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  1. Busch Gardens Williamsburg and Kings Dominion 2nd week of June. Taking an overdue and much needed vacation AWAY from Central Florida.
  2. I was there yesterday. Kumba was running friggin amazing!! Gwazi Tiger was running great. Gwazi Lion was closed. Lion has been the tempermental coaster. All others have been running great!
  3. Had an absolute blast playing mini golf... Amazing and beautiful courses... And a very big thank you to the peeps on my team... Especially for their assistance in keeping me "hydrated" (hmmmmm... beeeer!!)... here were our final scores for the Ghostly Greens course - Michael (41-winner)... Lunaprk (Marlon)-(47)... Schmoofy (Bret)-(48)... And Me-(52-LOSER!!)... Looking forward to returning soon to try the "Sci-Fi" course!
  4. Living between Lake Buena Vista and Tampa Florida, I have a lot of home park choices... All the WDW parks, Universal parks, Sea World and Busch Gardens Tampa. While I frequent all of them, I prefer to spend quite a bit of my free time at BGT.
  5. Playing Metal Gear Solid HD Collection on the 360. Metal Gear Solid 2 specifically right now. I forgot how much I enjoy this game. I dusted off and hooked up my Gamecube to give a Metal Gear Solid Twin Snakes a spin next... (Yeah, I have a Wii, but don't like to play Gamecube games on it for some reason...) Then back to the HD collection to try my hand at MGS3 Snake Eater. I never did complete this game back on PS2... I got stuck and gave up... maybe now I will... And yeah, I am WELL aware that I am playing these WAY out of order... Also tinkering with Rhythm Heaven Fever on Wii... and its much more challenging than I ever imagined!!
  6. Like all the others (and a broken record), those photos are stunning!!
  7. Absolute favorite is Dentyne Ice Arctic Chill. Also love both Trident and Carefree "BubbleGum".
  8. ^^ HUGE thumbs up to Daria!!! I own the complete series on DVD and watch it obsessively... I can quote nearly every episode... its quite scary actually... I love it!!
  9. I've put Skyward Sword on hold for the moment... great game, just lost interest for the moment.. Playing Pinball Hall of Fame Gottlieb Collection on Wii... Just got it for Christmas...its pretty damn awesome... I also have PHoF Williams Collection which has better ball physics... however there is something special about the Gottlieb collection!! also tinkering with LA Noire on the 360... also got it for Christmas... only played about an hour so far...
  10. Not a rumor... they do wear earplugs...'at least they were last week... Kumba gets my vote...
  11. ...if when planning a vacation, the most important thing to you is what parks/coasters you can hit up within a reasonable proximity to your ACTUAL destination... ...if you name a pet after a roller coaster (yeah, we have... we named our cat Gwazi...)
  12. No need to rush it... I didn't admit it to myself until I was 19... didn't truly admit it to others until about 22/23... You are at a complicated age with school and transitioning to college/career... you have plenty of time to discover yourself... hang in there...
  13. Golden Girls is my favorite TV series too!... We own all seasons on DVD except season 7 (final season)... just haven't gotten around to completing our collection... We love that damn show!!... Dorothy is my favorite (C'mon everybody has a favorite Golden Girl, no?!)...
  14. The Oregon Trail on Wii... my copy arrived in the mail yesterday...I've played through chapter one of the first (out of four) story... fun so far... Also chipping away at The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword (but haven't played it for a couple of weeks now... still outside the third dungeon...)
  15. That was absolutely beautiful... like "Fantasia" only with roller coasters... and real footage rather than animation... okay, maybe not so much like Fantasia, but I liked this more... I would watch a feature length film like this... Simply amazing!!!... ***And good god, it looked like that cell phone was falling right towards you... RUN FOR YOUR LIVES... ITS RAINING PHONES FROM THE HEAVENS... Happy to see you were okay...
  16. Oh HELL YEA!!!... I'll be getting it... Twilight Princess was incredible, and this looks to follow suit in continuing the epic Zelda saga... ...also currently playing Kirby's Return to Dreamland... and it ROCKS!!!...
  17. Went to BGTs-HoS Freaky Preview last night... and while it was really good, I felt something was missing... can't put my finger on it... it could be the lack of scare zones, but I'm not sure about that (more on that below)... I enjoyed the 3 new houses. I personally liked the Vegas one (Ultimate Gamble) the best, but some of my friends disagreed (there was also Nevermore and Zombie Mortuary)... They felt it was short (it wasn't) and boring. My favorite house of the night was a 3rd year returning one, Nightshade Toy Factory... great house!... and for the first time, we actually saw the shows... Fiends was dumb fun, with stress on FUN... and Midnight Hour, while terrible, it was bad in a "good" way... so bad it was good... Crowds for the preview were pretty tolerable... we seemed to hit the houses just right... we never waited more than 20 minutes for any of the 5 (out of 6; 7 if you include Alone which we did last year... and it ROCKED!) houses we saw (some of my friends that we got separated from were seeing 1hr long waits for the same houses)... We arrived at the event shortly after opening (about 8:10p), went to the left and banged out the new houses right away... There are no proper scare zones... instead there were random roaming hoards of zombies... which while fun/funny and entertaining, not terribly scary... but it worked out well... and there were A LOT of roaming hoards... with A LOT of zombies in each pack... Universal Orlando HHN tried the "roaming scare zones" a few years back and it wasn't very good to me... much too much chainsaws for the roaming hoards at HHN... I thought HoS did it better than they did this year... as a bonus, we also were able to ride Sand Serpent... then Cheetah Hunt prior to leaving (which had a 40 min posted time, but was really only about 20 min!)... We left the park about 12:30a, in attempt to avoid the leaving rush in the parking lot (which can sometimes proove brutal)... and while it was a VERY good event, just not a stand out year for me... Maybe its just too early in the season for me... Freaky Preview is usually NEXT weekend... not two weeks before October... happy haunting everyone...
  18. Ditto... I was right there with you drinking down those Sweetwater 420s at DSB (EBT)... enjoyed 5 (maybe 6) during dinner/reception...
  19. That darker beer was called "Sweet Water"... Which we were told it is a local beer... and it was fabulous... I enjoyed 5 (or 6) of them during dinner/EBT/Reception. We cannot begin to express what an amazing time our "group" (of three... four when we met Ray for the water challenge) had. This was our very first TPR trip and what a trip it was. Robb, Elisa and TPR (in general) did a wonderful job of making us feel welcome. And this was our first visit to SFoG as well. And what a beautiful, clean, friendly park!... Everything was AMAZING! ERT, EBT, FOOD, COASTERS... new friends... Thanks again... And Ray... I was smiling ear to ear to see a shout out from you to Amy, Jonathan and myself (Bryan)... We could not have joined in the water challenge without your assistance (Team #1/Team Bryan). (And raise a drink to the 1st losing group of the challenge.) Thank you so much, for not only for completing our team, but showing us around your beautiful park. I just wish we would have joined up sooner. Please let us know when you are going to be in the Central Florida area. We'd love to show you around our parks.
  20. WOW... this sound craptastic... DVR set!... I can't wait!... there appears to be an entire SyFy DinoCroc/Shark/Octo marathon going on right now... It on while dinner cooks... "Malibu Shark Attack" is on... its pretty bad (and I mean FANTASTIC!) so far...
  21. Awesome that a TPR rate was arranged for the hotel (Thanks Robb)... I was very worried that the hotel would sell out quickly, so I had booked my room at the internet rate the day I purchased my DSB tickets... Now I only have to get the flash pass for 3... I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!... Its our first time on a TPR trip... and our first time (for two of us at least) to SFoG... We are SUPER excited!... Friday 9/16 - drive to Georgia. Pick up some beer. Relax impatiently at the hotel. Saturday 9/17 - DSB. Sunday 9/18 - Start our drive. Stop at Wild Adventures (to stretch our legs) on the way home for a couple of hours. Continue our drive home to Central Florida. Monday 9/19 - Return to work (and "reality"!)
  22. ^^^ That Donkey Kong (94) Gameboy game was AMAZING!!! I ORIGINALLY purchased that game along with "Super Gameboy" cartridge for the Super Nintendo (where you can play all Gameboy games on the big screen... however made certain gameboy titles "Color" on your television)... (and that was the most expensive Gameboy purchase I made in one clump... $60 for the SNES attachment and $30 for the game... $98 total with tax... yikes for one GB game... but it was worth it!...)...I loved that the game started with the original 4 levels of the arcade game... then all the rules went out the window for the remaining 90 levels (or so) to create one of the greatest puzzle/platorm games out there... I still have my original Gameboy game (not sure the Gameboy works though) with that Super Gameboy SNES attachment! What and awesome game! Nintendo should release a remake or follow up title for WiiWare... I am currently playing a couple of "classic" (and a newer one) downloaded games... Super Adventure Island II - downloaded on Wii Virtual Console (originally an SNES game)... AWESOME game! Clu Clu Land - Wii Virtual Console (NES game) - I NEVER understood this game growing up... I didn't "get" that you were "drawing" a picture... I just thought it was a crazy bad Pac-Man clone... so I had 500 Wii points to burn... and I watched some YouTube videos on the game... then decided it was time to learn... damn this game is difficult... but OH SO FUN and addictive... I'm so glad I persisted on learning Clu Clu Land... now if my partner would be interested in learning too, we could play in co-op mode... but I doubt that will happen... Beyond Good and Evil HD - XBLA - one of my favorite Gamecube games... and still holds up amazingly today... Completed it last week... and went RIGHT back to starting it over... Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet - XBLA - Seems to be a great "Metroidvania" style of game... AMAZING graphic style along with its very fun gameplay... only about an hour or so into it... Fun so far... Castlevania:Symphony of the Night - PSOne/XBLA - Just finished the game on XBLA (for the first time since I lost my PSOne disc by lending it to somebody and didn't return it!...) I haven't played this game in MANY years... and time has treated it well... I missed SO many secrets... going to start the game again to try to get more of the game covered... Like the upsidedown castle... yikes...
  23. Not in any particular order... only numbered to keep track: 1. Super Mario World (Super Nintendo) 2. The Legend of Zelda (NES) 3. Beyond Good and Evil (Gamecube, PS2, XBox + HD version on XBLA) 4. Tetris (many MANY platforms) 5. Klonoa:Door to Phantomile (PSone + remake on Wii) (any game with a story that is a tear jerker is okay with me!) 6. Dig Dug (Arcade) 7. Balloon Fight (NES) (VERY unappreciated - a "Joust" rip-off for sure... but there is some great gameplay to be had, especially w/a friend) 8. Castlevania:Symphony of the Night (PSone + XBLA) 9. Tetris Attack (SNES) (SUCH a very addicting puzzle game) 10. Super Mario Kart (SNES) Honorable mention: Mario Kart Wii Super Mario Galaxy Wii Sports (a game that not only my Mom plays, but got SO many people off the couch and running around their living rooms deserves a mention) Portal:Still Alive+Portal 2 (just so damn clever!)
  24. So glad to see some love for PTC train Gwazi... but that was also my answer... Gwazi... love it with the MF trains... loved it with the PTC trains... named our cat after that coaster (true story)... I LOVE Gwazi (which many MANY people don't agree with...)
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