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How did you get your screen name?


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I wanted something that reflected my interest in all things Disney (theme parks, that is ) but mainly my home park, Disneyland. Since Team Disney Anaheim has been getting their act together after a decade of neglect (thanks, largely, to Matt Ouimet) I went for my following screenname. Considering what exactly is going on at the parks, the smell Team Disney emits could be a good thing or a bad thing (currently a good thing). I do admit, I wish I hadn't used so many underscores. It's such a pain to sign on everytime.

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Mine dates back to the mid 90's the FX network had just gone the air. They had a morning show that included a stupid puppet named Bob. When I got my first internet account I needed something original bobthepuppet sounded good. Unfortunately it was was long a name. So I shortened it to bobpuppet and have been using that in various forms ever since.


Pete(the puppet)

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Well I have multiple lately..


On here: CoasterJunkie - Well pretty much self explanatory really


On DISBoards: Dax - From the Star Trek DS9 Series...Hubby came up with it


On other boards: MudBloodDax - Added the MudBlood to the Dax as I wanted to put something Harry Potter in my username. I use this name the most now.

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Well... I love Phish and I brew beer for a living. That's how I came up with the name... but there is more.


When I started at the bewery, I came from management, and the folks in the union didn't trust me. They though it was fishy for me to come from management to a union job. Thus... the real meaning behind PhishyBrewer.

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I was in the Greek Independance day parades here in Boston around March 25th. This year everyone had bought huge Greek flags because it was the first year they had them. So I tied one end around my neck and had it hanging down like a cape. And then I started running around saying that I was SuperGreek and I will defeat anything in my way! Lol! And then it caught on to all my friends and it was big for about 3 years or so and now just a few of us still do it. And the 1562 are numbers from when I played soccer one year. I was 15 for outdoor soccer and then I was 62 for indoor soccer.

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^ AWWWWW!!! The Wacky Soapbox Racers!!! Oh how I miss thee!!

Id take WSR over Xcelerator any day!!! Especially Brain Jammer...errrrrr Wind Jammer!!


Great to see so many responces here!! Ya get to know just a weeeee bit about some people because some of the names have meanings behind them, and so far some have been really interesting!

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I got my name from playing CS... Counter-Strike for PC.


At first it was Goldfish. Just Goldfish. Then I thought... what an odd name for a guy lol...


Then it became -.Fi$hy.-


I realized... that most of those characters aren't available on forums... or on AIM for the most part.


So I made it simply... Fishy... well, Fishy was too plain... so I replaced the 'i' with a '1'.


Note: I don't like eating fish whatsoever... or seafood. :?

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I do a lot of reading and writing. After watching the awful "The Pagemaster" movie, I knew I needed to come up with something better than that. At the time, only two ideas came to me: a mischievous kid bouncing through stories causing mayhem and a worm that ate through books. Over the years the two ideas merged together: a Pagemaster is someone who can physically step into their stories, and Bookworms eat Pagemasters writings. Sadly, that particular story still has not been written, but the concept of Pagemasters have bounced up numerous times in my stories.


The whole "_b" part is from when I set up my email account with Yahoo. They were giving me a five digit number after "pagemaster" but I wanted something a little more personal. Brian is my first name.

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