master blaster, a 5 story half pipe that leads out to a splash pool, 3 variations on funnels, 4 different raft slides, a racer lane I have yet to try, and a lot of other fun places. Also how was bombs away? I was kinda bummed when it was announced it was a helix after they mentioned a loop. I am hoping its worth it and not a pain in the back. Keep up the good PTRs!
  18. Just throwing in my 2c.... It looked sunny that day and I bet the ride was tested and designed in a cooler setting. I am sure they kept the heat in mind I am sure they can't fix every possible kink. So I throw this possibility out that has probably been mentioned... Maybe the heat caused the metal to expand or something causing the train to not have enough speed to get up when it usually would. I might be totally off here too....
  19. Here are pool coverings I created a while back, which definitely could use improvement. I just made it cause no one else did. Hiimmisterdude's Pool Coverings.zip pool tiles to make slides over pool ground when you can not put a pool tile under it without obstructing supports or even slide layout Not to big a pack and could deffinitly use work It was a lazy design. If someone wants to improve the pack and add a few textured pieces to cover the spiral stairs, the top of the spiral stairs, and ramps IMO that would be a great idea It can be used to make some areas look nicer though
  20. While I think its going to a great ride... All I wonder is why did they put super mans ultimate flight in the water section???? They should have called it superman ultimate swim!I guess it can be a joke for the day when were trying to keep our cups full on the ride! Seriously though this is a rushed move for a landmark ride IMHO. They really should have gotten a lim style coasterball where the cars use lims to manipulate the vally zones themed after dolphins or some other animal ... Imagine what kind of family attraction that would be with cars of people passing by each other overhead. One can always dream! For now I will enjoy this odd out of place contraption when it arrives.
  21. Great PTR Adam! I am happy to see there are some other people hitting up the water parks. edit: WHEN DID YOU GET A BEEF TACO BOX!?!?!?! I WANT!!!
  22. I acctually have volunteered at playland not at the beach and can say there is a lot of neat history as well as oid fun house visitors. It is definitely worth visiting as it has not only a lot of history and knowledgeable people, but also A LOT of pinball from mechanical to digital. It is a great place that was started by a great group of people led by a wonderful man and I hope you all visit his teams masterpiece.
  23. YAAAAAY pictures! Looks like CGA was pretty cool even though there where no penguins.
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