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  1. Well, I may not be the best person to answer this but anyway, the cool looking building below is actually Fuji TV Station where they sometimes film live programs inside.
  2. FANTASTIC photo TR, wonderful reports & all those hilarious captions!!! Gosh, I missed Japan so much, makes me want to jump on a UA flight to Tokyo right now. Robb/Elissa, may I know if you guys will include a Japan Trip Planning Guide like your previous trip? It will be great if you can provide some info on travel routes to all these parks. I am thinking of buying a 7 day JR pass & like to make the most out of it. Hence, I like to know how many different parks outside of Tokyo I can squeeze in with this pass. Also, I intend to have my accomodations only in Tokyo so is it still feasible if I want to visit say, Parque Espana, take the earliest shinkansen there & the latest shinkansen back to Tokyo? Cant wait for the Nasu Highland photo TR as I have been longing to hit this park. Have a great New Year! Best regards, Aqua.
  3. GREAT photo TR!!! I am so glad I could finally relate to a thread in "Theme Parks, Roller Coasters & Donkeys" since previously, most other threads are on theme parks or coasters I am not familiar with. Well, it has been donkey yrs since I last went to Ocean Park... From some of the pics, I believe they have revamped the place &/or added some new rides. Will probably plan a trip to Hong Kong early next year as I wanna visit the new Disneyland there. Cant wait for the Japan photo TR! Are you guys planning to visit Nasu Highlands this time round??
  4. Hot and humid 365 days a year!!! I was told by a fren in Japan that she wants to spend her X'mas & New Year in a warm country to escape the cold. How ironical, I would kill to spend a winter in any country I guess, just to escape the heat.
  5. Ok, my first "rant" on this thread. See, my bf & I have been together for 3 yrs. We are soul mates and we are happy together. So, I just came back fr a lovely tropical island with my bf. With their sunny beaches & nice scenaries etc, it would appeared that romance & TLC is in the air right? Likewise, I also think its the perfect settings for a guy to pop the BIG question (that is if he even have one in mind)! Well, apparently not, since the question in mind did not pop up anywhere thru out our short trip. :? This trip was meant to celebrate our 3rd anniversary (of being a couple) & also X'mas in advance. Not to sound like a desperado but my biological clock is ticking away... Arghhh! So how would I know if he's ever going to pop the question?? Am I wasting my time here??? I am clueless.
  6. ^ Thanks, we sure have fun in the sun! I thought of doing a photo TR - of the tropical island we went to but decided agst it since the pics are mostly of palm trees & beach, nothing exciting.
  7. Let's see, I have seen a couple of movies lately. King Kong This movie is spectacular! Its long but I enjoyed every moment of it. My country was mentioned 3 times here so 3 cheers for that! The ending is sad but its probably inevitable. But whatever happened to all the tribal people? They seemed to have all vanished after Ann was offered to King Kong?? :shock: Saw II It was an OK movie to me. Kinda fast-paced. Some scenes were painful to watch. The ending did not really catch me by surprise. I prefer Saw's (the first part) ending, that was awesome. The Descent Wonder has anyone seen this movie? I really like this movie alot. I thought this was one of the best horror movies I have seen so far... The movie was very intense thru out. A couple of scenes made me jumped in my seat. This is pretty remarkable, considering I have seen my fair shares of horror movies (American, British, Japanese, Korean, Thai etc, you name it) & have became somewhat jaded in recent yrs. Only exception is its ending, I am not quite sure I truely understand the ending? Any kind soul like to share their views on the ending? Was it all just an hallucination?? Anyway, I will be watching Chronicles Of Narnia on X'mas. And I will be looking fwd to watching Wolf Creek & The Dark when both open on 5 Jan in my country.
  8. Here's some pics taken from our recent trip to a beach resort in Dec'05. Our little getaway Nice sunset View of the resort
  9. ^ Not really a movie fanatic < Is a movie fanatic v Catching a movie tonight
  10. No, they are usually the first to go off the plate. Do you buy or sell things on Ebay or Yahoo Auctions?
  11. Well this thread was actually inspired by "Wally's bad day". I wanted to share my experience in there but decided to start a separate thread on the abv instead. My only "memorable" injury occurred when I was abt 5 or 6 yrs old. I was at this water park in my country & there was this water slide for children. I was imitating superman & went head-down. BAD move! Yeah, I know that was plain stupid but I was just a little kid then. :? Due to the impact, my chin hit the bottom of the pool hard & e skin came off. There were blood all over the water. I was carried to the first aid room of this water park & later to a hospital, where I was given 7 stitches. It was a terrifying experience for me, given my tender age then. And even though it had been more than 20 yrs since this incident, the scars on my chin area are still visible, well if you scrutinize hard enough.
  12. Due to my country's blessed geographical location, I will never encounter any earthquakes, typhoons, tornados, tsunamis, flood or other kinds of natural disasters. However, I once encountered some mild tremors (lasted abt 10 mins) in central Tokyo in the wee hrs of the morning. I was sleeping on a tatami & I could feel the tremors beneath me. They were rather mild though as my roommate actually slept thru it all. I was a light sleeper myself.
  13. I have always been fascinated by tattoos... mostly those of tribal designs. I dont really fancy big tattoos, I prefer smaller & more discreet looking ones with intricate patterns. I was very much tempted to get a tattoo on my lower back (abv the butt area) in my younger days but never got to getting one becos I have sensitive skin & I was worried that allergy & infection may occur. Also my parents are rather conservative so they will probably kill me if they ever know abt it. :shock: Nevertheless, I tattooed my eyebrows abt 3 yrs back as my eyebrows are kinda sparse & I am too lazy to draw them each & every time.
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