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  1. No I have not. Do you like going white water rafting?
  2. Yes, what do you think Einstein was? Did you ever bring a dishwasher to an amusement park?
  3. Yes, I am over a 150 years old. Did you ever throw a toilet off of a roller coaster?
  4. No Do you like Dorney more than Valleyfair?
  5. I saw a ride op at Six Flags peeing into the log flume. At the waterpark in Ocean City Maryland its the big one next to Jolly Rogers we were going on the toilet bowl slide just as the park was closing, When we were told to go they announced the park is closing, At that time we were just about to go down the drop when the ride op grabs our tube which almost made me fall down the drop. Where he told us park is close and told us to leave.
  6. No,its in June. Would you ever set yourself on fire just to impress George W. Bush?
  7. I was able to ride Mean Streak for the last 4 hours the park was open one day.
  8. I got hit in the head with the following objects; - A doorknob - soda cans - a lightbulb - a toilet and a few other things that I can't remember right now.
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