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  1. On a whim, I went on opening day of Cobras Curse. Got to the park around 11:30a. Posted wait time was 120min. The Queue was out past the marquee and started near Crown Colony House. Including several small downtimes, we waited roughly 80-85 minutes. We rode a second time around 3pm. Posted wait time was 60 minutes. Again, including several short downtimes, it was a true 60 (I estimate it would have been 40 without the momentary delays). Both our rides were vastly different. 1st time barely spun. And while it was fun, it was very mild. 2nd time we spun like crazy. It felt out of control. This coaster is a HUGE win for BGT. A seriously fun FAMILY coaster. Can't wait to ride again!
  2. I don't know about Kraken or Manta... Mako however, the pre loading safety video specifically shows a man wearing a fanny pack... the team member stops him from pulling the restraint down, prompting him to slide it to the side (as to not impede on said restraint)... there is a strict no bag (backpack, purse, merchandise etc) policy and you will be directed to the paid lockers available at the entrance of the queue. Have fun. Welcome back to Sea World!
  3. This 100%! I work a roller coaster which has a 3 minute cycle time... and in cases where we have routine evacuations or heaven forbid an emergency, it would take in some cases 20 minutes for the team to "Lock out/Tag out/RAC out" then reach the guests... it may seem "cruel" or uncaring to continue to let the ride complete its cycle, but you HAVE to. It might not seem like it, but its in the best interest of he guest. And in the case of Boomerang, if the ride cycle began, even if the guest in question was still in the station, if an emergency stop was engaged, the train is not parked in a safe or "good position" to approach or evacuate them which would further complicate the situation. Sounds like the coaster employee followed the correct procedure even if it might not seem like it.
  4. We rode Falcon's Fury twice today (1st time for each of us there)... it was INSANE! The tilt to the face down position felt like it was MORE than 90°... now I know that WASN'T the case, but it sure felt as such! The drop was amazing... it felt further than it appears... and the landing/braking very smooth as mentioned above! I was terrified every second of the ascent! Once the seats tilted, everybody on the ride started screaming, myself possibly the loudest! I cussed on the way down! LOVED IT! Operations of the attraction seemed very efficient, not only for a new attraction, but for ANY attraction! We watched testing for about 45 minutes prior to the soft open... Then our two rides totalled about 45 minutes... in that 90 minute time frame, we witnessed NO downtimes, hiccups or delays! So far so good BGT! One thing for certain, you can have NO LOOSE ITEMS ON YOUR PERSON! AT ALL! Put all items in the box provided for you (no lockers ((lock boxes )) available)! Looks like the wait was worth it! BGT's Falcon's Fury is an absolute winner!
  5. We went to BGT early this morning for park open! Rode nearly everything by 11am... Queues were nearly nonexistent, sans Cheetah Hunt (about 35 minutes after we rode with NO LINE!) We traversed the park clockwise after Cheetah Hunt and Montu... then hit Gwazi, ShieKra, Stanley Falls, Kumba and Scorpion... by that time we hung around Pantopia with a couple of beers and a BACON PRETZEL FURY (AMAZING!) while Falcon's Fury made a bunch of test drops and slow ground to top to ground ride resets... We had gotten a tip from the beer cart that the ride "MIGHT" soft open to guests by 3pm... We hung around for about an hour... watching the test runs (hoping it just might open early... it didn't)... by 1:30p we were tired and left... So at this very moment, if all went according to plan, the ride may have opened to park guests a 1/2 hr ago!! Overall a GREAT morning/early afternoon at the park!
  6. If I had to muster a guess... I'd say goodbye to Bayside stadium and a good portion of the lake! Just a guess. Also imagine the views from the skytower if that panned out! Fingers crossed! Amazing announcement! Very excited!
  7. Add me to the list of Condor fans!!! Fantastic ride! More recently, I love Star Flyer/Sky Screamer/Windseeker rides! Spinning that high in the air is... Ummm... Exhilarating!!! I think!!!... A "good" Carousel! Funky carousel! (ie:Caro-Suess-el at IOA... Or Sea Carousel at SeaWorld... Mulitlevel carousel at SFGAm... etc...)
  8. Three simple words... MARIO KART 8!!!!!! WiiU!!!... Get it!!! Its FABULOUS!!!!
  9. I agree... I can't believe how fast those seats snap back into place! I was expecting a soft return to the upright position... Not a neck breaking snap! I cannot wait to experience this bad boy!!!
  10. I've been really looking forward to seeing it, ever since seeing the trailer for it during a fall visit to Legoland Florida! The humor seems to be akin with the recent Lego video games (Lego City Undercover for WiiU comes to mind) and that's a GOOD THING!
  11. For me, the only thing better than SeaWorld's Bands Brew & BBQ... is BUSCH GARDENS Bands Brew & BBQ. I am hoping to get to BOTH events this year! Glad to see a lot of the public supporting the park and enjoying this always amazing event!!
  12. I was also thinking, possibly Daytona... (**fingers crossed for somewhere in the Orlando vicinity...)
  13. THIS! I did the same thing, with the SAME mindset. Being late to get a PS3 (only owned it for a little over a year), I'm not in a rush to "replace" it anytime soon. PS4 does have have an "attractive" price tag over PS3 launch and more recent XBOXone... I'm also an early adopter of WiiU. So I'm looking forward to its handful of releases later this year and into 2014... The more I think about it, the more I feel I may let my PS4 preorder go. But will hang on to it a little longer for the moment just in case...
  14. Several DUFF'S beers at MOE'S TAVERN at Univeral Orlando... I just got home, after consuming the equivolent of a 6pack of DUFFS... drunk by NOON on a Monday... eh, I don't work today!... Bravo and Congrats Universal on bringing Springfield USA to fruition!!
  15. I think I share that same sentiment... While I really enjoy both, I found Giant Drop at SF Great America far scarier than Drop Zone at Kings Dominion... with the possible exception of Acrophobia SFoG, which frightened me on MANY levels... I am truly sad that Sandstorm is being removed from the park (one of the FEW "spin" rides I love) I am looking forward to BGTs annoncement on 6/11 (in anticipation of a tower)...
  16. We showed up this morning, but didn't get there until 10a (on account of me having to work until 8:30a). The line to get tickets was PACKED! We attempted to endure the line for about 40 minutes or so (where Ericka brought us a Krispy Kreme, YUM! And thank you!) ... and while it WAS inching along just fine, ultimately decided to leave the queue and take advantage of the purchasing several tickets for future dates instead (for the same promo price)! The cash only table had NO line. So we chose NOT to endure the "crowd" and coaster/rides today, I am REALLY looking forward to returning SOON! Having walked through the park, it really looks amazing! And it was wonderful seeing a CROWD there! In years past when I visited, for go-kart fun, it was rather slow. Hopefully this new expansion draws a ton of popularity to this park! And having left around lunch time, we chose to fill up on tacos and queso at "LIME"! YUM-O!
  17. I am working on Resident Evil:Revalations for WiiU... I don't own a 3DS (not YET at this time...) So this is my first go at this RE "cruise"... I am up to chapter 5 so far. And I am REALLY liking it thus far!
  18. 6 Smart cars? lol You don't think... ...hmmm... ...any chance that is one of Gwazi's missing Millenium Flyers?! And those are too big to be Smart Cars... Maybe a Honda Fit!
  19. ^ THIS! That "backpack" mat, while looks silly, is probably TONS more comfortable on the back than not wearing it... I generally don't like "speed" slides for that exact reason! PAIN!
  20. Up to very recent, I would go to the four corners of the Earth to defend Gwazi... having rode last week (4/15) I actually came home SO incredibly flustered with my mindset... When my partner (who ALSO loves Gwazi) came home from work (I went to the park alone) I blurted out "I hope BGT tears Gwazi the F down!"... It was even more uncomfortable than its final year w/the PTC trains!...He actually couldn't believe his ears... I was so upset w/the condition of the coaster, I'm not sure I'll ride it again! We named our CAT Gwazi for crying out loud! I only wish the park would have kept Tiger (the MUCH more comfortable track IMO) open instead of the overly moody Lion... it would be a dream if RMC came in for an over haul, but that is very wishful thinking... I feel like I've turned my back on an old friend with my recent "betrayal" of Gwazi... but I hate the state the coaster is currently in!...
  21. Working graveyard, its difficult to make play dates unless its during my days off (Sat, Sun, Mon)... so if the event were on a Tues or Friday, it would be workable for me...
  22. I can't narrow down my favorite part of that day... 1st off thank you Robb, Elisa and TPR for organizing such a great event (and for an AMAZING cause)... Robb you made the bus ride go by SO quick by entertaining us w/questions, stories and surprises (Cheddar/Jalapeno muffin anyone?!)... The Sally Corp tour was wonderful. Fun, friendly, talented bunch up there... But what really took me by surprise was the second tour... Bob's Space Racers. I honestly didn't know what to expect. I was anticipating a few rooms of carnival games... turned out to be a MASSIVE, sprawling property of warehouse after warehouse of carnival game goodness. I was not expecting that AT ALL! I was blown away! Only to round out the day at WoB! All in all an amazing adventure for a great cause! Can't wait to see what is conjured up next! Thank you!!
  23. I feared for my physical safety on Georgia Cyclone in 2011 (pre re-track)... it was THAT rough during my ride... and while Gwazi is certainly moody, and often a jarring ride, I never felt unsafe riding it! And Gwazi had spectacular moments... after/during a rain storm... night rides when its cooler out... I know that is a sign of a troubled coaster when I base my good rides on certain weather conditions... however, I still love and have always defended this ride! I know I will miss Gwazi IF it gets removed... remember, its still speculation at this point (I have a glimmer of hope it can be saved...)
  24. Just picked up Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate for WiiU. I didn't really care for MHTri on Wii... And I realize that MH3U is esentially an enhanced remake of Tri... I figured I'd give it another round of "punishment" (Tri was HARD!! Mainly why I didn't like it. TOO hard for me.) Some MiiVerse friends convinced me that we would online hunt together and have a blast! I was sold... $85 later (needed headphones/mic too) I have the set up! I installed the 1st/latest update. Made sure the game/mic worked. And now I'm heading down for a nap! I will attempt my "1st" Ultimate hunt later on... Wish me luck! Oh, and I've mentioned this before... but its worth repeating... WiiU owners... GET LEGO CITY UNDERCOVER! Its nothing short of AMAZING! Best Lego game to date! Perhaps the best WiiU game to date as well! Get it!
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