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  1. not especially. Do you read the Twilight series?
  2. Honestly i cant stand when people scream in certain parts.. i understand thruout the ride like loops, airtime etc...but what i absolutley hate is loud ear-piercing screams UP THE LIFT HILL. WTF.
  3. yeah! i can not wait! Have you ever wanted to dissect a frog?
  4. The thing about CP's water rides are that as you said there all in one area, in the wayyy back of the park. And they only have two, which means on hot and humid days the lines for these can be ridiculous! And the thin about Snake river Falls is that you get compoletely soaked and on the rapids youget completely soaked or no wet at all. Please be a water coaster. What abnout a Mack water coaster such as Atlantis!?
  5. No. Not straight p coffee, i like frapachino cuppochino macchiato mochas etc. yetr i have no clue how to spell them. haha Do you like the color green.
  6. Breaking Dawn! Twilight is an awesome series!
  7. Hmmmmmmm? 1.) I drive a Land Rover. The ONLY 2000 Discovery in my town of 60,000 people. 2.) I've gone snorkeling in Key West and a jelly got my arm. Ouch! 3.) My favorite water ride after Jurrasic Park @ IOA is Daredevil Falls at Dollywood. 4.) I masturbated in a bathroom at Universal Studios. 5.) I fell off a boat in the Everglades on a fanboat ride with some friends. I leaned out to try to touch a gator and i touched him when i lost my balance! Add a 6th one, sure.... 6.) I lay out in the sun at least 5 times a week for 1 to 2 hours each time!
  8. Haha, no. In June! Does Dezzharaye love bologna?
  9. Ok well this sucks. Because I was planning to go up there next summer Well lets hope they replace it with something great!Sad to see it go but o well.
  10. Not at all and hoipe fully it never will be! Have you been to Six Flags St. Louis?
  11. I totally agree with you. It is AWESOME they get good crowds but they should try soon to get good crowds for say 25 or higher so they can really rack in some money!! So far especially since July 4th attendance is looking very good for the most part. I spoke with a park employee and he was talking about more kids rides maybe 1 or 2 thrill rides and a water ride so i do agree with people that i see hope in the park!! I love this place!
  12. Is this your first park big theme park you have ever visited if so, sorry for the theme park industry, especially the food industry. Prices are incredibly high. If youve been many other places well you should kknow food stuff. Sorry but i LOVE SFGADV.
  13. WOW! Are you sure its not a normal 350/nissan 370 Z?
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