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  1. well here i took Robs lead and just used my name. Everywhere else im Kneemeister, its just what my Army buddies called me. thats better than Ankle Tree, or Bushy Knees as i was called in school
  2. Well I might as well make my first post after a long hiatus, here. Im in the 20%. Im Gay, but know a hot woman when I see her...., as long as her boyfriend is ugly. LoL
  3. It was a real great time, even with the 90 degree plus temps. Funny Craig was so excited about running across the road for the Scad but i could not get him to even try a ride on Disco'. I was real upset when they moved the boom behind Craig for his 5th lap as i was in second and gaining, argh!! As to Avalanche; last month, we (Corey, Brent, New Jersey Rob, Dan and I) spent the 15 bucks for the evening ride pass, and tried every seat on the train in the span of half an hour. Every seat gives a slightly different ride, and there all good. esp the middle on the right side. Oh and dont miss the great flume there also. It was great to at last actually meet someone that I have chatted with on AOL almost everyday for the past year or so, hope you enjoyed our midwest hospitality, ya Freak.
  4. Corey and I after a ride on Imagination, and no Im not drunk Playing around looking at all the pretty lights
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