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  1. I am also voting India. Because the the burger picture was not McDonalds!! It's Freeze And Fries in Coimbatore India!!! Freeze and Fries
  2. Japanese Grand Prix, Suzuka You can't going there it's in October. http://www.radiotimes.com/news/2013-03-26/formula-1-2013-circuit-guide-japanese-grand-prix Japanese Grand Prix, Suzuka
  3. Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport
  4. I think they are in Bangkok. Notice the distinctive red stripes on the ground in this picture. Robb and Elissa's Airport Notice this the distinctive red stripes on the ground at Bangkok's Airport. Bankok Airport
  5. Trying to figure who the old guy is. I also realized Bandung was in Indonesia.
  6. I followed TODAY'S clues. I know they are on Air Asia . One of the flights shown was Bandung. So I looked up Bandung and saw that Trans Studio was there. So my guess is that if they were going anywhere in Malaysia they would be going there. Then I went to the Park Index where I found the trip report and the quote from Robb. But I could be wrong. Let's not fight about this. It's only game. Figuring out those other clues especially the Love Boat was awesome. If anything getting Love Boat (a clue I made 2 good but wrong guesses) about made me up my game and look harder at the clues
  7. Big whoop. The point of the game is to use the rules Robb posts to figure out where they are going. Well said. Even if Rastuso said it first I still followed the clues and figured it out. Of course that may not even be where they are going. But they should Trans Studio looks pretty cool!!
  8. This was from trip report about Trans Studio in Bandung posted on TPR just a few days ago. Yeah, we should probably do that sometime.... soon? You are so going there!!!!!~
  9. While I still think Bangkok is a real possibility If Malaysia is their destination then they are going here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fKt3JoZw5rM
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