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How did you get your screen name?


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^I'll echo Mr. Canobie about the laziness factor.


Back in the mid-90's I used to hang out in a coffe house in down town San Diego. For reasons never adequately explained to me, the owner's wife decided that my nickname would be monkey. It ended up as my AOL SN and my Yahoo SN. Later, when I got bit the coaster bug, it wasn't too far a leap to Rollermonkey. I think I ended up with Coastermonkey at ACE, but I never log in there, so I've forgotten if that's it!

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Waaaaaaaaaay back in 1996.... when I first got internet access via AOL... I had to think of an email name/address. Many of my initial choices were "taken"... so I just kept re-arranging the letters of COASTER until I got something that wasn't spoken for. Over the years some people have asked if I'm Italian (!).

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I probably made it around two years ago (when i was 12)


I really wanted a screenname that had no numbers, because i cant stand all the SNs like "skaterguy38492" people have. i wanted it to rhyme, and not have (too) funky spelling.


I was also going through an 'AzN PRyDE' phase, so i needed it to have somthing to do with that also.



And behold, blazenazn was born... or on places where it is available Blazen_AZN.



When i made the sn in the first place it toatally slipped my mind that i was implying that i do drugs. I do not conform nor deny on the matter. I do not comment on rumors or speculation, but as of now, nothing official has been said.

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  • 3 years later...

Mine is named after one of my favorite videogame series from the PS2 era, Maximo:Ghosts to Glory and Maximo vs the Army of Zin... those games were a wonderful tribute to the incredibly difficult Ghost and Goblin series from the Arcade, NES, SNES + Genesis platforms... All great games... And the Maximo games were grossly overlooked in my opinion... and I added the "37" as I just love the numbers 3 and 7... This is also my screen name on the Gamefaqs videogame forum... so I'm a coaster and videogame geek...

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Some of these explanations are really cool!

Back when I came up with mine (for other sites), it seemed to be more common to use a band name as a username. So I did. Calibretto, fka Calibretto 13, was my favorite band for a while, and they're still one of my favorites. I worked the "13" into my name in a 1337 sort of way.


No one has ever openly made fun of it or gotten confused, but here are some notes:

My name is not Cali or Brett.

I am not from California, but if you want to think it's a reference to California, that's great!

Sorry to fans, but Calibretto is not currently my favorite band.

I am in no way connected to the band, and I don't claim that their views are mine or vice versa.

The "o" at the end does not mean I'm a boy. I'm a girl.

It has nothing to do with calibrating or librettos. I don't even remember what those words mean half the time!

It doesn't rhyme with "ghetto" on purpose, not that I care either way.


Those were just some concerns that occured to me because I overthink. :]

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Satchboogie - It's a Joe Satriani piece and I just like how it sounds.


For gaming, I've used the handle "PuppiesOnAcid" for probably 8 years now. Back when I was big into Counter-Strike v1.5 I was looking for a permanent name when I thought of using the Dream Theater song (off 'Once In A Live Time'). It's just perfect, it looks great, sounds great, is a HUGE conversation starter, and EVERYONE remembers you.

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Woah! How have I not posted mine yet?


I ride a unicycle every now and then. And it has one wheel, so I'm one wheeled. And I used to always put 999 in my usernames back when I was on Neopets and things like that, since I was 9 when I first came up with it. It just kinda stuck.


So there we go. Onewheeled999.

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I don't really know why I came up with mine, I guess its because I'm a Christian (That respects other people's beliefs) and the fact that I'm a black belt in taekwondo. Lately I've been wishing it was different, but rules are rules, I can't change my username. I like my username, but I don't want to rub someone in the wrong direction.

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I am kind of scared to post this, but I have a feeling I wont get banned. In 2005 when the site just opened and I was 13 I was registered on the boards as weegee. I used terrible grammar and was banned. In late 2006(nearly a year and 3 months later) I was a much better typer, and I made sure I fit in while posting. The Ghost was created because I used to use a site called ghosproxy because my parents blocked the entire internet, and I wanted to get a new screen name on TPR. Almost five years later(I will be 18 next month) I have never been really banned except for when I commented spam with the work SPAM and was banned for 24 hours. Sorry for disrespecting sight rules in 2006(nearly 3 years ago when I re registered) but it lead me to becoming art of my favorite online community on earth.


The TPR Forever Ghost

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DiSab is the first part on my last name. Back in my freshman year of high school, one of my teachers, who was friends with my dad, started calling me DiSab, and it stuck within a week. Everyone around the school (aside from my close group of friends) was calling me DiSab, and I've used it as my internet forums screen name since.

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