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  1. I'm also currently a senior at Penn State University, but majoring in IT. I interned for Hershey Entertainment & Resorts IT Department last summer... it was pretty hectic having to resolve issues at Hershey Lodge, Hotel Hershey, Hershey Links, etc. all in the same day. Then there were days where I would spend all day in the park fixing point-of-sale machines, other registers, etc. It was really, really fun, though... I enjoyed it.
  2. I JUST got home to Pennsylvania from Islands of Adventure yesterday. Arrgghhh!!! I wish I had known Spiderman was re-opening today!
  3. That last inversion is going to be the loooonggeeesssstttt innnvveerrrssssiiooonnn eevvvveeerrrrrrr. Looks awesome!!
  4. Hersheypark parking fee is being raised from $10 to $12 starting this Monday for the rest of the season. Also, Hersheypark general admission is being raised from $54.95 to $55.95 starting this Monday for the rest of the season.
  5. Impromptu TPR Party at the announcement! Less than 24 hours away!
  6. Well, the press conference is three days away... I'm pretty sure Hershey has released everything it has wanted to at this point, and has still managed to keep a few details hidden. Just an assumption.
  7. Welcome to TPR! I went to WC last summer and had a blast. Then again I went in mid-August when it wasn't scorching hot - lines varied, and I rode everything I wanted to ride. My only complaint is that the pavement was really hot to walk on. I demand complimentary sandals from the park, or the sun be turned down a notch.
  8. I would apply - I mean I only know about as much as you guys... would applying for this be against unspoken rules?
  9. I really, really like this recreation that you've done. It looks almost picture perfect. If you want to fix minor details - I have one thing you can improve for realism: The maintenance walkway on the launch is only the left side and extends down the entire launch. The stairs to this walkway are at the beginning of the launch and end of the launch segment (immediately before the house that holds the launch's motor (with the red roof)). There are no maintenance walkways on the right side of the track. There are some elevation issues between Trailblazer and StormRunner, but due to the mechanics of the game, you've got it as close as virtually possible. Other than that, I think you've done a fantastic job.
  10. I work in the IT Department for Hershey Entertainment & Resorts. All departments were invited - but I'm pretty sure it's just for set-up/tear-down/making sure everything runs smoothly for the conference itself. But, WHILE I'm making sure everything runs smoothly, I will also be paying close attention to the conference
  11. I will be attending the press conference, it seems like Just got an e-mail about it today! I'll take pictures if allowed
  12. "Ride the Edge"... when the inital clues of this coaster came out, I guessed this was a Wing Rider like Furius Baco... I feel like this only helps my assumption. Any news on when their press conference for this ride will be?
  13. If you're flying into Harrisburg International, there are CAT (Capital Area Transit) buses that run from the airport to downtown Harrisburg, then to Hershey. Bus fares would cost ~$20 round-trip... and would take you to Downtown Harrisburg, and after switching routes, to Hershey. Unfortunately there are no direct CAT routes from Harrisburg International to Hershey that CCron and amy_mel mentioned :\ I believe taxis would be more expensive than CAT buses, too, but don't take my word on that. Also, like CCron mentioned, Hershey Hotel and the Lodge BOTH offer transportation to the Hotel/Lodge from the airport. Also also, The airport itself has six car rental companies to choose from. I also recommend going to the park when there are no events scheduled for the Arena/Stadium/Giant Center. Sources: Capital Area Transit (CAT) Hershey Lodge Amenities Hershey Hotel Transportation - Click on Airport Transportation Airport Car Rentals
  14. I guess I never really thought about other bad (unappealing?) coaster names... I just accepted "Storm Runner" and "Fahrenheit" as coaster names subconsciously, but SkyRush isn't being accepted as easily - to me, at least. inb4 new thread "Best/Worst Coaster Names"
  15. SkyRush... sounds kinda weird to me. A bit awkward, phonetically. /name police
  16. Although it's my third year working for Hershey, I would say Hersheypark, but I recommend waiting until next year Between BGW and KD... that's a tough one. I would choose KD for the credits... but if you're looking for more of an overall park experience, I would choose BGW.
  17. Girl in line for Sidewinder @ HP: "How many times does it go upside-down?" Woman in line for Trailblazer @ HP: "Does this ride have any loops?" On a side note, the most interesting thing that has happened to me while ride operating is (we were told there was going to be a VIP in the park that day, but we had no idea who): Ride Op: "You look just like Sasha Obama!" Little Girl: *smiles* It was.
  18. 100% brand new! As for the photos... I definitely admire the shot of Comet Hollow... that skyline may be quite different by the end of next year.
  19. ^^ ^That loading station is going to be so cramped... but nice work for both of you. This projected layout looks great! Unfortunately this design still has not yet been confirmed, but if the footers are pointing to "Yes", I'm not arguing.
  20. Gravitation Manipulation Study released today! http://www.rideinstitute.com/pdf/researchStudy050211.pdf Is anyone else thinking Furius Baco after reading this?
  21. I like how the letter states "I hear strange noises hundreds of feet above the earth". I'm really wondering if this has any significance - "...that I sometimes with I could fly far away from here" EDIT: TOTALLY misquoted the letter about "hundreds of feet above the Earth". I was definitely letting my eyes read what they WANTED to read, instead of what it actually said. However, it does say "...noises which fly hundreds of feet through the trees". Sorry about that.
  22. Anyone else anticipating this release? Also, I've also been searching for the other RIT banner, unless like tiger01 stated, it could simply be on RIT's website.
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